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Father’s Day Golf Gift Ideas

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
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I’ve compiled a list of a few good suggestions as Father’s Day golf gifts.  Some of these are items I’ve reviewed, know about or carry in the TGS SHOP.  They’re not in any particular order, just the order in which they leaked out of my cranium.

MySack – $14.99

MySack is the best selling product in the TGS SHOP.  The sack has a recognizable shape which is sure to get some attention from the lady golfers.  The Sack is soft and brown and holds two balls, tees, accessories and more.

Click here to buy your MySack.

Sumi-G Head Covers – $28-39

I admit it.  I’m biased!  Sumi-G head covers are the best head covers in our solar system and beyond.  Made of molded EVA plastic, their “rigid exoskeleton” protects expensive woods while providing a cool look.  The cover can be easily scooped up off the ground onto the head of the club with one hand!

Click here to buy Sumi-G head covers.

Frogger Brush Pro – $19.95

Back in May of 2007 I reviewed the Frogger Brush Pro.  My unit is still going strong and keeping my golf club grooves clean.  The Frogger Brush Pro is the best golf brush I’ve ever used.

Click here for a Frogger Brush Pro.

Potty Putter – $19.95

I’ve been testing out the Potty Putter for a while now.  That’s why my putting is so good lately, all that time spent practicing every morning.  The Potty Putter comes with a green which goes around the toilet, a mini putter, a golf hole, a do not disturb sign and two balls.

Click here for a Potty Putter.

Sumi-G Golf Belts – $85

Sumi-G golf belts are the higher end Father’s Day golf gift.  Sumi-G golf belts are very stylish and made of high quality Italian leather.  They come with a magnetic ball marker too!  Beware.  If you buy one of these awesome golf belts, you may need to upgrade your pants.

Click here for Sumi-G golf belts.

Bridgestone B330-RX & RXS Golf Balls – $42.99

Unless Dad is on the Champions or PGA TOUR, his swing speed is probably less than 105mph.  In that case, he probably can’t compress a golf ball unless it is a softer core model like the Bridgestone B330-RX series.  The RX and RXS are designed for amateur swing speeds and I can personally vouch for the added distance.  In my case it is a good 15-20 yards.

Bridgestone Golf balls can be found in any golf shop.

Royal Tees

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 28th, 2010
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

I’ve been playing with some fun tees lately called Royal Tees.  They’re tees shaped like the castle piece of a chess set.

Royal Tee Overview

The Royal Tee is a soft rubber tee which is very flexible.  The tee bends away from the club at impact, which reduces spin and resistance and results in longer and straighter drives.  The crown of the tee has soft prongs which also help reduce friction.


Royal Tees come in four lengths for irons, fairways, woods and driver.  The lengths listed below are from ground level to the top of the tee:

.5 inch
1.0 inch
1.5 inch
2.0 inch
2.5 inch


Royal Tees are available in four colors: white, pink, orange and blue.

On the course

I enjoy using my Royal Tees on the course.  Perhaps the best advantage of using the Royal Tees is having a consistent teeing height.  Once I find the right tee height for the particular club I am using, my shot can be grooved.  I achieve consistent ball flight and launch angles.

Royal Tee’s statistics show longer distance and better accuracy with robotic testing as a result of using their tees.  I don’t doubt these findings, but I didn’t “gain 20 yards on my drives” when I switched.  I’m guessing the consistent ball teeing height is more responsible for my accuracy and distance (and confidence) when on the real course.


Royal Tees are a fun variance to normally drab and boring segment in golf equipment.  They’re durable, easy to use and don’t poke holes in your pockets.

Weszty Double-U Irons Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

This is my 2nd review of a Weszty golf product, made by my pal John Wesztergom at Weszty Golf. John and I met through The Golf Space and have become pals.  We even hung out at the 2010 PGA Show.  John founded Weszty Golf back in 2005 and has been tirelessly working on clubs and new designs since then.

Today’s review is of the Weszty Double-U irons

The Double-U Design

The Double-U name comes from the design of the head itself, a “double undercut” design.  It looks like a blade club with an extra 1/4 blade on the bottom of the head, with a gap between the face and extra blade or what Weszty calls a “bar.”  There’s some extra mass behind the the bottom of the face or what is termed as “muscle” in the industry.  So the club is sort of a combination of a muscle back blade with an extra mini bar in the back.  Wait a minute.  It is has a “mini bar in the back.”  Great for the 19th hole too!!!


Bettinardi BB32 Putter Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

This is the final putter review for Putter Week 2010.  Did I save the best for last?

I’ve been drooling over Bettinardi Putters for some time.  Bettinardi Golf has really established a good brand which is associated with very high quality and high performance.  My new BB32 mallet putter carries on that high level of quality and performance and possibly even raises the bar.

