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First Look: PerfecTee by HoleOut

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
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I have some new tees to test when the snow melts. The snow is melting so that’s good news. Come on global warming!



These tees are from a new golf company called HoleOut. HoleOut is debuting a ton of new products, many which I’ll be covering. The tee is called PerfecTee.


PerfecTee – The front is to the right

PerfecTee is not symmetrical on the crown. The tee is set up in a specific alignment so as to optimize the tee’s resistance, or lack thereof.

Tees by rule cannot “increase” distance artificially. The only way they can help with distance (or spin for that matter) is by having the least amount of resistance possible. The “front” of the tee in the PerfecTee is open and will produce little, if any resistance.

What will this equate to on the golf course? I will post my findings as soon as I’ve had the opportunity to test the PerfecTee on the course.

First Look: IJP Design Black Watch Golf Sweater

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 12th, 2016
Categories: GolfGolf ApparelGolf Gear
IJP Design Black Watch Sweater

IJP Design Black Watch Sweater

I’ve been enjoying the first few days wearing this new IJP Design (Ian James Poulter) Black Watch Golf Sweater.  It has been very cold here in northern Utah and this sweater has been doing a fantastic job keeping me warm, stylish and comfortable off the course.

As soon as the snow melts I’ll put this brilliant looking sweater into actual play and post a full review.  Until then, here are some specs.

• Made from soft luxurious premium quality blend
• Durable textured chunky knit with shawl collar
• Traditional leather buttons
• Embroidered Quintessentially British crest logo
• Fabric 60% Cotton 20% extra fine merino wool 20% nylon
• Machine washable – Do not tumble dry

Top 10 Things Worse Than Watching Chris Berman’s Golf Swing

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 12th, 2016
Categories: BoneheadsGolfPGA TourPro Golf

Such a fun time of year on the PGA Tour! We get to watch celebrities and rich CEO’s play Pebble Beach.  What could be more fun?   Cue the Kenny G!

This tournament causes me to have to post my yearly Chris Berman golf rant. It must be a good 10+ years in a row now.  This year I’ve decided to change up the format a little bit.  Instead of just bitching about it, I decided to do a top 10 list.  Let’s get to it.  Drumroll please.

Top 10 Things Worse Than Watching Chris Berman’s Golf Swing:




First Look: 2016 Bridgestone Golf Tour B330RX and B330RXS Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Categories: GolfGolf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf For WomenGolf Gear

Dear snow. Please melt. Thank you. That way I can start testing golf equipment, like these new Bridgestone Golf Tour B330RX and RXS golf balls.


The RX series is designed for golfers with a swing speed lower than 105 mph. When I’m on in the peak of the summer, I’m right at 105mph and usually play the regular Bridgestone Tour B330. The B330RX series is a good spring/fall/winter ball since it is a little softer.


Below is the official press release from Bridgestone Golf, describing the new 2016 RX’s.


2016 B330RX Family Dispels Age-Old Myths About Golf Ball Design

Covington, Ga. –Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, is using what it has learned through more than 300,000 consumer golf ball fittings to produce the best tee-to-green performing balls ever made for amateur swing speeds.  Bridgestone’s new 2016 TOUR B330RX and TOUR B330RXS golf balls have been specifically engineered to produce longer drives and better spin around the green for players with swing speeds below 105 mph, using new proprietary AMATOUR Core and SlipRes Cover technologies.

Historically, distance and spin has been a “give and take” relationship. To increase distance off the tee, players had to sacrifice spin around the green and vice versa. With Bridgestone’s 2016 Tour B330RX family, that is not the case.

Bridgestone’s 2016 B330RX Family features Bridgestone’s new AMATOUR Core, a new engine of the golf ball, that is 28% softer than the average firm tour ball core, and utilizes a steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to the outer region, resulting in faster ball speed and more reduced spin off the driver than ever before.  In fact, the proprietary gradient technology in its core allows Bridgestone to accomplish in one layer what its competitors accomplish in two or three, leading to a smoother energy transfer and more power generated by the B330RX and B330RXS balls.

The innovation doesn’t stop in the core. Both models have received an injection of greenside spin as well, thanks to Bridgestone’s new SlipRes Cover.  The SlipRes cover leads to increased friction that keeps the ball more stable on the clubface, which results in more spin on short shots.  Simultaneously, SlipRes has the reverse effect off the tee, lowering driver spin due to that type of impact’s recoiling force, leading to longer distance.

An added benefit to the new SlipRes Cover is increased durability.  Due in large part to the cover’s innovative self-repairing formulation, the new B330RX and B330RXS golf balls are more resistant to stains and abrasions than ever before.   

