The decline of American society

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
Categories: Golf Media

I hate reality TV. The bachelor, fear factor, wife swap or whatever is all trash. I think this kind of garbage is a precursor to the complete disintigration of American society. Why are people so fascinated with watching someone else eat bowls of live maggots? Why are people so fascinated with watching some stupid loser woman cry over being booted off the bachelor?

Why? I suppose the same reason I’m so fascinated with the Big Break II. I suppose I imagine myself in the competition. I imagine that I could beat these competitors. Maybe that’s what women do when they watch the bachelor. They imagine that they are more beautiful and “qualified” to marry some prettyboy schmuck they met two days ago.

So I admit I do like ONE reality TV show. When you get into the show you realize it is more about the personalities and how they interact than the cheesy competitions.

Tonight Bart got knocked off the show. I would have figured he would be the winner. He had the best swing and seemed to have a good golf brain. But after Kip hit one great shot on the final hole, he made birdy to knock Bart out. Earlier in the show Don D started crying badly when he realized he would be in the finals. This was genuine and certainly means a ton to him.

Kip & Don duke it out next week for the championship. I’m going to pick Kip now. He was starting to play well and he is much more calm and collected. Though Don has game, he lives and dies on every shot. I think that is a recipe for a meltdown. As a matter of fact I should consider this for my game.

Am I a loser for spending this much time writing about a TV show? (Don’t bother answering if you think so). There’s not much else golf related to write about now since there’s snow on the ground and it’s windy as hell.

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