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It has been at least 12 minutes since TaylorMade announced a new driver, but there’s big news:  TaylorMade has announced a new driver.

The NEW TaylorMade R15 Super Mega Quad driver is the latest driver and soon to be the most popular driver on tour.  The R15 features 15 adjustable weights, a high MOI and what TaylorMade marketing calls “Super Mega Distance.”

TaylorMade Driver

One response to “TaylorMade announces new R15 SuperMegaQuad Driver with 15 adjustable weights”

  1. ISBPD says:

    I’m guessing this is a sarcastic poke @ TM, as that driver, while would be cool, is unlikely to exist. What does exist is TM’s bi yearly willingness to obsolete thier customers’ products (and trash their products’ trade in values) AND the golf industry’s CRAP-TAC-ULAR-IEST new product warranty…a stunning one year from when said product was INTRODUCED! That means if you buy an R15 on clearance NEXT April 1, it’s already OUT OF IT’S WARRANTY. I should state that is the case as of the last time I directly asked TM customer service (2 seasons ago). By now, it could be better (also,it could be worse!)

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