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Uchitel lawyer cancels press conference

12.03.09 | Category: Tiger Woods

Uh, this is interesting.  The lawyer for Rachel Uchitel has canceled the scheduled press conference today due to unforeseen circumstances.  Uchitel’s attorney Gloria Allred says there will be no more […]


Tiger Woods affair discussion thread

12.02.09 | Category: Site News

DISCUSS THE TIGER SITUATION WITH OTHER GOLFERS I invite you to join a forum discussion about Tiger Woods’ affairs over at Hooked On Golf Blog’s sisters site, The Golf Space.  […]


Tiger Woods admits to affairs a.k.a. “transgressions”

| Category: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods admitted to “transgressions” today via a written letter on his web site (below).  Just how many “transgressions” and who the transgressions were with wasn’t mentioned.  1/4 of his […]


Radaronline.com reports “several” other women coming forward about affairs with Tiger Woods

12.01.09 | Category: Tiger Woods

Oh no I go out and play golf on December 1st, then my hands end up damn near frozen.  I’ve got 10 minutes before I have to leave for an […]


Tiger Woods will NOT play in Cheveron World Challenge

11.30.09 | Category: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods announced today that he won’t be playing in the tournament he has hosted the last nine years, the Cheveron World Challenge. “I am extremely disappointed that I will […]


Tiger Woods cancells 3rd meeting with police and issues official statement

11.29.09 | Category: Tiger Woods

Tiger has canceled talking to the Florida Highway Patrol a 3rd time and issued an official statement regarding the car crash outside his house at 2:25am a few nights ago: […]


Transcript of Tiger Woods car crash 911 call

| Category: Tiger Woods

Dispatcher 1: Orange County Sheriff’s dispatcher Dispatcher 2: Orange County Fire-Rescue dispatcher Dispatcher 1: 911 what’s your emergency? Caller: I have, this is, uh … (redacted) in the Isleworth subdivision. […]


Rachel Uchitel denies rumors of affair with Tiger Woods

11.28.09 | Category: Tiger Woods

My phone rang at 7:06am on a Saturday.  That better be an emergency or something very important.  It was my pal Jay Flemma calling to let me know he’d just […]

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