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My new golf buddy: MyGolfBuddy.com

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, November 11th, 2006
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I’ve made a new buddy over the last few weeks. My buddy Paul from MyGolfBuddy.com is a cool cat. He started up a web site for hooking up golfers with each other. There are “prettier” sites out there yes, but from a raw functionality standpoint MyGolfBuddy works as well or better than any other out there.

A short interview with Paul from MyGolfBuddy.com:

What is mygolfbuddy.com and what are the key features?

MyGolfBuddy.com is a public access local golf partner search engine. You can use it for free to find golfers nearby that are looking for a game. The search capability allows you to preselect the type of golfer you want to connect with. Limit searches by age, gender, handicap, playing habits (ride or walk, weekends or weekday ) and a whole lot more! Search results or sorted by proximity, with the golfers closest to you appearing at the top of the list. We currently have over 6850 searchable golfer profiles, and many new golfers join daily!

There is a local course guide and local golf playing conditions forecast brought to you in conjunction with weather.com. Mygolfbuddy also provides you with free USGA handicapping and has local USGA golf clubs that host local golf outings for members and confers an official USGA handicap index(tm).

Why did you decide to start MGB and was it hard to get it rolling?

MyGolfbuddy was started in response to a need by one of the founders. He had just begun to play golf, and didn’t know many other golfers. In the area that he lived, there was a large non-English speaking population. When he walked on as a single he kept getting paired with people that spoke little or no English. When he did get paired with English speaking golfers, the experience was much more enjoyable. He knew that he wasn’t alone with this situation. This led him to think about other characteristics that influence the golf partner experience, like walking or riding, male or female, handicap, weekends vs. weekdays, etc… The website developed from there.

It has never been hard to get people to sign up, as the service we provide is needed by many people, especially new golfers. The main issue is getting the public exposure.

How long has MGB been online?

We’ve been online since February of 2005.

What is unique about your search features vs other sites?

Our search engine is specifically designed to make it easy to connect with golfers in your area to get local knowledge and arrange for a game of golf. From what I have seen, our site is the only one that sorts the partner search results by location, which makes it easy to find local golf action. This is a key feature that our members value highly, as they can’t easily find that functionality elsewhere online. Also, our site has powerful advanced search capabilities that allows you to limit your search results by desired golfer attribute.

What about the USGA handicap?

We offer free USGA handicapping services for our members. We have an in-house USGA compliant handicap that members can use for free to track their game and improve. All MyGolfBuddy members can use our system to post scores and track their scoring differentials. Members can also get an official USGA handicap card and index by joining a local MyGolfBuddy USGA golf club. We currently have licensed clubs in New York and L.A., with new clubs now forming in Seattle, Savannah and San Francisco. It only takes 10 golfers to form a local club,and we work directly with the USGA and our membership in that area to streamline the process.

This feature has become wildly popular since we introduced it in June. Hundreds of courses and thousands of rounds have been posted by our members, and the usage is steadily increasing.

What are your plans for the future of MGB or any new ventures?

Right now we are focusing on building our network of local USGA golf clubs, and also on developing new strategic alliances with other golf related websites and with traditional golf businesses. We will be implementing some major changes to the site homepage in the next couple of weeks, that we think will stimulate many new signups. Also, a little further down the line we will be implementing member to member text messaging services.

Meg intervew

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
Categories: Golf For WomenGolf MediaInterviewsLPGA TourSite News

HOG contributor and friend Megan Heckeroth has been interviewed by HOG buddy Jason at beginnergolfing.com. Check it out now… I said now!

I’m on AOL Sports Bloggers Live Tonight!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 19th, 2006
Categories: Golf MediaInterviewsPGA TourSite News

The guys at sportsbloggerslive.com are having me on as a guest to talk about the U.S. Open tonight! I guess I didn’t flame out as bad as I thought because they’re having me on a 2nd time. We’ll be talking about the U.S. OPEN and the nuclear meltdown.

I’ll be on at about 7:45pm Eastern.

8:03pm Eastern UPDATE: This interview went MUCH better! I was a bit more relaxed and better prepared on the subject matter! I hope my buddies over at AOL Sports Bloggers Live have me on regularly. It’s a blast!

Interview at beginnergolfing.com

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 12th, 2006
Categories: Golf MediaInterviewsSite News

Thanks to my buddy Jason for this nice interview on his site beginnergolfing.com.

Jason is quite active here commenting and over at The Golf Space. He asks me a few questions about my blogs and sites and it was quite fun answering them. Stop over and check it out..

I like the email interview idea. I’ve had a few done and I’ve done a few as well. I should do more.

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