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Stupid Press Questions – Tiger Woods Edition

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
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Just before hitting the road for home today I watched a bit of the Tiger Woods presser on Golf Channel, from Doral and the WGC Cadillac Championship.

I wonder how long some of the scribes work on their questions or even think about what they are saying sometimes. For instance, this great one today:


“Tiger, are you on track for the Masters?”



Um, what answer would one suspect Tiger would give? Here’s an alternative:



“Tiger, are you on track for the Masters?”


“Actually I’m glad you asked. I have no confidence in my game at all, especially after shooting a 62 in last Sunday’s final round. I’m announcing today that rather than embarrassing myself at Augusta, I’ve decided to decline my invitation to the Masters..”

I suggest watching the premier of Feherty tonight, especially the tennis part.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 27th, 2012
Categories: Golf MediaMiscellaneous
David Feherty

David Feherty

Being a world famous golf blogger has its privileges.  You know… babes, all access to big events, the fast cars, hobnobbing with the stars…  I just finished watching a special early screening of the premier of the Feherty Show, airing on Golf Channel tonight at 10PM Eastern.  See what I mean?  Privileges.

I’ve loved the Feherty Show ever since I saw my first episode.  There’s something magic about the show which is not quite tangible.  Feherty is humorously twisted, yes.  But he’s honest and sincere.  Somehow that combination works for great interviews and fun shows.  The guests seem to really open up.

Tonight’s one hour show is an interview with Sergio Garcia from his home town in Spain.  And the length isn’t just tonight’s premier.  All the Feherty shows this season are one hour.

Feherty plays Sergio Garcia in tennis

David Feherty plays Sergio Garcia in tennis. Photo courtesy of Golf Channel / NBC Sports Group

The interview with Sergio Garcia is excellent of course.  Tune in and enjoy.  I’d set your DVR to record it, not necessarily for the interview but for the tennis part.  Sergio and Feherty tee it up on the tennis court.  There’s a scene where Feherty comes up to the net and crashes into and over the net, all with a GoPro HD camera strapped to his head.  I swear I haven’t laughed that hard in a long long time.  The whole show is worth watching for that 5 second piece.

Well played David. Well played.

HOG Talks To David Feherty And Hank Haney

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
Categories: Golf MediaInterviewsPGA Tour

I had the chance to participate in a conference call with David Feherty and Hank Haney (Tiger Woods’s former coach) yesterday, hosted by Golf Channel.  Next week marks the beginning of new seasons for both of their shows.  Haney will premier at 9pm ET and Feherty at 10pm ET on Monday the 27th of February.

I asked Feherty about his upcoming show of course, but as “any question” was welcomed in this format I slipped in a couple of other questions as well.  Hope you enjoy.  Please note: spelling or word mistakes are from the transcript service, not my typing. For instance, Feherty called 10 at Riviera a “crap” hole, not a “crab” hole!  I like crab hole though…

TONY KOROLOGOS: David (Feherty), your show has been extended by a half an hour, so what are you going to be doing to fill up the extra time?  Are there any new wrinkles, formats, changes, surprises that we can watch for in that extra 30 minutes?  

DAVID FEHERTY:  Well, we found that the interviews and the subjects of the interview were often so compelling that it was extremely difficult to get the essence of what they said into 22 minutes of programming and a half hour show.
Leading up to the new season we extended the Tom Watson and Johnny Miller interviews, the Lee Trevino one was already an hour, and there were several more that should have been an hour.  Greg Norman was an hour.  We just felt it’s a better format, and that we can get more out of it.

Having said that, there will be other elements that we can use, some characters that I hope to introduce to the show, correspondents.  Not unlike what John Stewart has done at the Daily Show.  I’ve got a character called Dr. Phyll, that is searching for a drug that will help you play golf.  And if he finds it, I’ll be really pissed off, because I looked for it for 20 years.

Hamish McGregor is my rules expert who will be answering rules questions.  Things like that.

TONY KOROLOGOS: Hank, in working with the pros, do you feel like the new groove rules for the wedges really changed any part of their game or has really affected the game right now?  Did you have to change any techniques or did anybody have to make adjustments at that point is this?

HANK HANEY:  I don’t feel that it’s changed anything, to be honest with you.  I don’t see any difference in the way players are playing the game.  I think maybe we’ve seen players increase a little loft on their most lofted wedge.  You were kind of seeing that already with some players using 64° wedges.

But that would have been the only probably minor adjustment that you might have seen a few players make to add a degree or two extra to their most lofted wedge to stop the ball a little quicker.  But I don’t see that it’s done anything at all to be honest with you.

