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Casey Jones Golf – Goose Bumps Explained

12.18.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesMiscellaneousReviews

A few days ago I mentioned that an item arrived which got a reaction from me I’ve never experienced before. I had goose bumps. That item was a hand drawn […]


GustBuster umbrellas are amazing

12.12.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentReviews

Sometimes in order to do my product reviews I have to hope for bad conditions.  In the case of this review, I had to hope for high winds and rain.  […]


I’ve got goose bumps!

12.11.08 | Category: Golf Accessories

Something came in the mail today which is so special.  It may be the coolest golf item I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been sitting here trying to take a picture of […]


The Ground – Club Holder

12.10.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesReviews

The Ground is an accessory which you mount in the ground and lean your clubs on, rather than having your clubs on the grass.  A solid arm snaps out to […]


Cutters Golf Gloves

12.09.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesGolf VideosInterviewsReviews

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I don’t typically wear golf gloves.  But after wearing a couple of great gloves recently, I’m considering a change, at least for the […]


NURU golf cards

12.08.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesReviews

I’ve got a neat set of golf cards from NURU which I keep in my bag and take with me when I travel. The NURU deck contains a bunch of […]


Solarra Body Solar Electromagnetic Alpha Wave Game Improvement Jewelery

12.05.08 | Category: Golf AccessoriesReviews

Quite the golf blog title today eh?  I’ve been using a very interesting piece of jewelery on my wrist lately by Solarra Body.  I’ve seen many magnetic and copper bracelets […]


Excited to review Casey Jones Golf

12.04.08 | Category: Golf Accessories

I’ve gotten to know Casey Jones online.  Casey has a cool service I’m testing out.  He draws up custom “scoreboard art” and frames it up for you.   He does […]

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