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Mickelson is more fit for 2007?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Friday, January 19th, 2007
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We haven’t seen Phil Mickelson since the Ryder Cup. He went into super secret training. He worked hard in his off-season on conditioning, doing cardio and weights about 6 days a week. He’s dropped 25 pounds and thinks that being in better physical condition will help his game. He said he was fatigued and it hurt his game down the stretch in tournaments etc.. I can buy that, sort of. Well, maybe not.

Mentally Fit?

Though Phil has had times when he was a little overweight, that’s never been his problem in my opinion. Despite his body fat level he’s always had the game, the shots, the skills, the talent.

What needs to be more “fit” for Phil’s game to be at it’s best is his MENTAL side. Phil (and his caddy for that matter) need to work even more on course management and decision making. There was a period of time during the last couple of years where it looked like he’d done just that and what happened? Major victories.

Perhaps if Phil believes being more physically fit will help his game, his mental side will tag along too. Sort of a placebo effect of sorts? Whatever works. Time will tell.

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