Just4Golf Knitted Head Covers Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
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Knitted Head Covers - Just4GolfFather’s Day alert…

For a few rounds I’ve been testing the Just4Golf.com Knitted Headcovers.  Normally I’m not a fan of knitted head covers because the ones I’ve tried in the past lose their elasticity and become shabby and saggy, not staying on the club.  These have stayed in good condition however, and are like new after some heavy testing.


Just4Golf’s knitted covers are sized from hybrids to fairways to drivers.  There are also blade and mallet putter models.  The putter covers come in rubber/plastic materials, but match the knitted versions.


Just4Golf makes many styles and colors in their knitted head cover line.  The styles pictured I really like.  They’re red and black (much better than blue… a college football thing).  The pattern is a nice Scottish style, reminding me of my 2nd home in St. Andrews.  There are 10 “collections” of styles.  Within each collection are multiple variations.  There are 100’s of possibilities.

On The Course

These are fun head covers and they look sharp.  The covers are easy to put on and take off.  Except for the ball on top (see critiques), these covers are thin, light, and not bulky; great for walking golfers.

One great benefit to having these covers on my hybrid, 3-wood, and driver, is that jerks who steal clubs have no idea what is inside.  Those three clubs alone in my set probably top $1,000.


Often with knitted covers the “ball” on the top of the cover can be too big and bulky.  Over time the cover begins to sag and not hold the weight of the ball.  I’m not to that point yet, and hoping they stay as new.  I could do without the big ball.  It just makes things a little tough to deal with when getting clubs out, putting them in the trunk, or traveling.  Perhaps a small ball would be better, or no ball at all.


Prices are roughly between $17-$24 depending on the model and style.


The Just4Golf knitted head covers are a neat way of going old school.  They’re stylish, durable, and fun to use on the course.  These head covers would make great, and affordable Father’s Day golf gifts.

SUMI-G golf head covers just might be the coolest ever, and they have a rigid exoskeleton. ’nuff said!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 4th, 2009
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I’ve been touting how cool the products from SUMI-G are.  My new golf buddy Marius, the cranium behind SUMI-G, has a talent for making super hip, elegant, unique and functional golf accessories.  Every round of golf I play I have people drooling over my new head covers.  Just two days ago a military buddy of mine wanted the driver cover so bad I gave him the one off my personal set so he could have one in time for a trip to Hawaii.

Tired old head cover designs

Lame head cover #1: This one is a stretchy cotton sock which wears out and eventually just falls off.
Lame head cover #2: This one is leather or plastic and has velcro, which wears and and gets shabby looking over time.
Lame head cover #3: This one is leather or plastic and has a zipper.  The zipper may work for 1-2 rounds, then fails.

SUMI-G Mega-cool super stylin’ hip headcover


The SUMI-G head cover (hybrid shown upper right, driver cover lower right) has a stylish look with a silky black finish which feels like velvet.  I’m no fashion expert, but the black finish will match any bag color.

Mechanical enclosure

This headcover has a unique mechanical closure which protects the head.  The mechanical enclosure allows for installation of the cover with one hand can be put on the club from the ground without even having to bend over.  This one handed ground installation can save having to bend over dozens of times (drivers, fairways, hybrids) during around, helping guys like me with a bad back stay off the injured reserve list.  This 12 second video below shows just how quick and easy it is to slip the cover on:

Rigid exoskeleton

I’ve been excited to write this review not just because this is the coolest head cover on our planet and several others, but because I could use the words “rigid exoskeleton.”

The SUMI-G head cover employs a rigid exoskeleton to protect the club and the shaft.  Drivers these days are quite an investment and I don’t know about you but I’d sure want a rigid exoskeleton protecting my $500 driver with the $150 shaft.

On the course

These headcovers bring more enjoyment to my golf rounds because of their ease of use.  I just throw the head cover on the ground by the tee and slip it on with one hand when leaving the tee after blistering a drive down the middle.  It has become sort of my “post shot routine.”


Style, uniqueness and a perfectly useful functionality.  This is the coolest innovation in head covers in years and they’re so classy and sharp looking to boot.  Who wouldn’t love to own a head cover which has a rigid exoskeleton and convenient one handed ground installation?

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