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A blogger friend of mine was telling me back in January that he was having some decent revenue results as a result of joining the GolfNow.com program. He suggested I sign up. Since this site takes a pretty penny out of my personal pocket to keep it running I thought I’d give their program a shot. I can use whatever revenue I can get in this economy and with the expenses I have.

On February 2nd I signed up for the GolfNow.com program. I didn’t receive anything from them for a while. No email confirmation, nothing. So around February 10th I sent in an email to a contact email I found on the site. I didn’t get a response to that email for until the 13th. The response was an email saying that the person I’d emailed was no longer with the company and to contact someone at another email. Ok fine.

On the 16th I got a response from a human! It only took 14 days. Nobody is perfect I guess. That person told me I’d missed the monthly deadline. They’d try and approve it sooner, but if not I’d have to wait until the 1st of March to be approved. My comment at that time was “I guess GolfNow isn’t in a big hurry to make money with new affiliates!” That was a bit of a jab to let them know in a fun sort of way that they were dragging their feet.

It is now March 4th and I’ve received nothing. No email. No contact. Maybe if someone there happens to read this blog they’ll kick it in the ass for me. Or maybe they’re just plain not interested in signing up one of the top golf blogs in our solar system.

Perhaps GolfNow.com should change their name to MaybeGolfSometimePossiblyIfWeGetAroundToIt.com. I know that would be a bit of a long URL but you know, it has a ring to it. I did some checking and surprisingly that URL is available!

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