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New FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe Revealed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 15th, 2015
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FootJoy’s latest golf shoe has officially been revealed as of today. Check out the new Hyperflex golf shoes.

FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe

FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe – click to see more

I’ll be putting these new FootJoy Hyperflex golf shoes into play as soon as the snow melts, and posting my review after several rounds. Stay tuned. If any sites post reviews about these shoes this week, don’t trust them. You can’t review a golf shoe in two days.

hyperflex golf shoe

FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoes – click to see more

golf shoe

Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe – click to see more

For more shots of these cool looking golf shoes, check out the Hooked On Golf Blog FootJoy Hyperflex photo gallery.

Parts of Forthcoming FootJoy Golf Shoe Revealed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf EquipmentGolf GearSite News

This is fun.  Last year around this same time FootJoy sent in several packages, each a small component in a new shoe design.  Eventually I had enough parts to put together one shoe.  That single shoe I sewed together myself with my mom’s antique Sears sewing machine didn’t work well on the course, but the pair of FootJoy DNA‘s I eventually received ended up being my gamer golf shoes ALL YEAR LONG.  In fact, I’m still playing them.  They helped me take second in the City Amateur, and to WIN my club championship in 2014.  They will be tough shoes to bump out of gamer status, but I get the feeling there’s a new contender coming soon…

New FootJoy Shoe - January 2015

New FootJoy Shoe – January 2015

This year a similar set of boxes has been arriving and above is a teaser photo of two of the shoe’s components.  Obviously the left part is the sole, with soft spikes and such.  The other part with the wild looking mesh?  We will find out what that is soon…

First Look: PowerBilt Air Force One Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 9th, 2015
Categories: Golf EquipmentGolf GearMiscellaneousSite News

In for review is the Air Force One N7 Nitrogen Charged Driver by PowerBilt.  I’ll admit it is a bit of a hoaky name, but if it works it goes in the bag!


PowerBilt_Air_Force_One_1Now please pray the snow melts so I can get started reviewing this baby!

Check out the PowerBilt Air Force One N7 photos.

Looking Forward to 2015

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 8th, 2015
Categories: MiscellaneousSite News
Hidden Valley Country Club Lakes Course - Par-3 6th

Hidden Valley Country Club Lakes Course – Par-3 6th

Dual meaning title.  It could mean I’m positively anticipating 2015, or that I’m taking a look ahead at 2015.  I suppose this post is a little bit of both.

Coming into 2014 I did a similar post.  Some of the ideas and goals I had for 2014 I did manage to achieve and implement.  Some I either forgot or consciously ignored.  Without getting too nitpicky about it, one of the primary things I plan to do in 2015 is continue to produce original, informative and entertaining content which I find interesting.  I’ll leave most of the PGA Tour news and “what’s in this week’s winner’s bag” nonsense to those who have shown their superior abilities to regurgitate the same useless drivel week after week.

Now that this golf blog has been around for over 10 years, there’s not much I haven’t seen or written about in the world of golf.  Whatever I post about will be unfiltered, opinionated, unbleeped, and I will not bite my tongue.  I will write when I feel like writing, and not post useless drivel to fill up space or keep up a “schedule.”  In my mind the absence of bad is good.

That’s the plan.  Much of my motivation comes from playing the game.  I’m hoping for the snow to melt to help that motivation out a wee bit.

GolfLands.net Steals Content

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 4th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsMiscellaneousSite News

Time to shame a content stealing asshole into removing my content. The website GolfLands dot net is reposting content from here and from the HOG sister site and golf newswire, HOGWire.biz.  All of the posts you can see in the “recent posts” list to the right in the screen capture below are from HOG or HOGWire, and obviously the main post you can see is HOG content.    That’s one of the reasons I often mention “Hooked On Golf Blog” in my posts, so when dicks like this copy my content it shows up on their site.  I also love to post these because often times these sites which are stealing the content auto-post them.  So for a time you might see this post appear on their site.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.32.02 PM

Why Do I Care?

Whenever I make these content stealing awareness posts invariably some bonehead asks me what the big deal is, citing that it is “free publicity” for me and all that.  NO.  First, there are no links back to the content owner, me.

Second, this is duplicated content which confuses Google’s search results and rankings.  It does nothing but hurt the original site which produced the content.

Third, I was raised to believe that stealing is wrong.  Yeah, crazy huh?

What Next?

What’s next is I’ll use that site’s contact page to send them a not-so friendly note to remove my content.  Oddly that side has a contact page.  Most sites like this don’t.  I doubt there will be a response, but if there is, it will be a phony naive response like “I thought it helped you” or “I installed an autoblog plugin and it did it automatically” kind of bullshit.  Another favorite is, “a friend posted it.”


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