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Can you believe the ball I found in the swamp at my home course?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Friday, June 12th, 2009
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US OPEN golf ballSo I’m searching in the reeds of the swamp at my home course. With the state of my game lately I’ve been doing this quite a bit. I’m looking for my damn ProV1 in one of the hundreds of hazards at my home course in Sandy, Utah. This is Sandy, Utah OK?

I find a ProV1 but unfortunately it isn’t mine. I can see some kind of logo on the thing but it is covered with mud. After I clean the mud off, I’m shocked to find a 2009 US OPEN Bethpage Black logo ball. What bonehead is knocking these collector’s items in the hazards in Sandy freakin’ Utah?

This one went right to my ball rack.

2 responses to “Can you believe the ball I found in the swamp at my home course?”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    Oh man, I haven’t been playing much golf but purely as a spoof, I faked up a some Bethpage Black logo’d Pro V1’s — got a sleeve fedex’d and then threw two in my briefcase and put one in my prized *ball rack*

    anyway I was passing my other two around town a bit but no one was impressed. Then boom – I meet some *cowgirl* from Utah (who was so beautiful that she could have been a waitress!)

    Long story short – Next thing I know I’m standing on the first tee at some Utah golf course – when we look to our seven o’clock – and about a wedge away from the first tee – there is this house with a banner that says something like blah blah world headquarters – well; the front door was wide open and we could see right in and what she says must have been the ugliest carpet ever – Like anyone could ever know that… so, I make a crack about how that house must be just another one of the *hundreds of hazards* at this golf course…

    Anyway, I tee up one my slick “2009 USOPEN BB” PROV1’s to impress her and I pure a drive right down the middle but dang utah fairways – when I eventually get to it – I’ve got mud all over my ball. Turns out she’s making me play it *as it LIES* and I end up clunking it into some dang swamp – holy cow – that thing was surrounded by reeds no chance of finding my ball so I re-hit … I ended up two putting for an 8 on that first hole – welcome to Sandy Utah!

  2. We have our #1 candidate for this month’s comment contest and potential winner of the Blue-Ray of The Greatest Game Ever Played.

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