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Just what I need to improve my putting: The “Stripper Putter.”
Nothing like slobbering over at a set of DD’s for my preshot routine.

Is it cold in here?

Cart top luggage carrier, for all those extra golf balls I need when playing courses with lots of hazards. I know some players who could sneak a TON of beer onto the course in one of these.

Terminator 5
Rise of the golfers.

Tiger Woods’ secret golf practice routine is finally revealed!

Swing thoughts on your shoe. Um, ok…. What messages would you put in this thing?

This unit gives you the feel of losing your footing with one foot. Very useful.

Exactly what I was looking for at the "Professional Golfers Association" merchandise show: Wooden model airplanes!

Um… ok.

What every female golf diva (or gay guy) needs on the golf course: a "Bling Bag."

A big rubber ball between your forearms in the golf swing. Yup, that’ll help.

NO PICTURES! After snapping this shot a guy got in my face and put his hand over my camera and said "no pictures." I then infomed him that this unit was on display at a trade show and 120,000 people were going to see it… DUH!

One response to “Ridiculous items from the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show”

  1. golfwedgesonline says:

    Do any of these so called training aids actually work? I have yet to see one that does although the pink shirt above might get me to walk faster if I see it in front of me on the course

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