2014 Christmas Classic Video

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 1st, 2015
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Fresh off the editing room floor is the video of the recently contested 2014 Christmas Classic golf tournament.  The annual Christmas Classic is held every Christmas day at River Oaks Golf Course in Sandy, Utah, snow permitting.  If the course is open, the tournament is off.  The tournament has been going for at least 10 years.

In this tournament a par-3 hole is picked.  The hole can be a regular par-3, or like this year, one we make up.  Each player brings 12 golf balls, custom marked so they can be easily identified in the snow.  The closest ball to the pin is the winner.

This year we had a new competitor, Robert Lund.  It was nice to have a new participant, and fantastic that Robert put his musical genius to work and quickly made up the new theme music, “The 12 Balls of Christmas.”

Congrats to this year’s champion, Dan Crookston!

2014 Christmas Classic

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 26th, 2014
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Yesterday, Christmas day, was a blast.  Once again a few buddies and I continued on the annual “Christmas Classic” golf tournament, where we hit the 12 Balls of Christmas.  The winner is the player whose ball is closest to the pin.  Usually we pick a par-3 hole, or as was the case yesterday, we make one up.

The competitors left to right: Robert, Kevin, Dan, Tony (me) – Click to see more photos…

Yesterday’s hole for the championship featured the teeing area of the par-3 3rd hole.  From there we hit back over the bridge to the par-4 2nd hole green.  The shot was about 147 yards, with a light snow flurry blowing from left to right (a north wind of course).

The competition was fun and when we arrived at the green to see who the champion golfer of the year would be, my friend and really good guy Dan was the winner.  He knocked a shot to about two feet!

2014 Christmas Classic Champion Dan! Well Played! Click to see more photos…

Congratulations to Dan, the champion golfer of the year.  That’s a fine shot, old chap.

Stay tuned for the video highlights soon.

Last Minute Christmas Golf Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 22nd, 2014
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You’ve procrastinated just about long enough, now you’re not sure what to do for the golfer on your Christmas list!  Here are a few quick ideas for you, most of which you should be able to pick up just about anywhere golf equipment and accessories are sold, or at your local golf course.

Golf Tees

Fill your golfer’s stocking up with golf tees.  Seriously.  We golfers can never have too many.

I suggest checking out the Tornado Tee, Champ Zarma Fly Tee, or Frogger Green Monsters.

Ball Towel

I love having a wet/dry towel in my pocket.  It is great to have when I get to the green and realize my ball needs some cleaning and my large towel is far away from me off the green.

I suggest a Frogger Amphibian Ball Towel, which should be available in big box golf stores.

Golf Glove

If your golfer wears a glove, pick up one or two.  Golf glove wearers can never have enough.  If you’re not sure what size or brand to get, sneak a peek inside your golfer’s bag and check out one of his/her gloves in there.

I’m quite fond of Asher Golf Gloves.

Golf Balls

Just like golf tees, we golfers can NEVER have enough golf balls!  Not sure what brand your golfer likes?  Just like the glove gig above, take a peek in his/her bag and see what balls are in there.  If it’s a mixture or you’re still not sure, I’d go with a Bridgestone Golf ball.

Bridgestone B330-RXS

If your golfer is a low handicap go for the B330 or B330-S, and for a mid-handicap go for the B330-RX or B330-RXS.  Higher handicaps perhaps the Bridgestone E-Series balls would be good.

Lessons from a PGA Pro

A gift that will keep on giving for a long time would be some lessons.  Any golfer, no matter the ability level, could greatly benefit with lessons from a PGA Pro.


Head to your golfer’s home course or a nearby course and pick up a gift certificate or buy them a set of lessons.


While you’re at your local course, pick up the golfer on your list some GOLF.  Most courses sell gift certificates, or even multi-round punch cards.

Taos Country Club

Pick up the golfer on your list a five or 10 golf round punch card, or perhaps some buckets of balls on the practice range.


If all else fails above, pick up some bacon for the golfer on your Christmas list.


Why?  Because: BACON!

If the Seven Pairs of Shoes Fit, Wear Them

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 31st, 2014
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I built up quite a large amount of prize money at my city course, a large chunk due to my best finish in the Salt Lake Amateur (2nd).