TONY KOROLOGOS: This past weekend the playoff hole 10 at Rivera is a short little par-4 and barely 300 yards, 310 or something like that.  We saw three of the very best TOUR players try to play that hole and only one guy actually hit the green in regulation.  Another great short hole I think of is 12 at Augusta.  Do those holes show us something?  We talked about how the ball is too long and length is such a problem and all of this.  Is there something to be learned from those short holes like that which could help the game rather than worrying about scaling the ball back or making golf courses longer?

HANK HANEY:  Well, I think one thing you’ve seen a certain trend in golf courses in the last year, and particularly the way they set up tournaments is everyone is intrigued by the short par4.  You see the USGA is doing it with their tournaments, trying to make a hole, if it’s possible, a drivable hole.  It does go to show you that a golf course doesn’t have to be long to be difficult.

By the same token, to be a real test of golf, you want to have to hit ball of the shots.  In order to do that, you have to have length, and you have to have the ability to stretch the course out, because the ball does go so far now.

DAVID FEHERTY:  You get holes like number 10 at Rivera, and continually I sort of disagree with my colleagues when it’s considered to be one of the finest short par4s in the world.  It’s not.  It’s a crab hole.  But what it does, it brings out the best and the worst in the best players in the world.  But it doesn’t have to be any good to do so.

The 17th at Scottsdale, or the 15th at Hartford, it’s drivable, but it’s just so fiddly and tricky.  There is no real way to play it properly.

For instance, yesterday, if one of the players  I mean, I said that I felt that four could win having watched the 18th, which might be the toughest hole on the golf course.  Two of them birdied it to get into a playoff.

The tenth hole, even though it’s a 5iron and a sand wedge, you can’t hit the sand wedge on the green.  It’s such a steep pitch and it’s so narrow.  Everything about it is just so wrong, that it turns out right for television, because it makes the best players in the world look like idiots at times.  I think that’s what makes it so attractive to the viewer because they think to themselves, I could do that.  Where the reality is, no, they couldn’t.  They’d make 11 there.

4th Annual Battle Of The Golf Blogs One Week Away

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Categories: GolfGolf MediaHOG World TourMiscellaneousPGA Merchandise Show

2012 PGA Merchandise ShowI’m getting excited for next week’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  I’m stoked to see most of my golf pals and golf business associates. There are many cool activities planned so far other than the show itself.  There’s a glowball tournament Friday night, I’m touring Golf Channel’s facilities on Friday and I’m playing golf with my pals from Black Mesa Golf Club on Wednesday.

4th Annual Battle of the Golf Blogs

The BIGGEST and most prestigious event in Orlando this year however, is the 4th annual Battle of the Golf Blogs. The event pits the web’s popular golf bloggers against each other in an intense competition for one year’s worth of bragging rights online, as well as big money.

The Competitors

This tournament started as a duel between myself and Orlando Golf Blogger Dave Lair three years ago.  It has now grown into a four man competition with the addition of Rob Hayashida from Sandbox8.com and John Duval from Into The Grain.  Next year we hope to add more competitors.

Reunion Nicklaus

Reunion's Nickaus Course - Host venue for the 2012 Battle of the Golf Blogs


This year’s competition will be held at the fantastic Nicklaus Course at the Reunion Resort (image right).  Many thanks to our friends at Reunion.  Rest assured, there will be many hundreds of photos of the course and the competition posted.


Sponsors for the event are literally breaking down the doors!  We’re amazed so far.  Current sponsor list as of 3:47pm ET today include Srixon Golf (balls), Loudmouth Golf (shorts/pants), Champ Tees, Asher gloves, Quagmire Golf (shirts), Kentwool Tour socks, Frogger Golf (accessories).

Twitter Hash Tag

For LIVE coverage of the event, follow the has tag #BOGB on Twitter.


Here’s the video trailer from last year’s event: (more…)

David Feherty inks deal with Bridgestone

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Categories: Golf BallsGolf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearGolf MediaMiscellaneous
Feherty Bridgestone

David Feherty inks deal with Bridgestone Golf

Did you miss those funny Cobra ads with David Feherty in them?  Looks like we will be seeing some new Feherty golf equipment ads, now from his new gig with Bridgestone Golf.  Bridgestone and Feherty have “inked a multi-year deal.”

“Not a lot of people know this, but I am a huge ball expert. In fact,over the years I played for a living, my balls took a lot of punishment in the form of tops, shanks, cuts, scrapes, and I’ve even lost a couple. As it turns out, I was playing with balls that should have been hit by someone else in the first place! Well, you live and learn. I think I’ve been driving on the wrong tires too. It’s safe to say that Bridgestone is making my world better.” ~David Feherty


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