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First Look: New Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV Coming February 6th

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
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New ZStar Golf Balls for 2015

New Z-Star Golf Balls for 2015 – click image to see more

Thanks to Srixon for considering me as one of their “key industry influencers.” As said influencer, I get the privilege of playing the new 2015 Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls before they hit the market on February 6th. This nice box arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

I’ve reviewed the Z-Stars as well as the Z-Star XV in the past. They’re awesome golf balls. Really, there aren’t many companies out there making crappy golf balls! The technology is so good now.

I do recall that the XV is a very high compression, like 110ish.  Too high for my swing speed, but I’ll try these new ones out anyway. The regular flavor Z-Star though, is perfect for my game. Love those.

Weather permitting I hope to test these golf balls out soon.  It is winter here and golf rounds in northern Utah this time of year are not common.  Right now we’re skiing!

I’ve snapped a few pictures of the new Z-Stars for you to check out in the HOG Srixon 2015 Z-Star Gallery.

Click the Z-Star above to see more…

Cycl’d Recycled Golf Balls Includes Packaging Which Transforms into a Putting Aid

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 5th, 2015
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CYCL'd Golf - Recycled Golf Balls

CYCL’d Golf – Recycled Golf Balls

We all use recycled golf balls.  Don’t you love it when you find the perfect quality ball in the bushes, just the name brand and model you like?  It’s like finding money.  Too often though, those found balls are junkers, destined to be put in the shag bag and perhaps used as range balls at that course which has limited flight practice balls.

Cycl’d Golf

It can be quite painful to pay retail for golf balls.  $40-$50-$60 a dozen?  That’s craziness.  That could equal $5 per shot on my home course, where one brings an extra dozen for the front nine alone.

Cycl’d Golf sells recycled golf balls for those who want quality balls at a lower price.  Cycl’d sells most popular brands and models, and they’re high quality (see photo below).

You might even get lucky like I did, and get a couple of Torrey Pines logo balls!

Quality used golf balls!


Pricing ranges from $12.99 for “value brand” balls and up to $17.99 for “tour” balls.

Packaging Doubles as a Putting Aid

A very unique aspect to Cycl’d’s product is the box the balls come in.  With a couple of quick folds, the box turns into a putting aid.  The top of the box has a hole which is two inches smaller than a regulation cup.  The smaller hole helps golfers increase their accuracy.

Putting training aid in action… Nice carpet, no?

The top of the box when setup properly is at a 25 degree incline.  Putts which go over the box would travel three feet past the hole.  Putts that go in the hole are traveling at a pace in which they would normally travel one foot past a regular golf hole, the optimal distance as proven by many golf researchers like Dave Pelz.


I can get a dozen “tour” quality golf balls for $17 with an included putting training aid?  Sign me up!

Well played and good luck with the golf venture CYCL’d.

First Look: Volvik S3 White Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 20th, 2014
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Volvik "White Color" S3 Golf Ball

Volvik “White Color” S3 Golf Ball

Did you know that Volvik, the #1 maker of colored golf balls, actually makes a white ball?  I didn’t until I found two dozen waiting on my front porch yesterday.

Volvik’s S3 “White Color” (yes they need help with the Korean to English thing) golf ball is a high performance, 3-layer ball with a urethane cover.  In other words, a ball which on a basic materials and construction standpoint should compete with most “tour” balls on the market.

I’ll be putting this ball into play as soon as I can, but that may be a while.  Winter has arrived here in northern Utah and most courses, if open, are frozen.

Personalized Golf Balls from GolfBalls.com

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 10th, 2014
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Ah look at the incredible beauty of the white spheroid below.  Tremendous.

Hooked On Golf Blog Golf Ball


The ball above was personalized by my new best friends at GolfBalls.com. GolfBalls.com sells golf balls of course, and also offers full color customization on them as well. In addition to golf balls, they also sell golf clubs, apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, and team logo merchandise.  Many of their products can be personalized.

The basic process for creating a customized golf ball could not be much easier.  Simply pick the ball you want to customize, upload an image or create the text you want imprinted on it, pay.  Within a very short time your custom golf balls arrive.

