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Got Excited About My Most Popular Twitter Tweet Ever, Until I Did Some Research

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
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A few days ago I did a “first look” post for Cork Tree, a company that makes some cool cork putter grips.  I do these first look posts to help get the word out about the products I receive, very quickly after I receive them.  I often take quite a long time on my reviews, since I take them seriously unlike other fly-by sites.  So the reviews can take a while.  The first look gives my readers a teaser to spark some interest, and gives the company that sent in the product some web juice while I’m doing my more lengthy review process.

As usual, I distribute links to the posts on all the social networks I have, including Twitter.  I was thrilled to see that my retweeted first look tweet (yes sounds ridiculous) had some 1,400 favorites and 1,400 retweets.

twitter fraud

Those numbers blew away my previous best, which were maybe just 100 or 200.  I thought it was a little funky that this tweet had so much action though.  The tweet is from Cork Tree’s twitter, and they only have 227 followers as of today’s date.  How could a Twitter account with 227 followers generate such interaction?

Out of curiosity I looked at a few of their other tweets and noticed a very interesting pattern.  Many tweets would have no action, or perhaps 3-4 retweets or favorites. Then there would be a tweet with 1.4K favorites and 1.4K retweets.  Hmmm.  A little fishy.  The numbers of retweets/favorites on these “popular” tweets is almost always 1,384, or 3-4 tweets above that.  This smells as fishy as Ian Poulter’s five balls in the water last week.

Magic number 1,384

Magic number 1,384

I’m not going to say that Cork Tree is engaging in some kind of social networking fraud.  I don’t care. Maybe some bot or some hacker who is trying to help them is behind this.

Either way, I’ll be reviewing the Cork grip soon.  Can’t wait to see how many retweets that one gets.

My guess is it will be 1,384.

First Look: GolfZon’s SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Categories: AppsGolf AccessoriesGolf For WomenGolf GearGolf InstructionInstructionMiscellaneousSite News

GolfZon Swingtalk Device

This interesting golf gadget just arrived at HOG World Headquarters for a pending golf product review. It is made by GolfZon and is called SwingTalk. The unit attaches to a golf club and through a bluetooth connection with the player’s smartphone or tablet, gives the player all sorts of information, even speaking said information.

Main Functions

  • Voice swing feedback
  • Trajectory of club and shaft measured and displayed
  • Path of club head tracked
  • Key swing points analyzed
  • Data stored for later analysis and comparison in the “cloud”

I dig the packaging:

GolfZon SwingTalk

GolfZon SwingTalk – click for more images

Provided that the current snow which is falling melts, I’ll be trying out this interesting system soon and posting a full review.

Stay tuned.

Toilet Swimming Canon Camera Resurrected – Next Act is Turning Water Into Wine

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 24th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsMiscellaneousSite News
My broken Canon S95, with the lens which is stuck open...  RIP old friend

My broken Canon S95, with the lens which is stuck open… RIP old friend

Who says miracles don’t happen?

A few weeks ago I posted a sad blog about the death of my trusty and awesome Canon S95 camera. The poor camera lost its mind and decided to swan dive into the toilet. When you see your $400 camera at the bottom of the toilet bowl there’s a slight delay as your brain processes the inevitable next action, reaching into the toilet. Fortunately the swan dive occurred prior to any activity, and not after.

I put the camera in a bowl of rice for a few days and upon attempting to power it up, the thing was dead. I wrote it off and have since been trying to figure out how to replace it on a blog’s revenue. The replacement was slated for 2073.

Good friend and golf entrepreneur John Hartline from Tornado Tee asked if he could take the cam and try an industrial plastic drying machine on the S95. I had nothing to lose.

After days of sitting in this machine I got my camera back today. It powered up, and the lens was retracting, unlike before. The screen though, was black. I could snap pictures which all turned out black as well. I fiddled with it for a few more minutes when suddenly the black screen came on and showed the correct image. Seconds later I was happily snapping photos.

Thanks to John for trying that. Saved me some bucks, and reunited me with a trusty old friend who was one of the most crucial tools of my golf blogging arsenal, and also one I use a ton to shoot family pics.

The camera has been resurrected. I’m frightened to look at a calendar, but I’m guessing it died 40 days ago.

Next it will walk on water and then turn water into wine.

First Look: Vision Golf’s Pro Soft Golf Balls from Down Under

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 20th, 2015
Categories: Golf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf GearSite News

Vision Golf has been selling golf balls to some 300 green grass outlets down under for about eight years. This premium Australian golf ball brand is looking to expand to north America so where do they turn? HOG!

These are “pro” or “tour” model balls, but the cover is not urethane. I’m anxious to test these out in real conditions and see how they feel and perform. They’re in the queue, and weather-permitting my testing will start soon.

RIP Canon S95 Camera – Did Not Survive Toilet Swan Dive

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsMiscellaneousSite News

It has been a while since I posted a “bonehead of the week” award.  This award goes to…. me.

One of my key tools here at HOG, my pocket sized Canon S95 camera, has died a strange death.  The cause of death was technically drowning, after it spontaneously attempted (and succeeded) a swan dive into the toilet.  No, I was not trying to shoot a selfie or taking pictures of my private parts (need different camera for that with special macro lens).  The camera was in the pocket of a hoodie I was wearing, and as I was getting ready to use the facilities the camera unexpectedly launched itself out of the pocket.

My broken Canon S95, with the lens which is stuck open...  RIP old friend

My broken Canon S95, with the lens which is stuck open… RIP old friend

There’s a bit of a delay when you see a $500 electronic item sitting at the bottom of the commode, where you normally see other “objects” which are not to be touched.  Not sure if that slight pause was kiss of death or not, but it is definitely odd to have to reach into the pot and dig something out.  First time I’ve done that, and hopefully the last.

I’ve used this great camera for many on course photos, videos, and many product photos.  It has been a great tool in my arsenal since clear back in 2011.  I’ve captured thousands of photos with it.  It had a good run.  Unfortunately I’m not really positioned to replace it at the moment.  On a blog budget, one doesn’t have an extra $500+ sitting there waiting to be spent on equipment.  And, more honestly, I’ve spent all my money on remote control multi-rotor helicopter parts for my aerial photo and video ventures.

$500+ you ask?  I don’t go with cheapo point and shoot cameras.  Though this is pocket sized, it is a much higher quality unit with a much wider lens than an average camera of this size.

I’ve inquired with Canon about repairs, but I’ve already repaired this one once after taking photos in a sandstorm.  We’ll see what they say, hopefully soon.

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