My first world problem was having to spend about $1,400 in the pro shop before the season ends.  That may seem like an easy task for an average golfer.  I’m not an average golfer.  Because of my golf websites and connections, I have every golf club, golf apparel item, golf accessory, and golf product known to man.  I can’t go to the bathroom at 3 a.m. without tripping over some kind of swing training device.  That last thing in the world I want to do is spend $1,400 on golf stuff.

So the task was to find a way of spending $1,400 without buying anything golf related.  Tough to do when the only place you can shop is the pro shop at the local city course.  Once I realized the course was an Ecco dealer, I asked the pro if the shop could get Ecco street shoes, not golf shoes.  He had never ordered them before, but checked with the rep and sure enough he could order any Ecco shoe which was available.


I ordered SEVEN pairs of Eccos.  Some are standard street shoes.  Some skate shoes.  I even got some unbelievable hiking boots.  The lovely lady even benefited by receiving a pair of lady lightweight shoes and a set of amazing hiking boots.

If the 7 pairs of shoes fit, wear them

If the 7 pairs of shoes fit, wear them

I’m going to be set in the street shoe department for a while.

The good news?  I don’t have the exact number, but I think I’ll still have $300-$400 left to spend.  I wonder if they deal in Kentwool socks…

When Golf Wagers Go Beyond Friendly

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 17th, 2014
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GolfBet_MoneyMost golfers like to have “friendly” wagers against their playing partners on the course.  There are hundreds of different golf betting games for said friendly wagers, and perhaps someday I’ll post them here as a fun resource for golfers.   It would take quite a while.

I’ve been involved in many “money” games over the years and had some crazy situations arise when emotions and tempers flare up.  Golf can do that, and in the heat of the moment we can make dumb choices.  For me a typical friendly bet is a $2 nassau, $1-$5 skins, and maybe a $5-10 overall low (net or gross) score wager.  With those numbers one might win a few bucks when playing well, or lose just a few when not playing well.

There is a point at which a friendly bet becomes not-so-friendly.  That’s the point where the money becomes the focus, rather than a friendly golf game with your buddies.  Putts which would normally be in the “friendship zone” and called good in match play are suddenly not good and must be putted out.  That’s a point in time where players can become irritated that their putts were not called good, and tempers can flare.

A friendly game is not one in which the losers go home pissed off at their friends because their round cost them too much money.  If that’s the case, the bets are too high or there have been too many presses.  When my friends play well to beat me, I have no problem shaking their hand, patting them on the back, and giving them their $4.00.  But if I have to hand over $50, along with green fees, I’m looking at $100 day.  That isn’t exaclty fun.

I’ve had some crazy bets and scenarios happen in my day, below are a couple of the most memorable.

Winning $150 with my pants down

A guy I used to play regularly loved to double the bet when he was down.  It would start at a $1 per hole, then $2, then $5… $10 etc.  On the 17th hole I was beating the guy so bad he threw his putter about 40 feet up into a pine tree and had to climb up and get it.  He owed me $50 at that point. By the 18th tee he was so mad after climbing the tree that he wanted to bet me $100.  I agreed to the bet figuring at the worst I’d lose $50 and as mad as he was, I’d probably win the hole.

I duffed my tee shot on the short par-4 though, and it didn’t make it past the ladies’ tee.  Back then we strictly enforced the pants down rule if one’s tee shot didn’t make it past the ladies’ tee.  With my pants down I crushed a 3-wood and though the finishing hole was uphill, I reached the green.  Naturally (pun intended), with my pants down, I drained the birdie putt to win the hole.

Total take $150 and one pissed off former friend.

 The bet too big to collect

Years ago on the driving range with a buddy we started a contest.  A quarter to each player on the range who could hit the targets out there.  This range had 50 gallon drums, old cars, and all sorts of targets.  We went back and forth hitting targets and betting.  Soon we started to do double-or-nothing bets.

The game moved to the practice putting green where it started at $1 per hole.  I started to win holes and my opponent doubled up the bet each time, figuring he would eventually win.  He didn’t.  The bets started to get out of hand.  $25, $50 etc…  It got to the point where the guy owed me $250.

“Double or nothing,” he said when down $250.  I told him that the game got out of control and I was not going to let it go any farther.  I was done.  He begged for one more bet, so I begrudgingly agreed and picked a hole some 100 feet away to insure we would both 2-putt and be done.

One problem.

I made the putt.

I never collected the $500 from that day’s crazy practice bets.  I told the guy to forget it.  I can only hope he would have done the same for me, but I suspect he would have insisted on collecting.

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