Vijay Singh wins 2005 Sony Open

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Monday, January 17th, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour

Knowing Vijay he must have practiced extra hard after that one bad swing cost him the Mercedes title last week. He practiced enough this week to go 69, 68, 67, 65 and win the Sony Open from 4 shots back. Sounds like 4 of my rounds, just add 10 shots to each one.

#1 is still obviously #1. Unless Tiger wins several tournaments (preferrably with Vijay in the field) I think Vijay is the obvious best player in the world for some time to come.

Isn’t it about time someone else made some noise? Phil? Ernie? Afterall it wasn’t just Jack and Arnie in the old days. We had Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Tom Watson and many other big hitters. Let’s see some competition you other PGA tour players!

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