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2007 PGA Show Time Capsule

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
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2007 PGA Show Blog

Kelly Tilghman apologizes for “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” comments

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
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The Golf Channel is so “Tiger Googoo.” I guess that’s why they’re TGC, or “Tiger Googoo Channel.”

TGS’s announcers spout out anything random they can as long as the words “Tiger Woods” are included. Apparently Kelly Tilgman has apologized for just one of those moments where the Tiger googoo talk went over the politically correct line. She was making the point (which may be true) that the only chance young golfers have against Tiger would be if he were lynched in a back alley.

Alternate titles for the TGC abbreviation:

“Tiger is God Channel”
“Tiger Gawkers Channel”
“Tiger Glorification Channel”
“Tiger’s Glory Channel”
“Talking only about Golfing Cats”

Please feel free to comment more in below…

The Golf Channel blowing Tiger Woods quote out of proportion

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, January 5th, 2008
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Watching The Golf Channel’s post game broadcast after the 3rd round of today’s PGA Tour Mercedes Championship was irritating. Almost the entire broadcast they were building up this “unbelievable” quote Tiger Woods made. It’s a quote like Tiger has never made before. They kept hyping the hell out of the fact that Tiger is saying he’s going to win ALL FOUR MAJORS this season.

What Tiger really said was that he’s playing so well and feeling so good about his game and the major venues that he believes winning all four majors this year is “Easily within reason.”

Memo to TGC

There’s a big difference between Tiger saying “I think it’s easily within reason” and Tiger practically guaranteeing four major wins this season. Of course it’s within reason! He’s the best freaking player in the world.

2007 HOG Time Capsule

Today is the last day of 2007. I’m going through the year’s posts and highlighting by month, some of the best subjects of the year.

January 2007

January 2007 saw me at my first PGA Merchandise Show and I got a ton of hits, comments and thousands of video views of my interviews. I even had people from the pga.com staff watching me kick their butts delivering info from the show. In their words, “you’re doing in minutes what would take us days to do.”

When TaylorMade introduced the new Burner and Superquad drivers, Hooked On Golf Blog had the #1 and #2 spots on Google’s search results for those keywords, even over Taylormade’s own web site!

January 2007 also saw the first decent press for Tadd Fujikawa.

February 2007

February 2007 had some miracles and some tragedies.

In the miracle department, Spiro from Bogey Lounge had is first child.

In the tragedy department, a close friend of mine had most of his family killed by a drunk driver.

Titleist introduced the new ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls

Tadd Fujikawa won the Hawaii Open.

Ernie Els switched to Callaway.

March 2007

I tried to drive a golf ball through a 32 inch Sony TV from point blank range.

Tiger Woods signs a ball retriever endorsement contract.

Nike admitted to selling illegal drivers.

Arjun Atwal under investigation for street racing death.

Sergio Garcia shows how classless he is by spitting into the cup at Doral and then brushing it off in a “Clintonesque” fashion in a post round interview. “I didn’t spit, I just let it go down anyway. It’s no big deal.”

April 2007

My Ping Zing putter, the best putter EVER, was stolen.

Phil Mickelson switches to swing coach Butch Harmon.

The Golf Space social networking site, celebrates its one year anniversary.


Tiger Woods stops his full driver swing when a bird flies over him.

Tiger Woods breaks a club which would eventually cost him the Masters victory. He needed that club to reach #15 in two but didn’t make it and went in the drink.

Arnold Palmer is the ceremonial starter for the 2007 Masters. I can’t hold back the tears!

Zach Johnson wins the 2007 Masters.


The Green Blazer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 10th, 2007
Categories: Golf Media

The Green BlazerHooked On Golf Blog was about the fourth golf blog ever created on the “world wide inter-web.” So it stood to reason that HOG would be in the top five best golf blogs. Now there are well over 200 golf blogs out there and it’s tough for one to stand out above the rest.

The Green Blazer
Superhero Columnist Of Golf

The Green Blazer is relatively new to the golf blog scene but it definitely stands out. The so-called “Superhero Columnist Of Golf” has my vote for coolest new golf blog of 2007 with his great sense of humor and writing style. TGB uses lots of photos and videos to get his humorous golf takes across. Check out the funny pic from his site on celebrity golf lookalikes:

The Green Blazer is currently a blogger golf blog with one of the standard green blogger templates (just like the one I used when I started on blogger). Hopefully soon TGB will get his own URL and custom template soon. (I checked and thegreenblazer.com IS available).

So welcome to the golf blogosphere to Green Blazer! I look forward to checking out your unique golf blogging style. I’ve added TGB to the HOG Master Links section as well.

You can also visit TGB at The Golf Space:

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