G.R.I.P. Sweetness Putter Review

Written by: Arnie | Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
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About G.R.I.P.

Introducing G.R.I.P. (Golf Research in Play). G.R.I.P. was founded in 2002 by Rob Blumberg. Rob found a forgotten niche market in the golf club industry and is now designing, manufacturing and selling directly to that niche. G.R.I.P.’s theory is to build “innovative, well-constructed clubs that add to the enjoyment of the game, while not breaking the bank.”

G.R.I.P.’s current lineup includes putters, wedges and hybrid golf clubs.

G.R.I.P. Sweetness Putter

G.R.I.P. has come up with a winner with the production of their new heavy grip Sweetness Putter. Its unique design, incorporating a bronze back and head with a milled metal sweet spot, combine to veritably almost force the putter head to stay on line, plus strike and roll the ball with an easy stroke.

Furthermore, its metal shaft is one inch longer than standard and is slightly recessed toward the hands at the top. This, along with a soft and malleable oversized rubber grip allows the putter extra feel and forces you to stand more upright and “over the ball.”

The “line of sight” on this putter is straight and true. However, as with all longer and heavier putters, the head must be swung back on a longer arc, with the consequential follow-through the same length and toward the hole. In other words, this would not be a good club for a golfer used to the short or “pop” stroke of a blade or bullseye.

I have noticed that the finish seems to be vanishing over some parts of the putter (not the face). It requires a full size, soft head cover for protection.


In conclusion, I have found the GRIP putter to be an excellent tool and should be looked at by anyone interested in switching to a heavy, mallet style putter.





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