The following golf ball brands can be personalized by GolfBalls.com:

Ben Hogan
Callaway Golf
U.S. Kids
V Golf
Wilson Staff

Final Thoughts

Christmas is coming up.  A great Christmas golf gift for the hard-to-shop-for golfer on your list would be a box of custom printed golf balls.  Slap your favorite golfer’s logo, photo, or favorite saying on a dozen balls and the golfer on your list will forever be thankful.  That joy will spread to other golfers as well, when they find your golfer’s lost custom balls in the bushes!

Monsta Golf Ball Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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I’ve always tried to support smaller golf companies and golf entrepreneurs, provided that I believe in their product and the way they operate their businesses.  One such smaller company who is taking on the big players in the golf ball world is Monsta Golf.  Monsta is one of several small and relatively unknown makers of premium golf balls whose product competes with the ProV1’s of the world, and even beats them.  Let us take a look at the Monsta Golf ball.

Monsta Golf Balls

Monsta Golf Balls


The Monsta Golf ball is a premium “tour” quality ball which has similar performance and materials to the Titleist ProV1 and other high end golf balls.  The ball is a 3-layer ball consisting of a urethane cover, mantle layer, and inner layer.

The 318 dimple urethane cover is soft and produces the performance and spin around the greens one expects in a high quality golf ball. Urethane is the same material found on the cover of most high performance golf balls like the ProV1, Bridgestone B330 series, and many others.

The middle layer, also known as the “mantle,” promotes high initial velocity and produces less spin off the tee. Less spin off the tee means more accuracy and distance. This layer must balance well with the urethane cover which is designed to produce spin on shorter shots.

The core is the innermost layer. This layer transfers the most compression energy from impact to rebound, resulting in the largest distance component of the ball.

On The Course

I’ve had the Monsta ball in play for many many rounds. The durability of the ball is very good, allowing me to log as many as 4-5 rounds with one ball, provided I don’t lose it. I do have one ball which I’ve used for a good 4-5 rounds, and it barely has any signs of wear.

I’ve found the distance with this ball to be as long or longer than any other ball I’ve played. Recently I’ve picked up some clubhead speed and thus more yardage, and the Monsta definitely shines in the distance department.

Off the driver I notice an interesting flight characteristics with this 318 dimple ball. I may have a shot look as if it is going to just miss the fairway on one side, but it seems to “correct” in the air and straighten out. I can create different launches by changing the tee height as well. For instance, I can get the ball to climb late in the flight by teeing it lower, or I can get a high initial launch and a flatter flight toward the end by teeing the ball higher.

The spin characteristics of this ball are fantastic. Even on very hard greens the ball stops quickly on short to mid irons. In the full wedge game it is not uncommon to put some Phil “Mickelspin” on the ball and watch it back up. The key is to fly it far enough so the ball lands past the pin and spins back. Another term my pals use for this is “tour sauce.”

The first full round I played the Monsta was a few weeks ago. It was a crazy round in which I carded TWO eagles and four birdies, but also had some “others” which led to a 74. The next round was a solid 72 (even), followed by rounds of 73, 74, 73. There’s no doubt this ball works well for my game.


Monsta’s pricing is at $34.99 per dozen. That’s a great deal for a ball with such great performance and durability characteristics. At about $15 cheaper than a box of ProV1’s, it is a no-brainer in my book. But for the average golfer who has not heard of Monsta, the $34.99 price point I think is still too high. I think they’d fly off the shelves at under $30. $24.99 would be even better. My guess is though that their hard costs will not warrant that low of a price point. After all, there are only a few plants in the world which make golf balls, owned by the bigs like Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway etc. Monsta’s are likely made in one of those plants.


The only critique I have is very minor. I’d like to see this ball come in a seamless version. The seam is quite visible. At the least I’d like to line up the ball’s decoration with the seam as I like to putt seamed golf balls with the seam lined up on the target line.


If you normally are willing to spend $40-60 on a dozen “tour” quality golf balls, pick up some Monsta Golf balls for $34.99 and you’ll have an extra $15 in your pocket you can spend on some frosty beverages at the 19th hole. Your score will not know the difference, but your buddies will.

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