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Gurkha Centurian Cigar – Guaranteed to Shave Strokes off Your Golf Game

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
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My new best friends at Cigars City asked if I’d be willing to do a product review of the Gurkha Centurian cigar.  Um yeah, and when do I get the job working as a photographer for Playboy?  Is that next week?  “Would five be enough for your review?” they asked…  Tremendous.

So welcome to my first official cigar review.  Hopefully the first of many, assuming the photography gig above doesn’t pan out.  Turn to the left honey.  Perfect…

Gurkha Centurian Cigars

The Centurian is made in the Dominican Republic, considered by many as the second best place in the world to Cuba. Centurian is a mid-sized “perfecto” shaped cigar at six inches and a 60 gauge width.  Perfecto shape means it is tapered at both ends.  A nice feature is that the cigar is pre-cut.  In newb fashion, I wasn’t quite sure which end to smoke and which one to light.  Don’t tell anyone that.

The strength of this cigar is rated at medium, not overly strong which works someone like me who doesn’t smoke often.  The flavor stays consistent too, right down to the end.  Somc cigars can get downright nasty at about 1/3 to 1/4 remaining.

Smoke time is about 45-60 minutes for this cigar, which will run around $13.00.

On The Course

When reviewing golf equipment I always do an “on the course” section, documenting real-world performance on a real golf course.

I found the Centurian performed well off the tee, in the fairway, and on the green.  The 19th hole performance is obvious.

Having a cigar on the course can truly be a stroke saver for me.  I’m not kidding on this.  If there was some way to track my lifetime score with and without cigar, my with cigar rounds would be lower.  I find that I relax more and play a little more loose and less stressed, which leads to better scores.


The Gurkha Centurian is a nice smoke, well worth the few bucks more than one might pay for a “cheap” cigar.  Great for on or off the golf course and lasts a satisfactory time.


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New Photo Gallery: Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club – Clarkston, Michigan

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 7th, 2014
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On my recent Hooked On Golf Blog World Tour stop in Michigan I had the pleasure of playing the Arthur Hills designed Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club.  Humidity was 100%.  It was so humid driving there that we had to use the windshield wipers, despited it not actually “raining.”  The rainy and cloudy conditions made capturing decent photos difficult.  It also made capturing pars and birdies difficult.

Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club

Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club – click to view more photos

Despite the gray skies, I’ve posted a Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Course photo gallery here for you to check out.

Memorial Day 2014

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 26th, 2014
Categories: Golf LifeLifeMiscellaneous

Memorial Day here in the USA is a federal holiday for remembering those who have lost their lives serving in the country’s military. I have many golf pals who are veterans of different wars like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. I’m glad those buddies are still around. I’ve lost a few golf pals too, veterans who eventually lost their lives as a result of lasting injuries from the wars they served in, and even from chemical warfare.

Because of my close connection with these great folks, days like this have quite a deep meaning to me.  Because of the service of the fine members of our armed forces, we are able to live (and golf) in freedom here.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Washington, DC

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Washington, DC

I made a trip to Washington DC with my family recently.  We had the opportunity while there to visit the World War II memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  All are very humbling and inspiring places.

To those who serve or served in our armed forces I say hats off.  Cheers. Thanks.  You have my gratitude.  Lets play some golf.  Next round is on me.

HOG World Tour Visits Rhodes Ranch Golf Club in Southwest Las Vegas

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
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This past Friday the Hooked On Golf Blog World Tour made a stop at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club, a short drive southwest of the Las Vegas strip.  I’d been to the property before, but had not had a chance to play it until this visit.  While there I visited my friend Jeff Bricker, assistant pro and former Utah local.

Rhodes Ranch - Par-3 3rd Hole

Rhodes Ranch – Par-3 3rd Hole

Naturally I shot a ton of photos and I will be posting a course review soon.  First impressions are that the course conditions are so good I’d compare them with Augusta National.  Seriously!  The fairway grass was so perfect and precisely cut, I actually took a photo of it:

Augusta National? Nope. Rhodes Ranch!

enjoyed my round playing on such a finely cared for golf course and the layout was very fun.  If not for two doubles on the card, I would have been close to even par on the day.  I need redemption!

Following the round I powered up my UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and did some photos and video of the course from above.  I prefer to use the term UAV because “drone” has gotten a bad name.  It isn’t an invasion of privacy and it isn’t going to blow you up.  It is just taking pictures of the golf course!

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club - Aerial view of clubhouse and holes

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club – Aerial view of clubhouse and holes – click for more

Rhodes Ranch Photo Gallery

I’m very happy to have gotten some new pictures of Rhodes Ranch. I had some very poor quality, dark images in the Hooked On Golf Blog Rhodes Ranch Gallery, presumably back in the (literal) dark ages when I didn’t know how to take a photo.

I’ve now deleted all the old crappy photos, and put a few new ones up. I’m still processing some of the images, so check back for more later.

Happy Birthday Dad – I’ll Never Forgive You for Introducing Me to Such a Great Game

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 10th, 2014
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It is my dad’s birthday today.  My dad has introduced me to two lifelong sports, golf and skiing.  He is awesome at both and has been a great role model and teacher on the golf course, the slopes, and in life.


I jokingly say I’ll never forgive my dad for introducing me to such a great game (golf).  I’ve greatly enjoyed the many 1000’s of rounds of golf we’ve shared, especially when we beat his country club sandbagger friends out of their cash.  That’ll teach ’em.

At 77 pop can still play some great golf.  He’s STILL playing my old Titleist 983K driver with a stiff shaft and 8.5 degrees.  I can’t even hit that damn thing now!  I keep trying to give him newer and more modern drivers but he keeps going back to that one.  We have teamed up over the years to win many father/son and two-man championships!  We’ve also had some of those really bad days where we both sucked, finishing DFL.  Tough to feel like you let your partner down on those days but still a ton of fun.

Speaking of championships, I’ll never forget the day I went to the club to cash in my winnings from one of the tournaments we won.  I picked out some nice apparel and brought it up to the counter.  The pro asked for my payment and I told him to just take the funds from my winnings in the last tournament.  His response was, “your dad spent all the winnings…”   I put my tail between my legs and put the stuff back on the racks.  Dad thought it was quite funny and I do now, sort of.

Happy birthday dad.  Yes it is today.

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