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The days of proofreading, editors, grammar, and common sense in the golf media world are long gone…

Steve Williams Tiger Woods Book

So Steve Williams learned of Tiger Woods se scandal in a new book?  It’s amazing it took him until 2015 to learn about the 2008 scandal, being so close to Tiger and all.  Nice job Digest.

On a side note, I’m not interested in Steve Williams or anything he has to say.

2 responses to “According to Golf Digest Steve Williams Learned of Tiger Woods Sex Scandal in New Book”

  1. brianpreece says:

    I read the stuff and there wasn’t anything that revealing. Tiger was good at keeping things close to the vest even to his “inner circle.” I think Tiger’s downfall is that he actually needed to play more golf, as in play more golf tournaments. He only would play about 20 tournaments a year which I found sort of odd at times but now it seems to make sense, he was busy with other “extracurricular activities.” But if he played a regular tour schedule, maybe 25-30 events like the more typical pro, maybe his wandering eye wouldn’t have wandered so much. Just a theory.

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