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6th Annual 2010 HOG Turkey Awards

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, November 26th, 2010
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It is time for the 6th annual HOG TURKEY AWARDS.  The award winners are those who were the biggest boneheads in the past year, in the golf world.  Please check out my pal Jay Flemma’s Jazzy Awards as well.  He and I collaborate on pieces occasionally and we had some fun discussion in preparation for this year’s Jazzy and Turkey awards…

Last year’s winner was Tiger Woods for his poor behavior on the golf course, the club throwing and such.  The awards last year were finalized the day before the big Tiger Woods car crash and the pending affair scandal, otherwise Tiger would have swept the awards back in 2009.

Previous winners before Tiger last year:

Without further ado, here are the top 10 HOG Turkey awards for 2010 as well as the Turkey of the Year below.  Drum roll please…

#10 John Daly

What did John Daly do this year to earn a turkey award in 2010?  I’m not really sure.  I really like the guy, but I’ve gotten so used to putting him in here that I just typed his name out of habit. Perhaps we can say JD deserves an award for under utilizing his immense raw talent.

#9 Sergio Garcia

Watching Sergio play this year was very painful.  How a guy with so much raw talent and such a bright future can be such an unhappy and unmotivated player is beyond me.  Thankfully Sergio left the game this year.  If and when he comes back, I hope he can put it together and enjoy it, and stop wasting all of that talent.

#8 Hyun Ahn and Ilmi Chung

These two LPGA players played the wrong ball, knew it, and tried to get away with it.  That is CHEATING.  To make it even worse, they told one caddie, “you didn’t see anything.”

#7 Money hungry Tiger Woods mistresses

Earlier this year Tiger mistress and porn star Devon James (Devon is not pictured left, pictured left is another TW mistress named Joslyn James) was shopping around a XXX video of her and Tiger Woods.  Eventually she admitted that the tape was a fake which she made with a TW look-a-like.

Devon and all the other TW mistresses need to now go away.  We are all sick of you.  Please.

#6 Jim Furyk DQ’d for sleeping in and missing pro-am

First of all, I’m a big Jim Furyk fan.  This guy is the epitome of what a PGA Tour player should be.

But even the best of us can be boneheads and Jim isn’t immune to that.  Furyk’s phone battery died, and he uses his phone for his wake up alarm.  Alarm doesn’t go off, he misses the pro-am at The Barclays which is the first FedEx cup event.  For sleeping in Jim was disqualified.  That’s enough to earn a turkey award.

The funny thing is that Furyk won the FedEx Cup anyway, even after missing the first playoff event.  Way to go Jimbo.

#5 PGA Tour for DQing Jim Furyk

As noted in the previous turkey award, Furyk was DQ’d by the PGA Tour in the first playoff event for sleeping in and missing (possibly not all but some) the pro-am.

For a player who is so rock solid and such a great example for a PGA Tour player, the Tour should have simply fined him a few bucks and allowed him to play but they didn’t.  Later they actually changed that rule.

For this boneheaded implementation of a dumb policy, the PGA Tour gets a turkey award.

#4 Two chicks who I hope didn’t sleep with a dude they thought was John Daly

I’ve searched and searched through facebook, but I can no longer find this very funny photo.  These two chicks ran into a guy in a hotel somewhere who barely, barely looked like John Daly.  I mean, if you saw him from 300 yards away and he had golf clubs in his hands and those nutty pants on, you might think it was him.

These two chicks posted a photo on their facebook page posing with this guy with the quote, “here we are with John Daly.”  The guy saw an opportunity, was pretending to be JD and loving the attention from these two females.

The real JD found that photo on Facebook and commented in “that’s not me!!!”

I just hope those two girls didn’t sleep with this guy…

#3 Ryuji Imada 26 stroke penalty

Ryuji Imada most definitely earns a turkey award for suffering 26 penalty strokes in a tournament in China.

#2 Dustin Johnson for finding a way to not win two majors

Once again I have to preface this award by saying that I’m a big Dustin Johnson fan.  I think DJ will win several majors before his career is over, and perhaps getting this close twice this year will give him the experience he needs later down the road.

DJ had a three shot lead in the final round of the US OPEN at Pebble this year.  It was very hard to watch him give that up.  Once the unraveling started, it couldn’t be stopped.  I felt really bad for DJ.

Two more majors down the road at the PGA Championship was the now famous “Bunkergate.”  On the 18th hole at Whistling Straights I remember watching DJ ground his club and saying out loud (even though I was alone), “Oh my God he just grounded his club!!!”  I then fell out of my chair.

That club grounding, in a bunker destroyed by patrons walking in it, cost DJ a penalty stroke and a chance at a playoff for the PGA Championship.

#1 Ray Halbritter gives himself a sponsors exemption to the Turning Stone event

Ray Halbritter, CEO of the title sponsor at the Turning Stone PGA Tour event, gives himself a sponsor’s exemption to play in the tournament.  Isn’t that great?

So some tour player who is living out of his car, struggling get his tour card and trying to make a living can’t play because this CEO decides to give himself the sponsor’s exemption?  Wow.  That deserves a 2010 HOG turkey award.


2010 HOG Turkey of the Year, and DECADE – Tiger Woods

How disappointing has the last 365 days been for Tiger Woods fans?  We watched world #1, the perfect role model for our kids, the guy on the Wheaties boxes, the man with the perfect marriage and two beautiful children, the man who’s wife was one all other men dream of having…  we watched that all fall apart because of TW’s “transgressions.”

