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Congratulations to my friend “Jimmy V”

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Sunday, September 30th, 2007
Categories: Life

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I had the pleasure of attending a very good golf pal’s wedding today. “Jimmy V” is a long knocker. He’s a red head with a hot temper. But he can play and I’ve seen him go low on several occasions, which made my wallet lighter.

Jimmy V and I had a match once which was the biggest ass kicking I’ve ever seen. He was NINE UP after nine on me. No I didn’t win nine holes in a row to halve the match…

Congrats Jim and Nicole. I wish you the best. And now maybe I can win a few more bucks in my matches against Jim, since his mind may be on other things…

Cool table arrangements

There were assigned tables at the wedding. Since Jim and Nicole golf, they assigned everyone to a golf themed table. I sat at the “Carnoustie” table. Nice touch for us golfers.

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