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Did Adam Barr Golf acquire Golf Channel’s email list?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Friday, July 16th, 2010
Categories: Golf Media

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My inbox just chimed…  Two emails from Adam Barr Golf.  I’ve been getting these spam emails from Adam Barr Golf the last while, on two different email addresses.   I never signed up for anything with this guy and haven’t ever been to his web site so I’m wondering how the &$*% I got on his email list.

A little research told me that earlier this year Barr’s contract with Golf Channel wasn’t renewed, so he’s on his own.  I don’t watch TGC enough to even know that the guy was gone honestly.  I’m only watching live golf these days so any other programming I just don’t have time to watch.

Obviously Barr has gotten two of my golf based emails from some list (TGC’s perhaps), because now I get spam emails from him all the time.

Update: I’ve unsubscribed today, on both the emails…

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