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Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis – click for more

Haven’t posted anything under the Golf Babe category for a while.  Big news though…

If you have a blog and want to generate a ton of traffic, just post Natalie Gulbis nude photos like those body paint shots, or perhaps some Natalie Gulbis bikini photos.

The big news as of yesterday is that Natalie Gulbis is now engaged.  Step off the ledge boys.  At 30, Natalie is engaged a 29 year old former Yale quarterback named Josh Rodarmel.  Rodarmel is an entrepreneur who co-founded Power Balance bracelets.

Is this the end of the sexy Natalie Gulbis photos?  Maybe.  But there are other golf babes who sill generate lots of interest despite being married, like Anna Rawson.

There’s still hope…

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