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My game may have come out of summer hybernation

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I felt some signs that my game would be close to returning to form. There are many factors involved in this transition from complete friggin’ hacker to decent amateur player.

I just came off my two highest rounds of the year. Those were on a very tough and foreign course 2300 miles from home. And my back was still recovering from one of the worst tweaks I’ve ever had. So I was hardly even bending down to read putts. Hell, I even four putted on the mega fast greens. That was the first putt I’ve had since January 2005. I’m serious. I still remember it, #3 at Sunbrook in St. George, Utah.

Reason 1 for my recent hack fests: I was coming off an injury. Reason 2: swing changes.

I’m also in the midst of gaining more confidence and comfort in some major swing changes. My coach/pro gave me a big swing lesson and I’m struggling to break old habits and implement the new moves and positions.

My posture is better. My release is still under construction, but when I get it right it is awesome, producing much higher ball speed and distance. I haven’t looked at it, but I think my swing plane is better too since my poster and positions are better.

Yesterday I shot 37 on the front and had some mental breakdowns on the back. But I knew that my swing was on the verge of a recovery. I could feel actual golf shots happening. I hit a six iron from 187 to about 3 feet, over a tree. Haven’t felt that “feeling” of compressing and seeing a ball fly like that in at least two months.

Well maintained equipment is a big factor

I recently put some new shoes on my feet, the new FootJoy Icons. I also regripped all my clubs. My spikes on my old shoes were worn, and my old grips were very bad. I seriously believe having better traction and stability in my swing, along with a better grip on my clubs, is playing a big factor in hitting better shots. It did take me about two rounds to get used to having so much traction. I was hooking shots for a bit, but I’ve fixed that for the most part.

So today I shot a 74, back on track with what my “old” 1-2 handicap dictated. Even though I shot that 74, I had to shell out some dough to my pal Arnie. Despite bogeying the last hole (and I won a press on that one), he shot 70!

I’m SO happy today. I played golf.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

If you’re reading my blog for the first time, you’re probably wondering why I’d post about being so happy to play golf. Well for the last 13 days, I’ve had back spasms from hell. Ever wonder what it would feel like if someone stabbed you in the lower spine with an ice pick? Just ask me.

Today I played a complete round of golf for the first time since July 16th or 19 days. That is an eternity for a golf addict who is used to playing 4-5 times per week. That’s the equivalent of Obama going two sentences without the word “change” in one. In other words, a long freakin’ time.

Though my round today was a high score, I don’t care. I played golf and finished without having to crawl home.

Tomorrow I’ll be happily playing golf with my close golf buddies. My pal Marius from sumi-g wants to take my money. He can have it. I’ll just be happy to play.

First golf swings since back injury

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Categories: HackersLife

My back recovery is coming along, but much slower than usual.  This last tweak was very bad.  I’ve had numerous occasions where stabbing pains and spasms literally caused me to yell or groan.  Sitting is not fun.  I get very stiff and have to move around to loosen up after sitting for even 5-10 minutes.

While watching Tiger and the final round of the Buick, I’ve been going outside during commercials and making some light golf swings in my bare feet.  These are the first swings I’ve attempted since the 21st of July.

I feel okay but very scared to really go for one.  I’m going to just keep easing myself into the swings.

Tiger is now on the 18th fairway, with a three shot lead.  I’m thinking of strapping on my gear and heading to the range to hit some easy shots and see if I can do it.

After one week, the back isn’t quite ready yet

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Categories: HackersLife

This last tweak of my back was a bad one.  One of the worst in years.  I have an extremely high pain threshold and this one nearly had me on my knees a bunch of times.

Usually after one week I’m fine to make some swings and play a few golf holes.  I’d hoped I could make my league appearance today, to continue my moneylist leading season.  Unfortunately my back has other plans for me, which would include doing nothing.

Now I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to play my regular Thursday game.  My buddy Marius may not get a shot at taking more cash from me.

Friend is playing golf with Butch Harmon right now!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 27th, 2009
Categories: HackersLifeMiscellaneous

I just got a great text message from a golf pal of my named Bryant.

Bryant is an Iraq war veteran who was nearly killed by a road side bomb. He’s been through a lot of pain and damage to his body as a result. He has a new passion for golf.

He’s playing in a benefit tournament right now, details of which I’m not fully informed. He’s playing with, and being coached by Butch Harmon! He didn’t even know who Butch was when he texted me so I let him know that Butch has coached some moderately famous golfers like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Bryant could use some good coaching now, as he’s new to the game. It would be good for Butch to start him off right, instead of Bryant learning a bunch of bad habits.

More details to come…

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