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FootJoy confirmed sponsor of 2012 HOG Space free fantasy golf. Season starts THIS WEEK!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
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FootJoy Apparel

Fantasy winner to receive full apparel makeover from FootJoy Apparel

I’m happy to announce the first confirmed sponsor for 2012 HOG Space fantasy golf: FOOTJOY

FootJoy has been a long time sponsor of HOG Space Fantasy golf and we’re glad to welcome them back for another season.  FootJoy’s prize this year will be a complete apparel makeover, including of course golf shoes as well as a full apparel setup from the new FJ apparel line (see picture).

If you need an upgrade in the wardrobe department, play some fantasy golf and you could be hitting the course in an entirely new set of threads and treads.


  1. Point your browser to
  2. Create an account if you don’t have one. It is easy.
  3. Click on Join a private league.
  4. Enter league ID 145
  5. Password is: Masters

Players who were in the 2011 HOG Space league do NOT need to sign up again.  You are already in!


Talk all about fantasy golf in The Golf Space Fantasy Golf Discussion Thread.

HOG SPACE fantasy golf 2012 season begins February 2nd. BIG prizes and new “Majors Only” tournament added!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 16th, 2012
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The 2012 “HOG Space” fantasy golf season begins at the PGA Tour’s Waste Management Phoenix Open on February 2.  The season will conclude at the end of the FedEx Cup playoffs.


HOG SPACE is a FREE fantasy golf league for anyone to join, brought to you by my two main golf sites, Hooked On Golf Blog and The Golf Space.  If you haven’t yet, please sign up at The Golf Space and set up your golf profile.  TGS is approaching 6,000 members!


Those who have played HOG Space fantasy golf in the past have won prizes from big golf companies like Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, FootJoy, OGIO, Nicklaus Golf, Bobby Jones, Frogger Golf, Rife Putters, Dornoch Putters, Tattoo Golf, Sumi-G and many more. Last year’s winner won a Nike VR-Pro driver, while 2nd place and 3rd place won killer golf shoes and golf outerwear from FootJoy.  We also gave away 12 dozen boxes of Bridgestone Golf balls in 2011.

Prizes for 2012 will be announced in February, after I get back from the PGA Merchandise Show.  You can be sure there will be many big prizes to win.

Over the years we’ve awarded weekly prizes.  These are a pain to ship and only about 40-50% of the winners claim them.  I have yet to make a decision as to whether weekly prizes will be awarded in 2012.

Speaking of prizes, those who failed to claim prizes last year it is now too late to claim them.  Unclaimed prizes will be used for other contests or donated to my local junior golf.


  1. Point your browser to
  2. Create an account if you don’t have one. It is easy.
  3. Click on Join a private league.
  4. Enter league ID 145
  5. Password is: Masters

Players who were in the 2011 HOG Space league do NOT need to sign up again.  You are already in!


In addition to the regular year long fantasy league hosted by Kerplookee, HOG Space will be testing out a new “majors only” fantasy competition.  This league will be hosted on Buzz Fantasy Golf’s site.

Each of the four majors (The Masters, US OPEN, British Open, PGA Championship) will be an individual competition with special prizes.  We may try to combine those four majors to produce a “major winner” of another prize.  Stay tuned.

More details and signup information will be posted when the league is set up.


If you wish to sponsor 2012 HOG Space fantasy golf, the benefits are great.  You will receive a ton of love from the patrons of HOG and TGS, as well as millions of hits throughout the 2012 season from banner and link placements on both host web sites.  Contact me to inquire about becoming a sponsor.


Talk all about fantasy golf in The Golf Space Fantasy Golf Discussion Thread.

2012 Fantasy Golf Update

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
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Hooked On Golf Blog Fantasy GolfThe inquiries are flowing in about 2012 fantasy golf.  Here’s the latest.




I’m within hours of making a final decision as to what fantasy site to use for the league.  The host is narrowed down to two choices, Buzz or Kerplookeee.

We’ve used Kerplookee for two years now, with decent results.  There are some issues with Kerplookee, like when the league was down for two weeks or the teams not carrying over into the next week like they say they shoud.  That being said, it isn’t bad and by staying there all the people currently in the league wouldn’t have to sign up again.

