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3rd Annual HOG Turkey Awards

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
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Every year around this time of year (Thanksgiving for us in the USA) I do the Hooked On Golf Blog Turkey Awards. To get on this list of awards, you have to be some kind of bonehead in the golf world. Last year the clear #1 Turkey was Phil Mickelson’s collapse at the U.S. Open. A Turkey award highlight from 2005 was Vijay Singh missing a tournament due to a ping pong injury.

Drum roll please…

John Daly

There could never be a turkey award without mentioning John Daly, right? He had to do something to warrant a turkey leg. This year he had a few “episodes.” Mainly he didn’t play well enough to keep his PGA Tour card. But the most odd story must have been when he showed up on the first tee with a bunch of scratches on his face, supposedly from his wife attacking him with a steak knife.

Daly also held the lead during the first round of the British Open, but missed the cut.

Sick male (or female I suppose) HOG readers

One of the most frequent search terms typed in here at Hooked On Golf Blog in 2007 was “Natalie Gulbis Nude.”

Aqua Man

Woody Austin’s new name is “Aqua Man” after doing a face plant into a pond during this year’s President’s Cup.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray was busted for drunk driving….. in a golf cart.

Fuzzy Zoeller

Fuzzy Zoeller was trying to sue Wikipedia for a post someone put up about him.

Fuzzy also had a nice F-Bomb which I heard live during The Masters on the 13th tee: “Alright no more quackers you meat head. You big f**king dummy.”

Golf & Strippers

Yet another golf & strippers news story broke this year.

Phil Mickelson

Phil could have possibly won the FedEx Cup by winning the BMW, rather than sitting out. He could have nailed it down while Tiger was away. Instead he sat out because he needed “rest.” If I had an chance at winning $10 million, I’d rest later.

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson, my ultimate golf babe, gets a turkey leg for not returning my phone calls.

Annika Sorenstam

No wins.

Michelle Wie

Don’t get me started on Michelle Wie. Do you know how hard it is to find her 2007 records? She’s not a “member” of any tour so the LPGA and PGA Tour sites have very little to offer.

Here are some 2007 Michelle Wie highlights: Missed cut, missed cut, 27 over par, withdrew, 21 over par….

Need I say more? Yes I do! Let us not forget Michelle Wie withdrew after 16 holes at the Ginn when she was in jeopardy of breaking the LPGA’s “88 rule.” Had she shot an 88 or higher, she would have been banned. Eject!


The LPGA gets a turkey leg for losing money, losing sponsors and worst of all coming up with that terrible new logo.

Andres Romero

Has the British Open championship in his grasp but chooses to hit a 2-iron out of the deep rough, sending it OB.

Arjun Atwal

Arjun Atwal was “street racing” in January and was involved in a vehicular death.

Tim Finchem & The FedEx Cup

I’d have to say the FedEx Cup wasn’t all that exciting. It was really a big slap in the face, and a turkey leg winner, when both Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods “sat out” during a couple of the FedEx Cup tournaments because they were “tired.”

And the #1 HOG Turkey Award winner for 2007 is….

Sergio Garcia

Sergio receives three turkey legs this year. First for spitting in the cup after missing a putt on #13 at Doral. When asked about it in a post game interview, he blew it off as “not a big deal.” What a slime ball.

Garcia’s 2nd turkey leg is for blowing the freaking British Open when he had it in the palm of his hand.

Garcia’s 3rd turkey leg comes from being disqualified at the 2007 PGA for signing an incorrect score card.

Curtis Strange inducted into the hall of fame

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Categories: Golf MediaPGA Tour

Curtis Strange won the US Open two years in a row. Not an easy thing to do. He won 17 times and was the first to break the $1,000,000 mark on the PGA Tour. Now you barely make the top 125 with $1,000,000!

Strange was inducted into the golf hall of fame. Alright, I’m cool with that. BUT, I doubt he’ll be inducted into the golf announcer’s hall of fame any time soon…

2008 PGA Tour playoff schedule changed for Ryder Cup

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Categories: European TourGolf MediaPGA Tour

There’s been a lot of speculation about what would happen in 2008 with the FedEx Cup playoffs ending right before the Ryder Cup. Would that long grind make all the USA players “tired” and produce another ass-whooping by the European team? Probably.

So the PGA Tour has decided to put the playoff run on hold for a two week period to accommodate the Ryder Cup.

HOG confirmed for 2008 PGA Merchandise Show

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf ApparelGolf BallsGolf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf MediaMiscellaneous

pga merchandise show logoI’ve just finished making my arrangements for the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show. My flights and hotel are now booked.

Smarter this year, hopefully


I’m trying to be a little smarter this year. Last year I booked a hotel which told me they had a free Wi-Fi. They didn’t. Bad deal for a golf blogger. So I had to go outside of my hotel to a neighboring place, or pay an insane $99 for Wi-Fi in the press room during the show in the Orange Coast Convention Center. I still can’t believe they actually charge the press for an internet connection at the show. Yes, charge the people who are promoting your show for you…

My hotel last year was also about a 15 minute drive to the show with no traffic, and about an HOUR drive with show traffic. That hour drive was just to get to the parking lot line. Then there’s about another 20-40 minutes to pay, park and ride the shuttle. What a zoo. I wasted about two hours each day in my rental car stopped in traffic and parking, which I could have spent at the show. So I booked myself in the media hotel this year, which is walking distance to the show. I’m saving all that driving time and parking time and parking fees.

Live 2008 Merchandise Show blogging

Last year I’d browse the show for an hour or two, then hit the press room and post some videos and blogs. I spent a lot of time in the press room waiting for the slow connection and for videos to compress etc. I’m thinking this year I’ll go non-stop show and then do all the web stuff in the evenings after the show is closed. If I get some really great nuggets or pictures of the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show I’ll run into the press room and post them quickly. The plan is to get more floor time this year.

HOG show appointments :: meet me at the show!

I’ve already got appointments set up and it’s November! If you are an exhibitor and you’d like me to cover your booth and offerings, let me know asap and we’ll get you set up for an appointment. If you’re just going to be at the show and want to say hello, contact me and I’ll give you my cell phone number so we can meet somewhere.

The Golf Space now has profile videos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 8th, 2007
Categories: Golf Media

I’ve been working on this for a while. I can finally and happily say that my “other site” The Golf Space‘s profiles now have a video tab where your swing videos (or any kind of videos) can be displayed.

Main video window:

Video thumbs in user profile:

About The Golf Space

The Golf Space is a golf networking site, like myspace only without the strippers and the spam. There are now over 2500 golfers, businesses and golf courses taking advantage of the free blogs, photo galleries, videos and networking tools!

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