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OMG.  Another Flash programmer just bought a Porsche at the expense of the web viewer’s time and bandwidth.  Just two posts ago here I mentioned the fact that Tiger’s new site was better because it had less Flash.  Then I went into a Flash rant.  I do that often these days.

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As much as I like Ian Poulter, and I really do, his new site is a prime example of what I was talking about with too much Flash.  It took me 5.74 seconds to eject from Ian’s site.

For the love of Bobby Jones, get me to the content asap!  Forget the animations and the intros and the fertilizer!  Sorry man.  Just can’t take it.

2 responses to “Speaking of too much Flash in web sites, I made it through 5.74 seconds of Ian Poulter’s site before I bailed”

  1. Miranda says:

    So, you’re saying there’s no hope for me and my dial up connection if I wanted to visit Ian’s website 🙂 I think I’ll stick with his tweeting over on Twitter.

  2. M i r a n d a. c a n y o u r e a d t h i s?

    N o h o p e.

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