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Happy Birthday USA

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 4th, 2016
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Happy 4th of July to all Hooked on Golf Blog patrons.  Happy birthday to this great country, the USA.  We may not be perfect, but the United States of America is still the best country on this planet.

USA Golf Ball

I found this ball yesterday in the rough left of the 12th hole!  A great find and even my usual gamer brand…

First Look: Snell “Get Sum” Golf Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 13th, 2016
Categories: GolfGolf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf For WomenGolf Gear

Along with the MTB golf balls (My Tour Ball) I’ll be testing out, courtesy of Snell Golf, I’ll also be trying out the “Get Sum” model. The Get Sum golf ball by Snell Golf is more of a regular golfer’s ball.

The Get Sum is a “high-performance, two-piece golf ball geared toward golfers who desire more control and require help getting the ball airborne. A large core keeps the driver spin rates low and creates fast ball speeds for all swing types.”

The Get Sum probably isn’t the best fit for my game, as a low single digit handicap, but you never know. I’ll give it a shot, so to speak. Stay tuned.

First Look: Snell My Tour Golf Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 12th, 2016
Categories: GolfGolf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf For WomenGolf Gear

Yesterday I put some new golf balls into play for testing, the Snell Golf “My Tour Ball” or MTB. Who is Snell? Snell is the name of the company’s founder, Dean Snell. Dean is a former TaylorMade Vice President of R&D for golf balls, and co-inventor of the Titelist ProV1.
Snell MTB My Tour Golf Ball
The MTB is a “tour” caliber ball. This means it has a qualities a professional tour golfer would want, such as high spin, soft cover and so on. The cover is urethane, just like 99% of the other tour balls, like the ProV1.

I have to log many more rounds before I’m ready for my full review, but here’s a short commentary after one full 18 hole round. I loved the feel of the ball and found it to respond well when I put a good swing on it. Unfortunately in yesterday’s round the good swings were not that often. I found the ball to feel great around the greens and with the putter. I especially loved the feel hitting bump and run shots with anything between a 7-9 iron.

Below is a photo of two Snell MTB balls. One is the ball I played 18 holes with and one is brand new, never played. Can you tell which is which?

Snell MTB Golf Ball

One ball is new, one has been played 18 holes. Can you tell which is which?

Based on yesterday’s round and the photo above, these are very durable for “tour” balls. Tour balls aren’t typically durable.

First Look: Maxfli U/6 Tour Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 31st, 2016
Categories: Golf BallsGolf For WomenGolf Gear

Maxfli_U6_Tour_02It has been a long time since I reviewed a Maxfli golf ball. In fact, the Maxfli Blackmax prototype may have been the first golf ball ever reviewed here at Hooked on Golf Blog, March of 2005. I used to game Maxfli’s waaaay back when Greg Norman was the #1 golfer in the world, the HT 100 Balatas to be exact. Yes, that long ago.

I’ve got a box of Maxfli U/6 Tour golf balls to test out courtesy of DICK’s Sporting Goods, who is running specials on all sorts of Maxfli golf balls. This is a six layer ball. I didn’t even know anyone made a ball with more than five layers.

The main requirements for my game is a “tour” cover, usually urethane, and a soft feel because of my golfer’s elbow. Since this ball has a urethane cover and is designed for slower swing speeds, it could be a good match for my game, or lack thereof.

I hope to start my first round of testing these Maxfli U/6 Tour golf balls this weekend, provided my tweaked back is done tweaking or twerking by then.

Let us pray.

First Look: 2016 Bridgestone Golf B330 Series Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 12th, 2016
Categories: Golf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf For WomenGolf Gear

A couple of days ago I posted my first pics of the new Bridgestone Golf B330RX and B330RXS golf balls.  Very good, softer balls for golfers with swing speeds under 105mph.  Today we get our first HOG look at the B330 series.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 Golf Balls for 2016

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 Golf Balls for 2016

These are for higher swing speeds, above 105.  That said, I game the B330 and love the performance, even at times when I know my swing speed is less than 105.   I’m right on the line, with my driver swing speed in the peak of the season and the summer at about 105.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330S for 2016

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330S for 2016

I have yet to hit the 2016 model but last year I played the 2015 for most of the season, when I was not testing other golf balls for review. The new ball has some improvements like the crazy sounding “self repairing cover.” Below is a press release from Bridgestone with some info on the new ’16 B330 series:

2016 Tour B330 Balls Four Years in the Making Turn Tour Pros’ Heads in Hawaii
Covington, Ga. –Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, has used knowledge gained through extensive PGA TOUR testing and over 300,000 consumer in-person ball-fittings to perfect its Tour B330 family of balls.  Bridgestone’s new 2016 Tour B330 and Tour B330S golf balls have been specifically engineered to produce longer drives and better spin around the green for players with swing speeds above 105 mph, using new proprietary TOUR Core and SlipRes Cover technologies.
Bridgestone’s 2016 B330 Family features Bridgestone’s new TOUR Core that is 6% larger and utilizes a steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to the outer region, to generate faster ball speed and less spin off the driver than ever before.  In fact, Bridgestone’s proprietary gradational compression technology in its core allows the company to accomplish in one layer what other ball makers accomplish in two or three layers, leading to a smoother energy transfer and more power.
Among the best players in the world, spin optimization is critical, so Bridgestone has designed the new Tour B330 and Tour B330S balls to have the largest dispersion of cover performance ever between the two models, offering something for the wide range of spin and feel preferences on Tour. Thanks to Bridgestone’s new SlipRes technology (an R&D marvel four years in the making) and a slightly softer cover formulation the 2016 Tour B330S offers increased greenside spin over previous versions, while the B330 offers feel for those players who prefer hit-and-sit short game performance.
The new proprietary SlipRes cover produces increased friction that keeps the ball more stable on the clubface, resulting in more spin on short shots.  At the same time, SlipRes has the opposite effect off the tee, lowering driver spin due to that type of impact’s recoiling force, generating longer distance.
An added benefit to the new SlipRes Cover is enhanced durability.  Due in large part to the cover’s innovative, soft self-repairing formulation, the new Tour B330 and Tour B330S golf balls are more resistant to stains and abrasions than ever before.
Both the 2016 Tour B330 and Tour B330S are in play on the PGA TOUR, including in the hands of Brandt Snedeker and Matt Kuchar, respectively.  Snedeker debuted the new Tour B330 at the 2016 Hyundai Tournament of Champions and realized immediate benefits with a T3 finish.
“After testing the new ball I had no hesitancy in putting it in play right away in Hawaii. I usually do not put a new product in play so quickly, but the distance I was gaining with driver and the incredible greenside spin couldn’t be ignored,” said Snedeker. “Bridgestone hit a homerun.  It’s longer off the tee, pure with my irons and around the greens it is just phenomenal!”
“The new B330S has serious wow-factor,” said Kuchar.  “The combination of increased greenside spin and increased distance off the tee at the same time was something I never thought possible.  I am genuinely excited about what this new ball can do for my game in 2016.”
The Tour B330 and Tour B330S balls will be available at retail on March 4, 2016 and will feature a street price of $45 per dozen.
Visit www.bridgestonegolf.com to learn more about Bridgestone Golf’s entire lineup of innovative products for 2016.

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