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My game is now a disaster

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 14th, 2009
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My game stinks

I don’t know what is up.  I feel good physically.  I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last couple of months and I’m looking like a younger “flat belly” player now.  My back isn’t stiff at all.  The swing “feels” good.  I feel loose.  Everything seems to be working and feeling good up until I make contact.

Tuesday I did something I haven’t done since somewhere around 2004.  I shanked a shot.  I handled it fairly well and didn’t get too bent out of shape.

I feel like I’m actually making solid contact but finding my concentration level is very low and I’m making poor decisions.  I’m not focused.

Worst round of the year

Today I carded my worst score of the year and sent myself into an even more confused state than I already was in, which is hard to imagine.  Somehow I managed to push on all my bets (won some lost some) which I can’t believe.

Game management?  No.  Course management?  No.  I’m in a state of “disaster management.”

Maybe I should just let it go

Perhaps I shouldn’t get too down about my bad rounds right now.  I do seem to go through this phase a few times per year.  Tomorrow is another day, and I’m golfing so it won’t be too bad.  A report will follow.

The Byron Preview, part 1 – Byron Nelson

Written by: 4Checker - Golfer In Kilt | Monday, May 11th, 2009
Categories: Golf EquipmentHackersPGA Tour

The HP Byron Nelson Championship is played May 21 through May 24 at the Four Seasons Las Colinas outside Dallas. The tournament is affectionately called “The Byron”, and it’s put on by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. This is the first in a series of preview articles leading up to the tournament.


The numbers speak for themselves, but no matter how impressive Byron Nelson’s records are it’s the quality of the man people talk about first. He set records as a golfer that may never be touched, and it’s only appropriate that the tournament that bears his name continues to set records every year, even after his death.


John Byron Nelson, Jr. was born near Waxahachie, TX on February 4, 1912. Throughout his career on the course and his life afterward he’s intrinsically linked to fellow PGA Tour greats Sam Snead and fellow Texan Ben Hogan, as the three of them were born within 6 months of each other.

When Byron was 11 his family moved to Fort Worth, and he proceeded to have a close call with typhoid fever. At age 12 he was baptized, and it also marked the beginning of his life in golf, as he started caddying at the Glen Garden Country Club. The fact that caddies were not officially allowed to play on the club didn’t hold Byron back, as he used to sneak onto the course to play in the dark. A couple of years later the rules were relaxed a bit, and Byron defeated fellow caddy Ben Hogan in a 9-hole playoff to win the club’s caddy tournament.


TPC Sawgrass blog posts all week! Stay tuned.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 4th, 2009
Categories: GolfGolf CoursesHackersPGA TourTiger Woods

Now that I’ve experienced The TPC Sawgrass Stadium course first hand, I’m going to post a review and a bunch of cool nuggets on the course for TPC week! Stay tuneed to Hooked On Golf Blog for all the fun stuff.

I’ll go over each hole, the course, and even the amenities right down to the locker room. I’ll also talk about what it is like for a hack amateur to try and hit a shot on the #17th island green.

Went to a golf match today and a pig fight broke out

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 30th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

Spinal tap moment

First I need to set up where I am right now.  I’m at a pool hall in the worst town on the face of the earth.  I hate this town with every cell in my body.  My friends know what city I’m in.

I’m in my capacity as a rock & roll drummer tonight.  This band called me at the last minute to sub for them in a “battle of the bands.”  I’ve never heard this band.  I’ll be hearing them for the first time when I play their set tonight.  This band is very green and excited to play and they asked me to come 1.5 hours before the show.  I begrudgingly accepted. Of course these battle of the bands are always a cluster f*&k.  No organization.  So someone got the times wrong and as it turns out, I’m in this God forsaken town killing time for at least 3.5 hours before I perform.  Thankfully I found an open wifi here at this place so I can write about today’s pig fight.

I’m typing out of order now.  I just got back from driving around looking for some food.  Found a lot of ice cream places.  Now the first band is playing and the band I’m subbing for is 2nd.  Oh, no.  Now the band I’m in is 3rd.  Terrific.  OMG, I just heard a rendition of Van Halen’s “Jump” with someone rapping over it.  I just threw up in my mouth.

Went to a golf match and a pig fight broke out

Today was the big rematch for the new Thursday configuration.  That configuration pits my long time golf buddy Arnie, against Sumi-g’s Marius and his pal Roger.  Last week entailed me and Arnie losing our team bet to Marius and Roger, and had me forking over $17 to Marius.   This week I was hoping for a better performance.  OK, vengeance.

Vengeance lite, decaf

Somehow I managed to hit 11 hazards despite feeling pretty good about my ball striking.   Welcome to an Aurthur Hills designed course where if you miss a green by two feet you are in a trap or water.  I putted pretty well yet had four lip-outs.

Fortunately for me and Arnie, Roger had a flame-out the back, including ditching his shoes and walking out on the Great Salt Mud Lake to see if he had a shot.  He then played the rest of that par-5 in his bare, muddy feet (pictured). Marius wasn’t firing on all cylinders all day.  In fact, he was golf’s version of a three cylinder Dihatsu Charade firing on two cylinders.   He’d bought a new driver and new putter straight from the golf shop and took them out of the wrapper just before this round.  I can safely say that putter will be heading right back to the golf shop for a refund.  It didn’t work.

Managing an 82 with 11 hazards was somewhat of a bizarre achievement.  Even more strange, I lost my first ball on the 18th hole, after I’d already hit 10 hazards.  That hackfest 82 was enough to get $9 back from Marius.  $8 more to get back to even.

After shooting four rounds of 73 or lower in a row, my last couple of rounds have really stunk.   I won’t get too bent out of shape.  That is golf I suppose.

Sumi-g rematch tomorrow. Will I get my $17 back?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
Categories: Hackers

I’ve been waiting a week for tomorrow. You see, last week was the first “contest” between myself and my partner Arnie, with my new friend Marius and his buddy Roger. Marius is with Sumi-g, a new company which has some of the hippest golf gear ever. There’ll be more on Sumi-g later.

So last week Arnie and I took on Marius and Roger. The net result was me handing over $17 to Marius. I’m ready for the rematch, and my wallet has some space reserved for that $17 to return to my possession.

Better hit the sack. I need to rest so I can be at my best on the course tomorrow.

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