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Name Tiger Woods’ baby contest

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Saturday, December 30th, 2006
Categories: Tiger Woods

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Hooked On Golf Blog is sponsoring it’s first official contest:


Comment your name submission into the comments of this post and the winner will receive a special Hooked On Golf Blog & The Golf Space round golf towel.

My guesses:

The most logical name is Earl, after Tiger’s father.
Earl + Elin = Earlin
Eldrick (Tiger’s real name) + Earl = Earldrick
Kutilda (Tiger’s mom) + Elin = Kutelin
Nike + Elin = Elinike, Nikelin
Nike + Eldrick = Nikedrick
Kutilda + Earl = Earltilda
Kutilda + Nike = Nikutilda
Earl + Nike + Elin = Elinikearl
Eldrick + Elin + Kutilda + Earl + Nike = Nikeldrickarlda

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