The other option is Buzz fantasy golf.  Buzz has been “courting” HOG Space and their league software seems robust and has many customizable functions and options.

If you have a preference, this is your last chance to chime in.  Let me know where you’d like to do it.  I may end up simply flipping a coin.


Anyone who has competed in HOG Space fantasy golf knows I give away great prizes from the biggest names in golf like Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, OGIO, FootJoy, Bobby Jones Golf, Nickluas Golf, Callaway Golf, Rife Putters, Tattoo Golf, Sumi-G, Frogger Golf, etc etc.  If you’d like to sponsor the 2012 league let me know.  The benefit of sponsoring is a TON of exposure here on HOG and on The Golf Space.  I’m talking millions of hits per month.


I usually nail down the prizes at the PGA Show and announce them by the opening of the season.

I’m considering dumping the weekly prizes for a couple of reasons. 1. Only about half of the winners claim their prizes.  2. They’re a pain in the rear end to ship.  Perhaps I’ll have them drop shipped or figure something different out.


If you have comments you may post them below, or even better, post in The Golf Space’s Fantasy Golf Discussion Forum area.

A Look Back At 2011 – Part Three – Hooked On Golf Blog – January through June

Part one and part two of my look back at 2011 covered the professional golf world, Tiger Woods, PGA Tour etc.  Part three today covers the first half of 2011 for Hooked On Golf Blog as well as my own unique experiences.  I’m lumping them together because it is too hard to separate them.  So here’s a sequential look at January to June 2011 through the HOG and TK filter:

January 2011

January is always a big post month because of the start of the PGA Tour season, and because of my annual trek to do live blogging from the PGA Merchandise Show.  At the PGA Show I did a ton of interviews including Titleist, Taylormade, Bridgestone Golf, Cleveland/Srixon and many others.

Unfortunately in January I separated my shoulder skiing.  I was blogging and shooting photos with one arm in a sling.  The injury caused me to miss the annual Battle of the Golf Blogs in Orlando at the PGA Show.  My role became photographer, reporter, tweeter and videographer.

Nike Machspeed Black Driver

Nike Machspeed Black Driver - click for review

February 2011

My new Nike Machspeed Black driver review was posted.

Did a review of the Hexcaliber, a golf ball compression and roundness testing device.  Very cool.

Nailed down Nike Golf as the grand prize provider for 2011 HOG/Space fantasy golf.  I rule.


2011 Fantasy Golf Concludes – The envelope please. And the winners are….

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 1st, 2011
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2011 HOG Space Fantasy Golf is OVER. Thanks to all who competed! It has been a fantastic season and MANY thanks to the sponsors Nike, FootJoy, Bridgestone Golf, Dornoch Putters, Sumi-G, Frogger Golf and Tattoo Golf. Unfortunately it seems that the last sponsor, Tornado Tees, may not be in business anymore. I’ve tried a million times to get in touch with them and no response, and they are local. So whoever won those weekly prizes, I can send you a different prize since I have a few others left over from last season.  And now, the winners!  Drum roll please…

Rank Team Name Prize Sponsor
1st Plexico Nike VR Pro Driver
Nike Golf
2nd ForeHeaven FootJoy Layering System
3rd Golf Grouch FootJoy MyJoys
4th Chito Custom Dornoch Putter
Dornoch Putters
5th Pitch Slapped Tattoo Golf Gift Certificate
Tattoo Golf
6th Fore Right Tattoo Golf Gift Certificate
Tattoo Golf
7th Apollo Hookers Shag Bag
8th fdringo HOP! Green Repair Tool
Frogger Golf
9th Corroons HOG/TGS Pukka Hat
Hooked On Golf
10th 19th Hole Green Keepers HOG/TGS Pukka Hat
The Golf Space - Golf Social Networking

Winners please claim your prizes by 12/31/11. Unclaimed prizes after 12/31/11 will be used for other giveaways.

2012 Fantasy Golf Coming Soon!

See you in 2012 for more fantasy golf. If you are a golf company and want to sponsor HOG Space Fantasy Golf for 2012, contact me.

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