I admit it.  I was a fan. I was anxiously awaiting the day TW broke Jack Nicklaus’ major record, but not anymore.   I didn’t want to believe all the crazy stories which were surfacing a year ago.  Like many thousands of TW fans, I’m very disappointed.

Conversely, the last year has been a feast at the most gluttonous of buffets for the Tiger haters.  They’ve come out of the woodwork, enjoying the fall of the biggest house of cards ever.

For all the affairs, strippers, sexting, porn stars, Perkins waitresses…  For the phony image which was pounded into our daily lives on TV, print media, billboards, web advertising, by Tiger’s sponsors and PR engine… For the lies…  For the disappointment…

Tiger Woods wins the 2010 Hooked On Golf Blog Turkey of the Year.  Barring some insane and unlikely happening, TW will win the Turkey of the DECADE.

Time To Move On

I’m sick of all the talk about the porn stars and affairs and all that.  I want them all to go away now.  I see through the transparency of the new Tiger Woods twitter activity and interviews.  They’re obviously trying to resurrect his image, which is understandable.   I’m not really paying a lot of attention to those things.

Some say TW’s time has come and gone and that he won’t break Jack’s record.  They may be right with all this new and young talent in the USA and Europe. Only time will tell.

What TW needs to do is move on, show the public that he can be genuine (which I’m sure many doubt), and play championship golf.  We’ll know how well TW has succeeded if he doesn’t win any more HOG Turkey Awards.

Jim Furyk wins PGA Tour player of the year – I told you so

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 15th, 2010
Categories: Champions TourPGA TourPro Golf

Furky wins PGA Tour POY

Congratulations to Jim Furyk, winner of the PGA Tour player of the year.  Well done.  Bravo!  Bravo!  I predicted Jim would be the man a while back.  Isn’t it great that you can make predictions, but only brag when they’re right?

Kuchar wins Vardon and Palmer awards

My friends at Bridgestone Golf must be very excited.  Their man Matt Kuchar won the Vardon Trophy (for lowest scoring average on the PGA Tour) and also the Arnold Palmer Trophy (winning the most money at $4.1 million, on the PGA Tour).

Matt Kuchar must be feeling the mojo of having me stand three feet behind him at the Tuesday Masters practice round on #15.  That’s why he played so well from that point on.  He had HOG mojo.  I’ll take the credit.

Speaking of awards, give the Byron Nelson to Freddie Couples

Speaking of awards, another notch in Bridgestone’s cap is credited for Fred Couples, who won the Byron Nelson award.  That award is for the lowest scoring average on the Champions Tour. Freddie shattered the old scoring record of 68.58 by averaging an amazing 67.97.  It must have been the shoes.

Just say “No” to the PGA Tour and FedEx Cup

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
Categories: European TourPGA TourPro Golf

Rory McIlroy has joined Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer in saying “no” to the PGA Tour and the FedEx Cup for 2011.

If you’re not playing well in the States it can be a lonely place. But if you’re not playing well on the European Tour you still have plenty of mates to hang out with.

The $10,000,000 FedEx Cup prize isn’t enough to entice these great players to play here full time.  They don’t like being forced to play in events they don’t want to play in, to be eligible for the Cup.

I wish I had enough dough in the bank and a good enough golf game to be able to say no like that…  Maybe in my next life.

Tiger Woods is #2 – Are the world golf rankings a joke?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 1st, 2010
Categories: Champions TourEuropean TourGolf EquipmentGolf GearPGA TourPro GolfTiger Woods

Is everyone OKAY? Anything new? Has hell frozen over? Planets all aligned correctly? Aliens landed?

Lee Westwood has taken over the world #1 spot over Tiger Woods as of yesterday. That may only last for one week though as Tiger, Phil Mickelson and Martin Kaymer are all playing in the HSBC Champions event. With a win in the HSBC, any of those three could take over the world #1 spot.

Are the world golf rankings a joke?

The world rankings have become a bit of a joke in my opinion. They haven’t really reflected who the #1 golfer in the world is for at least a year. My pal Armchair Golf Blog points out that Jack Nicklaus doesn’t care much for the world golf rankings either.

Who has played the best golf over the last year?

And yes, I too wonder how someone who hasn’t won a major can be world #1, though there was a time over the middle of this season when there was nobody on the planet playing better overall golf than Lee Westwood. You could have given Jim Furyk a few votes though.

Who does it really matter to the most?

Who would care about the rankings? I’d say the media, because they need something to talk about. Writers (and bloggers) need something to write about. I just typed four paragraphs about it.

I doubt Tiger Woods cares a bunch, except for the fact that he’ll have to endure the agony of fielding hundreds of dumb questions from the media about it.

Equipment manufacturers would really eat it up if their staff player was #1. So for now, PING (Westwood) has to be riding high. Nike, not so much.

World Golf Rankings Below

If you want to see who is in the top 50 world golf rankings, read below. I’ve read it twice now and I’m not happy. My name wasn’t in there.  It is also interesting to note that only four of the top 10 players in the world are from the USA.


Good luck to my buddy Rocco Mediate in today’s final round of the FRYS.com

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Categories: PGA TourPro Golf

I’m sending out all my positive vibes to my pal Rocco Mediate.  He’s got a three shot lead coming into today at the FRYS tournament.


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