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Tough to get excited about golf today

03.11.11 | Category: LifeMiscellaneous

Somber mood here at HOG World Headquarters. Can’t seem to get excited about the golf today after the horrific news and continuing destruction from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. […]


Japan earthquake and tsunami

| Category: Life

I’ve been sitting here in a daze, hypnotized by the footage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  The earthquake was a massive 8.9 on the Richter scale and hit in […]


Shoulder update – 4.6 weeks

02.23.11 | Category: Life

4.6 weeks ago I separated my shoulder.  It has been NO fun at all, especially at the first when I couldn’t even put my own shirt on or take it […]


Separated my shoulder – I’m down but not out

01.22.11 | Category: BoneheadsLife

About 20 years ago while skiing with my cousin at Alta, I did a feat nobody had ever done before, and survived.  From the top of Mt. Baldy, I fell […]


Happy birthday to my Dad and also Ian Poulter!

01.10.11 | Category: Champions TourGolf VideosLifePGA Tour

Today happens to be the birthday of two really good golfers.  One golfer has partnered with me for many tournament wins and plays golf with me just about every week […]


A Look Back At 2010 – HOG

Part two of my look back at 2010.  This one is from the HOG (Hooked On Golf Blog) perspective.  What big events and happenings happened to, with or by HOG […]


Waiting for my new specs, and some new brain cells

12.29.10 | Category: Life

It has been great, but I’m looking forward to the end of the holiday season and the beginning of 2011! The year is ending and the chaos of all the […]


Visions of birdie putts dancing in my head

12.24.10 | Category: Life

Wishing a merry Christmas eve to all my golf pals out there. I’m very happy to know you all and wish you all the best, and lots of golf gear […]

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