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Golf Book Review: An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course

06.06.13 | Category: Golf BooksReviews

I first have to apologize to my lovely lass (Scottish for lady/wife) for pretty much ignoring her a couple of nights ago.  I only had about 30 pages left in […]

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Golf Book Review: Golf Quotes – Great Quotes About a Great Game

04.29.13 | Category: Golf BooksReviews

This is a nice coffee-table or office book I like to pick up once in a while and thumb through a few pages.  Golf Quotes- Great Quotes About a Great […]


Next Read: An American Caddie in St. Andrews

04.22.13 | Category: Golf BooksSite News

I’m making trip #2 to St. Andrews this July. Can’t wait to get back to the auld grey toon (old gray town). I’m rearranging my 502 deep golf book queue […]

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Golf Book Review: 365 Golf Tips & Tricks From the Pros

There are many studies which prove that short study sessions allow the pupil to retain more than long study sessions. It is better to, for instance, study in 20 minute […]


Golf Book Review: Spectacular Golf Western Canada

12.07.12 | Category: Golf BooksReviews

Note to self: Plan golf trip to Canada, hoser. A few months ago I traveled up to Vancouver, BC Canada.  What a beautiful place.  Though I had my sticks with […]


Book Review: The Five Inch Course: Thinking Your Way To Better Golf

11.02.12 | Category: GolfGolf BabesGolf BooksReviews

Possibly the most famous golf quote ever, was spoken by my all time favorite golfer, the late Bobby Jones. “Comptetitive golf is played on a five and a half inch […]


Book Review: The Longest Shot – Jack Fleck, Ben Hogan, and Pro Golf’s Greatest Upset at the 1955 U.S. Open

08.24.12 | Category: Golf BooksReviews

I’m at 36,000 feet, on my way home from a golf business trip. I’m currently flying over Kansas or perhaps Nebraska. I had to start this post now, having just […]


Fellow Golf Bloggers Turned Authors – Two New Golf Books You Should Read

05.30.12 | Category: Golf Books

I’ve got two good friends in the golf blogging world who have recently authored golf books.  How cool is that?  The time and effort it takes to write a book […]

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