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First Look: Rossignol Alltrack 120 Ski Boots

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 13th, 2013
Categories: LifeMiscellaneous

Here’s another great case of “being a golf blogger doesn’t suck.”  In for review are some amazing Rossignol Alltrack 120 ski boots.

Rossignol Alltrack 120 ski boots

Rossignol Alltrack 120 ski boots

Wait a sec… This is a golf blog.

I couldn’t help posting a picture of my new ski boots, since these are the first new ski boots I’ve owned since Ronald Reagan was president of the United States.  I had just as much fun taking pictures of these beauties as I do taking pictures of golf equipment.

Perhaps it is time to start up my ski website.  The golf courses here in northern Utah are closed, but the ski resorts are open!

Stay tuned for my review of the Rossignol Alltrack 120’s soon

Veterans Day

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 11th, 2013
Categories: Golf LifeLifeMiscellaneous

A special post today for our veterans on Veterans Day.  I’ve been lucky enough to make some very good golf friends who are veterans.  Some long time pals of mine are veterans of several wars, primarily Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Some of those friends are no longer here.

I have one special veteran friend, a purple heart recipient, who invited me golfing on his day.  I was quite honored but since I’m traveling I had to decline.  This particular gentleman has suffered greatly from a roadside bomb which blew up under his humvee in Iraq.  I’ve watched this man deal with pain I will (hopefully) never be able to relate to, yet still has one of the most positive attitudes I’ve ever seen.

I have great respect for our veterans and I’m grateful for their sacrifices.  Those sacrifices go way beyond their deployments and stay with them their entire lives.

My Son Seve’s First Birthday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 28th, 2013
Categories: Life

Seve turns 1 today

Today is a big day around HOG World Headquarters, but not quite because of a golf related subject.  It is baby Seve’s FIRST birthday.  The last year has been quite a blur, as anyone with a new baby would likely agree.  My lovely bride and I have had a blast watching this little guy grow from a tiny helpless baby to a highly entertaining, mobile and FUNNY one-year old.  This little guy has really made a big difference in my life. I thought I was too old to deal with having a kid, but I have so much fun with this little guy that I can’t wait to play with him every day.

Yes, Seve’s name is inspired by golf legend Seve Ballesteros.

I can’t wait to see what the next year has to offer with this little guy.  He’s just learning how to walk now, by bracing himself against objects or using mom/dad for support.  He’s starting to form quite a few syllables too, most of which warm my heart like you can’t believe: “Dada dada dada!”

Hats off to the little guy today.

And now back to our regularly scheduled golf blogram.

My Birthday Today – Not On The Senior 8-Man Golf Team Just Yet

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
Categories: GolfGolf LifeHackersLifeMiscellaneous
Balcomie Golf Links

Fantastic Balcomie Golf Links in Crail, Scotland

Today is my birthday (please do not send golf gifts hehe).  I’m certainly not getting any younger.  Each year I lose a little distance off the tee and start wondering if I’ll need to use any of those “male products” which are always advertised on Golf Channel.  I’m not talking about buying a Lexus.

So far so good.  No Lexus.  No enlarged prostate.  No balding.  No erectile dysfunction.  No getting up multiple times in the night to go to the bathroom…

The only problem seems to be my short game, which recently has gotten worse.  Perhaps I’ll spend some time today practicing my chipping before my Wednesday afternoon men’s league round with my buddies.

I wonder if my buddies will let me win today?  Probably not.

After golf I’ll play with my new baby Seve, who is a little over 11 months old.  He is such a joy and makes me feel much younger (except when he screams during the night and wakes everyone up).   After Seve goes to bed I’ll enjoy a nice dinner with the fantastic and lovely lady.  Wine and a cigar later…

All good.


Pathetic Club Championship Highlights Horribly Run Men’s League Season

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
Categories: BoneheadsGolf LifeHackersLifeMiscellaneous

blood_red_sunI’ve been at my home course River Oaks since it began; since the pro shop was a trailer. I’ve played the course 1000’s of times and been in on the very beginnings of league play there. Back in 2004, I was so unhappy with how things were being run in the men’s association (see my article on how I shot the lowest score in the club championship but didn’t win it) that I decided the only way to make it better was to do it myself. I then became club president, a position I held for seven years. In that time I took a men’s club which was a bit of a joke, and turned it into a thriving league with weekly participation well over 120 competitors. In my time as pres, I introduced some cool tournaments and formats, like the very popular Hell Day. I’m proud of what I contributed to the league and how I helped it grow.

My time as president ran its course, no pun intended. Due my new family and career happenings, I had to let go of the reins and give someone else a chance to take the club to the next phase in its existence. Sadly the league has gone to hell in two short years. That hard work I put into it has been wiped away.

The situation was most evident this past Saturday. I was running errands with my lovely wife and baby Seve when I received a call at about 4pm. It was golf buddy and really good guy Dan. He was calling to inform me that the club championship “final round” was that day. I had NO idea this was the case. “Final round,” I thought to myself? “Were there other rounds?” I asked. He then informed me that the previous two 9-hole Tuesday rounds constituted the first 18-hole round. There was no notice or information about this. No signup sheets. No entry fees. Nothing. When playing those two previous rounds, no players were informed that those rounds were to be counted toward their club championship. Players were not asked to trade scorecards. Players were playing from different tee sets. I could go on.

Even if I could cancel the rest of my appointments for the day and scramble down to the golf course Saturday, there still would not have been enough daylight to complete 18 holes. My opportunity to compete for my club championship in 2013 was ruined.

I did have time to stop by the pro shop to ask them WTF was going on. They told me that they knew nothing about the event and that they “felt like idiots” not knowing what to tell players when asked about it.

When all was said and done, SIX players competed for the championship. Six. Two of those are pals who dropped what they were doing Saturday and hurried to the course to squeeze in the 18 holes when they found out. That’s why Dan called me, to see if I wanted to join them.

Words can’t express how disappointed I am with this whole pathetic situation. I’m very angry that my opportunity to try and win a club championship was wasted. I’m steaming mad. The good news is that I heard a new member has told the pro shop he intends to run for club president in 2014. His quote was “who is running this thing and what the hell are they thinking?” Couldn’t have said it better myself. I may have considered becoming president again to turn the ship around before it completely sank, but I can’t make that commitment at this time in my life. I hope the new pres (if elected) can turn it around. If the old president is re-elected, 2013 will be my last season as a member of that association.

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