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As mentioned before, Hooked On Golf Blog has teamed up with Annika Sorenstam Perfume for a comment contest.  The best comment for this month wins a bottle of Annika’s new perfume.  We have our first strong candidate, “ISBPD.”  Here’s his brilliant comment about this post:

Fade in to Apple iphone commercial:

“Want to know which corporation is dropping TW this week? There’s an app for that.”

“Want to find out who is claiming to have had sex with TW today? There’s an app for that.”

Fade to black.

5 responses to “TW: There’s an app for that. Current leader for the December comment contest is eyeing a new bottle of Annika Perfume”

  1. ISBPD says:

    While many would prefer me to smell like Annika, I feel that my second comment that followed “there’s an app for that” was a far superior comment. It seems to have been “moderated.” What gives? Just in case it “didn’t take” accidentally, it went like this:

    TW and his agent need to realign TW’s current image with appropriate sponsors, so that when he loses one, another can take its place. Sponsors such as:

    -auto insurance companies
    -drug companies (maker of Ambien?)
    -condom companies
    -strip joints
    -escort services
    -Nevada brothels
    -divorce attorneys
    -marriage counselors
    -sex rehab clinics
    -casinos (Las Vegas, Mesquite, various Indian)

    Also, to align with his indefinate golf absence, if money is tight, he can try acting. He has essentially been acting for the last 10 years. If that time span had been a movie, he’d get an academy award. To start acting professionally, he could produce and star in a sequel to Jim Carey’s “Liar,Liar.”

    See, now wasn’t that a perfume worthy comment?

  2. longiron says:

    Perfume on a golf blog? Does second place get two bottles?

  3. longiron, you do see the connection right? Annika Sorenstam was a pretty good female golfer… I think she won a few tournaments, or something.

  4. ISBPD must really need some perfume. He’s in the blog comment zone. Nobody is close to competing with him yet.

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