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Better late than never

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, September 6th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I should have shelved my Hogan irons long ago.  That and performed an exercism on my game.  My MacGregors are working very well right now.  The ball striking which has been missing all year and crushing my confidence, is back.

I’m finally feeling the ball compress when I hit iron shots.  I’m finally seeing the ball launch nice and high, flying far.  I’m finally hitting my shots the distances I’m accustomed to.  I’m shaving the skins of golf balls with crisp strikes.   It is no longer a mystery how far, usually short, my approach shots will go.

Finally, thank the golf gods, I’m seeing shots go AT the pin.  For a while I was just hoping to hit a green.

It is too late for me to compete in much here except my league, which goes to the end of October.  All the major local tournaments are over and the season will be winding down in a couple of months here, when the snow flies.  So my A game missed out on the major tournaments here.  But I finally feel like I can hit a golf shot.  I can’t express what a relief that is.  I’ve been close to hanging up the sticks until next year.  Close.

Better late than never.


Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 4th, 2009
Categories: Life

For the 2nd time in about three weeks HOG world headquarters has been burglarized. This time they got away with a 17″ Apple laptop and all of mine and my kids’ video game systems and games. Xbox360’s, Nintendo Wii, Playstation portables etc. I was planning on reviewing Tiger Woods PGA 2010 for the Nintendo Wii, but now that isn’t looking too promising until I see if I can replace the thing.

I dread talking to my insurance company because of how they depreciate items and give you $.14 for something which cost $250 new. Not to mention the $500 deductible.

This is not cool. Thank goodness the golf clubs weren’t taken or I’d be really unhappy.

Iron switch a wise move

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
Categories: Hackers

Following up on this post, I hit much better approach shots today, en route to a 76 (38, 38). I shot 76 despite my driver completely going bad. I had several punch outs or shots I had to hit under trees today. So that 76 was a good, grinding it out round.

The irons feel good for the first time this year. The putting is good. The short game is as good as it has been in years.

I feel a super low round (for me) coming soon.

Switched out my irons

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
Categories: Golf GearHackers

My ball striking has sucked this year, and especially the last 2-3 months.

I had to do something to try and get my ball striking and especially my iron play, out of the funk it was in.  My round last Friday included 15 missed greens in regulation, with 12 in a row!  That is horrible.  Amazingly I shot a 79 because my short game and putting are still solid.

After realizing how horrid my GIR’s have been lately I pulled my beloved Hogan irons out of the bag and replaced them with my MacGregor MT Irons.  The Hogans are incredible irons, the best I’ve ever hit.  They’re basically muscle backs but fairly “bladey” for lack of a better word.  Unfortunately my game isn’t at the level where I can truly benefit from these clubs now and my confidence has been very weak.  It is very difficult to trust your swing with precision irons when you have weak or little confidence.

The MacGregors setup quite similar to the Hogans when looking at them from above, but the head designs are quite different.  They’re progressive back weighted cavity backs.  The cavity backs make them a bit easier to hit.

I went to the range a few minutes before my round yesterday to get the feel for the Macs…  I hit a couple of pitching wedges and they flew high and right at the target on the range.  Right at it.  I became “interested” to say the least.

I pulled some random clubs, 7, 6, 9 and they all felt great and flew right on line.

On the course

I played in a funky Texas Scramble yesterday, which mean I it two tee shots on every hole.  On the par three’s I hit very solid shots, hitting all but one of the five par threes on this course in regulation.  One 8-iron flew right over the pin and a 9 went to about six feet left of the pin.

I hit a couple of layup iron shots which went perfect and I struck many solid approaches.

With a ho-hum putting day I carded a 69 in that format, which doesn’t suck.

It is really hard to express how much better it feels to hit a solid iron shot and see it fly where you want it to go, and have it be the right distance.  I’ve been missing that almost all year.

So for now the Hogans are in the garage and the MacGregors have earned a starting position.   Next evaluation is the 3-wood…

Practice with a purpose today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 28th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I’m playing golf at the nicest course in town today, 2:15pm.  I’ll be with my dad, his cousin and another Greek guy who is really cool.  The picture below is looking back up the fairway from #1 green at Hidden Valley CC…  Lovely.

My game has been bad this year, but has shown some signs of returning, until yesterday when it relapsed to the state of complete hack status.

I’m going to hit the range a good hour or two early today and REALLY try to figure some things out so I can have some confidence in my ball striking.

Goals for today’s pre-round range session

1. Where the hell do I put the ball in my stance?  I think it is highly possible that I’ve got the ball too far forward on all shots.

2. How high do I tee the damn ball?  With my old Ping driver I used to tee the ball high, but the new Nike I have may respond better with the ball teed lower.

3. Is my driver set up right?  With my Nike STR8-FIT I’ve got it set to 1 degree flat and 1 degree closed.  I may tweak those settings to be sure I’ve got it set up the best for my swing.

4. Can I put into play what my coach is trying to teach me?  My posture is much better lately.  Can I release into a nice high finish?  Can I swing without casting, lunging or swaying?  Can I stay behind the ball?

5. Is my stance wide enough, too wide, too open, too closed?  I don’t seem to really have a feel for where it should be right now.

6. I feel the need to pound a bunch of sand and lob wedges.  I think that really helps groove my bigger swings and release.

So there are all my issues to resolve with the first half dozen balls.  For the rest of the 100 ball bucket….

While I’m playing my DVR will be working at home, recording Tiger Woods and all the other PGA Tour players in round two of the Barclays.  TV coverage today is on The Golf Channel from 3-6pm Eastern BTW.

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