Bettinardi BB32 Putter

I knew I found a great putter when I hit the first putt with it.  I was in bare feet, taking photos of a bunch of putters for reviews.  I threw a ball down, tore the wrapper off the head and didn’t even do a practice stroke or line it up.  I knocked in about a 25 footer with about a foot of break.  How good would this thing be if I took the time to aim or tried some practice strokes?!?!

BB32 Design

The BB32 putter is a face balanced mallet.  What is face balanced?  You can tell if a putter is face balanced by balancing the putter via the shaft, on your finger.  When balanced, the face will be pointing up to the sky and be perfectly parallel to the ground.  When mallets are face balanced, at least to me, they feel “right.”  For me to switch from a blade to a mallet could only happen if the mallet was face balanced.

Unlike lower quality putters, the putter head is not cast and then skim milled, where they just mill the outside.  The entire putter head is milled from a single block of material.  Bettinardi uses a local supplier which provides them soft materials for their heads, resulting in softer feel.  Yes I know, “soft metal” doesn’t sound logical, but when you are talking about the precision of putting, it can make a big difference, especially with distance control.

The double bend shaft helps put the center of gravity and balance right where it needs to be in the swing.

The BB32 is available in two weights, 332 grams and 348 grams.  The weight of the putter can be seen milled into the label on the bottom of the head, inside the single honeycomb.  Mine is 348 grams.

Bettinardi BB32 Putter Milled Face

Speaking of honeycombs (not the cereal), the face of the putter has a honeycomb pattern milled into it (pictured above).  This pattern is patented by Bettinardi.  The milling provides even more feel, and with the putter’s three degrees of loft gets the ball rolling quicker and smoother than standard putters.

Bettinardi BB32 PutterBB32 Looks

All you have to do is look at this thing and you almost fall in love.  She is a beauty.  I might buy her a few drinks and try to take advantage of her.

There’s nothing busy or distracting about this putter.  The black nickel finish looks very stunning, clean and classy. The single white aiming line really stands out and impresses itself on the player contrasted against the black nickel finish.

BB32 Feel

Those soft metals I mentioned before, along with the perfect weighting and honeycomb milling in the face, produce an incredible feel.  This putter is buttery smooth and simply loves to travel on the intended target line.  I’ve mentioned many times, that to me it is important for a putter to “want” to travel on line.  This baby does.

Distance control with the BB32 is almost automatic.


The BB32 comes in the two weights I mentioned, 332 and 348 grams.  Available shaft lengths are 35″ and 34″.  And good news for lefties, a left handed model is available.


Bettinardi makes all their putters in Chicago, not China.  That way they can keep a close eye on the manufacturing process and quality.  They don’t crank out thousands of clubs a day.  That isn’t what they are about.  To Bettinardi, quality and craftsmanship are paramount, and it shows in the performance and enjoyment I get out of my BB32.


Bettinardi Photo Gallery.

Bob Burns Roll In Putter

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
Categories: Golf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

Golf PutterPutter Week 2010 continues…

I mentioned some crazy putters were coming during this year’s Putter Week.  This crazy putter (pictured right) is the Bob Burns “Roll In” putter.  If you like to experiment with your putting, your equipment, club configurations and have ADD, you’re going to want this putter.

Bob Burns Roll In – Features

The Roll In has a 350 gram aluminum mallet head with SEVEN weight ports.  The putter comes with 12, count ’em, TWELVE weights and a tool to install or remove them.  The weights vary from 2-10 grams.  If you can’t find the perfect head balance and weighting with this putter, you might want to take up bowling or basket weaving.

Behind the milled face is a “T” shaped sight line to help you align your putts.  Speaking of the face, tiny grooves are milled into the face to get the ball rolling correctly.

The shaft, available in lengths from 32-37 inches, is a center mount.

Golf PutterLooks

Traditionalists may not dig the looks of the Roll In.  Behind the face in the mallet section is quite busy.  Personally I don’t get distracted by the weights, ports and the rest.  Heck, if my putter had a monkey on the back banging a pair of cymbals in his hands and kicking a bass drum with his feet I wouldn’t care, as long as I made putts.


With heavy weights installed and the jumbo grip,  a smooth pendulum motion with the shoulders and arms occurs naturally for me.  It is difficult to break the wrists or do any sudden movements which might take the putter off line.


My Roll In has a super jumbo grip.  The super jumbo grip is massively bigger than a standard grip and four times the weight.  If you have wrist breaking problems or other jerky issues with your putting stroke, this grip and the extra weight it adds higher up in the shaft will probably help.

Other than the jumbo grip pictured above, there are 16 other grip options for the Roll In.


This $125 putter is fun.  It combines the art of putting with a set of Tinker Toys.  All joking about it aside, it is a surprisingly good feeling putter.  The weighting and balance are very nice and promote a smooth, pendulum like stroke.  The adjustable weights allow for fine tuning by even the most detail oriented players.


Bob Burns web site.

Bob Burns HOG Image Gallery.

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