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This week’s “bonehead of the week” goes to Golf Channel.  I’m fairly sure that Payne Stewart did in fact have two feet.  Not a good photoshop job.

Payne Stewart

Bugger! Where did his foot go?

Also odd that the image is sort of foggy, yet Payne is standing out crystal clear…


Thanks to reader PJ_ONeal for commenting. PJ believes (see comments below) that this is not a photoshop fail, but likely a camera angle in which Payne’s foot was chopped off. I disagree, based on years of graphic design and photoshop. Plus, there’s nothing in the same area of the green to indicate a different level. For fun I did look closer at the image in photoshop:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.19.36 PM
Here’s a shot from another angle…

Still looks like a bad photoshop to me.  But if I’m wrong I’d love to hear about it.  I’m more than willing to take a lump if it is deserved.

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