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The USGA was looking pretty bad after Thursday’s rain out.  40,000 or so people who watched a max of 11 holes of US OPEN golf Thursday (lead group made it to #11) were SOL and couldn’t use their tickets to see any other rounds.

Friday the USGA reversed that decision and saved face IF there’s a Monday finish.  Unfortunately they told people to throw away their tickets but the USGA has a provision for that as can be read in Rand Jerris’ (USGA director of communications) statement below.

“Those people who no longer have their tickets can go to will call, where we have records of ticket buyers.  We have 20,000 e-mail addresses of ticket buyers, we have credit card receipts. There are a number of ways to identify our ticket buyers if they threw away their tickets.”

I’m sure there are a lot of peoople who’s tickets were not acquired directly.  They may have been sold, gifted, ebayed (that is a word), scalped…  I guess those people are out of luck.

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