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Fantasy Golf 2009 Weeks 10-18

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
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Free Fantasy Golf

We’re about at the half way mark of the fantasy season and yours truly has already flamed out. It has been a while since I updated the scores since Masters week and the TPC have taken up a bunch of my time. So here are weeks 10-18 winners and the total standings below.

Week 10 winner: Eat Golf

Week 11 winner: Cal Birdies

Week 12 winner: Catbashers

Week 13 winner: Sandwedgie

Week 14 winner: jbelz

Week 15 winner: Laxw09

Week 16 winner: EK’s Hackers

Week 17 winner: powerhitters

Week 18 winner: Fore Heaven

Winners contact me to claim prizes!

(click now and thank ’em!)


Rife Putters

Tattoo Golf

Full results for week 10-18 and total standings below…
HOG’s layout is making the table invisible in parts so you can see the whole table at The Golf Space here.


TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course Photo Gallery

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 4th, 2009
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My first TPC post for this week is an FYI.  A “TPCFYI” if you will.  I have a huge golf photo gallery here on HOG and inside are many golf course albums.  Having played the TPC Sawgrass course a few months ago, I shot pictures of every hole, over 100.  Most holes have tee, approach and green shots.  I also have shots of the clubhouse, locker room, pro shop and more…

Above, the entrance to the TPC Sawgrass 17th island green.

Hey that’s ME on the 10th tee at TPC Sawgrass!
I hit a great drive there too, drew it right to left with the shape of the fairway!

Click here to view the Hooked On Golf Blog TPC Sawgrass Gallery.

Got a short game lesson from my good friend, who also happens to be the club pro

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
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Like most amateurs, the biggest area I could save strokes is with my short game. I shot a 73 last week where I got up and down 1 out of 4 times. That’s a 70 if I had a short game. I’ve gagged away thousands of shots with mediocre short game plays.

My friend and local pro, called today because he had some down time this afternoon. He and I play our grudge match several days a week. Some days he beats me and some days I beat him. There’s probably nobody more qualified to help me out, since he’s watched my short game in action and under pressure. By pressure, I mean when there’s a $1 skin on the line. That is pressure.

I had a good hour long lesson. My buddy knew what I needed to work on and helped me out with what he called “positional” short game. We adjusted my alignment, posture, swing plane and especially my grip. I’d been choking way down on my chips. No matter what I tried, I hit all my chips on the toe. Little did I know that being choked down like that was causing the toe shots. Other adjustments, when I properly implemented them, worked very well. We worked for practically the whole hour without ever moving the ball from the basic position, on my right foot.

I have a few keys to work on: grip, ball position, bringing the club back inside and perhaps most importantly, quiet upper body. If I get all of those working, my chips are dead on line and perfect distance. If I get all those working, rounds in the 60’s are coming. I can feel it.

Hats off to my fighter pal Demarques Johnson – UPDATED!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
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Demarques JohnsonWelcome to Hooked On Golf Blog Hooked On Mixed Martial Arts Blog…

A little over three years ago I met a special lady. Very special. This lady really changed my life. One of the things she introduced me to was MMA or “mixed martial arts.” You see she was a fighter herself, and a USA and WORLD champion.

Through her I had the opportunity to meet Demarques Johnson a couple of times. Demarques is an MMA fighter who is currently on a reality show put on by the UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship). The show airs on Wednesday nights on Spike TV and pit USA fighters against the UK fighters with the winner getting a $1 million contract.

The USA team lost the first two matches. In the 3rd match this week my buddy Demarques disposed of his opponent in damn near 1-2 minutes.  I almost knocked my laptop half way across the room when he won.

Way to go buddy. I’m pulling for you.  Hey if you win, can I have a loan?  May need a new laptop…  🙂

UPDATE 04.30.09 3:20PM

I was driving home from my horrendous hack-fest today.  That hackfest is a story in iteself…  Anyway I was channel surfing and managed to catch a local sports radio show interviewing Demarques!  Those damn sports radio show guys are such bandwagon jumpers.  They see Demarques on HOG then they think they need to interview him.

Pop up ads removed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
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I’ve been trying out a new ad provider here since around Masters week. I just pulled the ads. They weren’t making much dough at all, and the last time I logged in an obnoxious popup ad appeared which really ticked me off. Anyone who has read any of my web rants knows I can’t stand having to wait for flash animations or popups to get to a page. I just leave. I don’t want that happening to HOG patrons.

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