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Hats off to my fighter pal Demarques Johnson – UPDATED!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
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Demarques JohnsonWelcome to Hooked On Golf Blog Hooked On Mixed Martial Arts Blog…

A little over three years ago I met a special lady. Very special. This lady really changed my life. One of the things she introduced me to was MMA or “mixed martial arts.” You see she was a fighter herself, and a USA and WORLD champion.

Through her I had the opportunity to meet Demarques Johnson a couple of times. Demarques is an MMA fighter who is currently on a reality show put on by the UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship). The show airs on Wednesday nights on Spike TV and pit USA fighters against the UK fighters with the winner getting a $1 million contract.

The USA team lost the first two matches. In the 3rd match this week my buddy Demarques disposed of his opponent in damn near 1-2 minutes.  I almost knocked my laptop half way across the room when he won.

Way to go buddy. I’m pulling for you.  Hey if you win, can I have a loan?  May need a new laptop…  🙂

UPDATE 04.30.09 3:20PM

I was driving home from my horrendous hack-fest today.  That hackfest is a story in iteself…  Anyway I was channel surfing and managed to catch a local sports radio show interviewing Demarques!  Those damn sports radio show guys are such bandwagon jumpers.  They see Demarques on HOG then they think they need to interview him.

Pop up ads removed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
Categories: Site News

I’ve been trying out a new ad provider here since around Masters week. I just pulled the ads. They weren’t making much dough at all, and the last time I logged in an obnoxious popup ad appeared which really ticked me off. Anyone who has read any of my web rants knows I can’t stand having to wait for flash animations or popups to get to a page. I just leave. I don’t want that happening to HOG patrons.

New HOG contributor: 4Checker a.k.a. Golfer In Kilt

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 27th, 2009
Categories: MiscellaneousSite News

For years HOG has been a one golf geek show.  A couple of years ago I had two additional contributors.  One was a golf fitness guy and the other was a lady on the Futures Tour trying to make it to the LPGA.  The lady written a few posts which turned out to be plain copy and pastes from her own blog.  She wanted me to offer her autograph as prizes for site contests.  At that point I checked out her professional record, and she’d won a grand total of $668.00.  I won more than that on $2 nassaus against my hacker friends last year.  The fitness guy’s posts were decent, but mainly I was being used to drive traffic to his site so he could sell his products.  I canned ’em both and that experience soured my thoughts on having other writers for a while.

Fast forward to 2009.  My backlog of reviews to write is insane.  I’ve got about 20 books to read and review.  At two books a year, I’m booked for the next 10 years plus.  I’ve got about 100 different golf gadgets in my queue, a dozen golf clubs and at least six boxes of golf balls from various companies.  And somehow I got on the barbeque sauce mailing list.  In my kitchen cupboard I have over 21 bottles of barbecue sauce waiting to be consumed and evaluated.  Yeah I get it, golf and BBQ sauce.. WTF?

Introducing 4Checker, a.k.a. Golfer In Kilt

Over at The Golf Space I’ve gotten to be pals with Stefan/4Checker/Golfer In Kilt.  He’s a mid handicap player from Texas who has a passion for golf and is very active on the site.  He has written a few nice pieces as a contributor at The Golf Space and is a faster reader than I.   So I’ve now added him as a HOG contributor to help with the book review load, and the task of evaluating gear or items which would be more suitable to a mid handicap range.  Being a 1 handi myself, I really am not the right guy to evaluate game improvement clubs.  Most of them I’d just hit to the left!

4Checker’s first HOG piece is already posted before this introduction.  It is a book review on the book Golf On The Edge.  Check it out and give him a warm HOG welcome!

Only 11 months, 24 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes until the 2010 Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 13th, 2009
Categories: LifeSite News

What a week

I’m coming down from a week long Masters high.  What a week.  So many great story lines in this years Masters.  Cabrera, Perry and of course the big Tiger/Phil pairing…

Blog break

I’m a bit down due to other non golf related issues.  Yes the dreaded “life” category.  I’m  going to take a short blogging break to clear my mind and reset.  I hope to be fresh when I come back.  Knowing me that break will only be a day or two, if I can resist golf blogging at all.

On the bright side there are only only 11 months, 24 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes until the 2010 Masters…

MaybeGolfSometimePossiblyIfWeGetAroundToIt.com a.k.a. GolfNow.com Update

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Categories: MiscellaneousSite News

I first mentioned a situation with GolfNow.com, or what I prefer to call them, “MaybeGolfSometimePossiblyIfWeGetAroundToIt.com,” back on March 4th.

My friend Dave had told me how he was happy with his commissions he was making as a result of having one of their ads on his golf blog. I thought I’d give it a shot since I need to recoup some of my operating costs.

I signed up for the GolfNow.com affiliate program back on February 2nd. Rather than typing it all again for you, just click here for the details of what transpired at that time, and over the next MONTH.

In short, it has now been over TWO MONTHS since I signed up for the program and have yet to receive any kind of communication regarding whether I’ve been approved or not. This is why I now call GolfNow.com “MaybeGolfSometimePossiblyIfWeGetAroundToIt.com.”

If they’re so unorganized or simply flaky about signing up affiliates, how can one expect them to handle their bookings well? Even more worrisome, how would they how handle paying me the correct amount and in a timely fashion?

Let’s see how long this goes. I’ll post an update after the 2nd of each month, the anniversary of my applying for the program.

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