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Evil cold wet white stuff falls out of the sky

10.12.08 | Category: Life

I was not too happy when I looked out my window this morning. There was this very strange white stuff on the ground. It was very cold and wet. There […]


Two cool trucks

10.11.08 | Category: LifeMiscellaneous

I shot the two photos within five minutes of each other while stuck in traffic.  Photo one the guy not only has a golf hole airbrushed on to the back […]


Titleist to exhibit at the 2009 PGA Show

10.10.08 | Category: Golf Equipment

One booth I’ve not been able to visit at the last several PGA Shows in Orlando is Titleist.  They haven’t been there.  My pals at FootJoy just let me know […]


Not too late to get me a birthday present

10.09.08 | Category: Life

Yes today is my birthday. Every year now I lose some distance off the tee, I get a few more gray hairs, my eyebrows get bushier (thanks pop), and I […]


Nike advertising at the urinal, where it belongs

10.08.08 | Category: Golf Equipment

Man, is there any golf entity that twists the facts around more than Nike’s advertising department? Remember back when Nike said they had the most played irons at the Masters, […]


GolfBlogger ACE

| Category: Golf MediaHackers

Congratulations for my pal GolfBlogger!  He recorded an ACE!


Eat Car

10.07.08 | Category: MiscellaneousSite News

The friendship I’ve had with the reclusive and elusive Eat Golf has been one of mystery.  Digital.  Virtual.  Though I knew him online, I never physically met “Eat” a.k.a. Rich […]


Met Duffy Waldorf

I forgot to mention a while back that I met Duffy Waldorf at the last golf show in Vegas.  Duffy was there to help out his wife’s golf hat business […]

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