“The claims we’re making may seem unbelievable, and I wouldn’t have believed them myself if I heard them without having witnessed them firsthand in our R&D testing,” said Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc.  “We witnessed significant distance increases over major competitors in robot testing, while providing improved greenside spin. The truth of the matter is these balls perform better than anything currently on the market for swing speeds below 105 mph and golfers will notice immediately when they put them in play.”

The B330-RX is designed for players who swing below 105mph with distance off the tee as the main priority. The B330-RXS is designed for players who swing below 105mph with spin around the green as the main priority. Both golf balls are tour proven, including the likes of Paula Creamer and Karrie Webb. The Tour B330-RX, Tour B330RX Yellow and Tour B330RXS balls will be available at retail on January 25, 2016 and will feature a street price of $40 per dozen.

Visit www.bridgestonegolf.com to learn more about Bridgestone Golf’s entire lineup of innovative products for 2016.

2016 Golf Season Looms: Can I Rediscover and Fall in Love With the Game Again?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 9th, 2016
Categories: GolfMiscellaneous

The following is probably more for me than it is for you.  Read at your own risk.

It’s February 9th, 2016.  The high temperature here in Salt Lake City for the last month and a half hasn’t even reached freezing.  The HIGH temperature.  Normally this time of year I would be going absolutely nuts, having not golfed, or even seen green grass for three-plus months.  This year though?  Not the case.  I haven’t once dreamed about hitting a drive, draining a long putt, or cracking a solid 4-iron.

This year is different.   Interesting.  I haven’t missed golf, at all.

Why is this year different?  Honestly I couldn’t wait for winter to come this past fall.  I came close to quitting the game forever, several times.  I was having some very tough mental battles on the golf course in 2015, despite winning a couple of tournaments with my dad and being one of the last two players left in my club championship (lost by four shots and boy is that another oddball story which pisses me off beyond the realms of imagination).

2015 was a year of some bizarre happenings.  Two out of the first three rounds I shot were 71’s on a par-72 course, early in the spring.  I couldn’t help but thinking of how this could be the best season I’d ever have with a start like that.   Over the course of 2015 I hit my driver as good as I’ve ever hit it and about as long as ever.  At the same time my ball striking was very off.  I’d switched to irons which were apparently not the right ones for me. They were suited for handicap level 6-15 or so. Being a 1-2 handicap I think those irons did their best to bring me up to the 6-15 handicap level.  I think that tiny bit of game improvement design and thicker soles messed up my iron game and killed part of my confidence.  My short game, despite a lot of practice this year, was not good.  Missing a green was going to mean a bogey or worse 70% of the time.  And the usual strength of my game that made up for a lot of my other weaknesses, was not as good either.  My putting, unfortunately, dropped off.  I went from a deadly-great putter to average in 2015.  I don’t know why.

2015 was also a year of frustration for me from a golf business perspective. One “good relationship” I had went sour. That hurt.  Over the past few years blogs have dropped in popularity and Google rankings. The SEO and big money spent by the big media entities is having an effect.  Plus the web is flooded with shit golf blogs.  That hurts the site’s ability to bring in money to pay it’s own expenses.

Golf stopped making sense.

To add to all of the above, my exposure online to so many golf social networks has seemingly had a negative effect.  I’ve gotten so tired of the same old repetitive garbage out there, from hot tour wives and girlfriends to the one billionth WRX’d watermark of some tour player’s custom wedge I’m supposed to have an orgasm over.  What’s in the bag?  Not my interest.  Who is Rickie Fowler dating this week? Who cares?  This is golf media now?

I found myself gravitating toward other “hobbies.”  I started getting heavy into the drone world.  I’ve now built many drones from scratch and captured incredible photographs and video of golf courses and many other amazing subjects. I even started a drone site, found at AmbientFlight.com.  That’s been a fun world.  No short game issues either but crashing one is a hell of a lot more expensive than losing a $2.00 nassau.

I’ve also taken a deep dive back into PHP coding, building apps, and programming website applications.  It’s been a great, rewarding, and mentally challenging endeavor.

This winter has been a nice reset.  I got the break I wanted.  Needed.  That said, I don’t think the game’s frustrations, expenses, or irritations have gone anywhere.  Jerks still don’t fix their ball marks.  Rounds will still take too long.  My short game won’t be any better.  How I process these frustrations will be a crucial factor in my staying or leaving the game.


The BEST part of golf and running this golf blog has been the great people I’ve met and befriended.  That’s the one thing that has kept me in the game during a time where I wanted so badly to bail.  I value my friends and business associates in the golf world and I look forward to deepening those relationships and establishing new friendships…. IF I say in the game.

The Goal

For 2016 the goal is only one thing: rediscover golf.  Forget the short game stats.  Forget who Rickie Fowler is dating.  Forget putts per green-in-regulation.  Forget whether my handicap has gone up or down. Forget my best score. Forget my worst score.

Only one thing to remember: REDISCOVER GOLF.


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