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Man has Chris Berman’s “funny name” announcing thing gotten old.  The ship has sailed.  The novelty has worn off…

“Ground control to major Toms” as in David Toms.  Really funny.  Haha.

Can’t wait to hear Chris address Roger Maltbe as “Roger Chocolate Maltbe”… not.

Oh wait, the Berman comedy hour continues:  “We’ve heard of a rescue club.  Was that a fescue club?”  Oh man I may throw up in my mouth.

David “Do Val”

A moment ago Mr. Rumblin’ Bumblin’ Stumblin’ was pronouncing David Duval’s name wrong.  Then he got it right as someone must have told him in his headphones how to pronounce it.

OMG it continues…

“Ernie is shankin’ his head.”

“He cooked his putt too far.”  Did he mean “he over-cooked his putt”???

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