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Pinehurst #2 is NOT Donald Ross’ Masterpiece

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
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Oh, I almost forgot….IT’S US OPEN WEEK!

Much of the talk this week will be about the famous Donald Ross creation: Pinehurst #2 (pic below)

While I haven’t played Pinehurst #2, I have played another Donal Ross course in Pennsylvania called Aronomink. Players in the know call it “The Mink.” The Mink is an amazing course (pic below). Near the first tee there is a bust of Donald Ross with the quote “This is my masterpiece.”
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The Mink has beautiful tree lined fairways that undulate greatly. The undulation and design of the course causes many tee and approach shots to be quite deceptive. You think you’re striping one down the middle of the fairway, only to find out the fairway was 20 yards right of your line.

When you get to the greens they are huge with massive undulation and tiers. Most of the greens have specific quadrants you must hit or it is 3-putt city, just like Augusta.

When I was just getting started with my golf sites I did a little review on The Mink. It is located at my sister site Web Country Club. CLICK HERE for that review. I was fairly green when I did that review so it’s not quite up to par with the reviews I do these days. (sorry for all the puns in that last sentence) I’ll port it over here some time under courses-reviews.

Hidden Valley CC

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 19th, 2005
Categories: Golf CoursesHackersMiscellaneous

My 2nd round of 18 today was at Hidden Valley Country Club here in my town. This course is amazing. It has 27 beautiful tree lined holes with immaculate fairways and greens. I often tell my friends that the tee boxes at HVCC putt better than the public courses’ greens around here…

Up until a fancy Tom Fazio course opened down the road, this was Golf Digest’s #1 course in the state. (It is my favorite and I still think it is #1 in the state).

The shot here is of the 18th hole. This is a par 5, straight up hill. I’ve only reached it in two once (driver driver). Mike Weir played here and reached it easily with driver 3 iron and he’s a “short hitter.”

This time of year here is great because the grass and trees are lush, the sky is blue, and the mountains are still snow capped.

I have more photos of HVCC and many other golf photos in my forum’s photo gallery. CLICK HERE TO GO THERE!

Falcon Ridge just opened

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
Categories: Golf Courses

Mesquite Nevada is turning into a golf mecca. Let me rephrase that. Mesquite Nevada IS a golf mecca. Mesquite is about an hour NE of Vegas on I15. Why someone would drop $200-300 on a round in Vegas when they can go to Mesquite or even St. George Utah to golf is beyond me.

Here are a couple of snaps of a new course that just opened there called Falcon Ridge that my dad snapped when he was there last week.

I had to make these two pics small so they don’t screw up the format of the blog here. If you want to see bigger versions of these pics and a bunch of other cool golf course pics (including Augusta National) CLICK HERE to go to the golf photo album on my other site: Web Country Club

Rounds this week

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
Categories: Golf CoursesHackersMiscellaneous

Bonneville Golf CourseI played 2 days ago and the weather here was finally great. The conditions were perfect. I was doing a demo on a set of irons and a putter. So I go out and use these irons on the course with no range time or swings at all. They were excellent irons and I hit them fairly well. Shot a 72. Not bad for using irons and and putter I’ve never hit before. I’m going to demo them tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow is a round at one of my favorite courses, Bonneville. This course is a country club quality course for a muni price. The picture on this post is one that I took myself at Bonneville last year. This course is not extremely long. It does have a defense in it’s greens. They are usually quite fast and have lots of interesting breaks. I takes a long time to learn the subtleties of these greens.

I’ll do a complete review of Bonneville some time in the near future.

Southern Utah: Green Spring Golf Course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
Categories: Golf CoursesReviewsTravel

Tom teeing of at Green SpringIf you’ve never been to southern Utah, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful terrain in the world: Red Rock Country. In Red Rock Country there are stunning red rock plateaus, canyons and mountains. An old wives tale says the reason the rocks are red is because they are burned by the desert sun. If you go there in the summer, you too will turn red.

In the heart of this beautiful terrain in Washington County (5 minutes north of St. George, Utah) is Green Spring Golf Course. In 1991 Golf Digest rated Green Spring one of the top five new courses in the country.


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