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Golf Ball Week 2011

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 7th, 2011
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Golf Balls


Today marks the beginning of the 2011 rendition of “HOG Golf Ball Week!”  Yes it isn’t as glamorous or exciting as Shark Week, but here we go.  This week I’m going to do some reviews every day on golf balls.

I have 5-7 different golf balls that I’m going to feature this week so stay tuned.  The first piece is coming up right after this post!


First Impressions: Innovex V-Motion Tour Golf Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 28th, 2011
Categories: Golf BallsGolf EquipmentGolf Gear
Innovex Golf V-Motion Golf Ball

Innovex Golf V-Motion Golf Ball - click for more

Though not a full fledged product review, I’d like to mention quickly about my test round today with the Innovex V-Motion Tour golf ball.  This is a tour level quality ball which retails for under $24/dozen.  Yes, tour level quality for under $24.

I shot a satisfying 75 at the tough local course at the airport here in Salt Lake, Wingpointe Golf Course.  The V-Motion was under total control, felt nice and soft even in the bitter morning cold, spun perfectly and flew straight at the pin.  I carded 4 birdies in the round and happily managed to play with one V-Motion the whole time without losing it.

At the end of 18 holes, I was very impressed with the durability of the ball.  Hardly any noticeable wear.

Innovex Golf V-Motion Tour Golf Ball

Innovex Golf V-Motion Tour Golf Ball - click to see more

So for now, my first impressions of the Innovex V-Motion Tour is that it is a great ball, certainly the best ball on the planet for under $24/dozen.  Full review posted soon.

HOG World Tour visits Cleveland Golf – Srixon HQ

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 19th, 2011
Categories: GolfGolf BallsGolf ClubsGolf EquipmentGolf GearHOG World Tour

Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring Cleveland Golf / Srixon world headquarters here in Huntington Beach, California.  Keith Patterson in the PR department was my tour guide and I had a fantastic time exploring the facility.  And let me tell you, it is a “facility.”  I was very surprised to find out that quite a few of their golf clubs are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

Cleveland Golf - Srixon Headquarters

Cleveland Golf / Srixon Headquarters - Click to view the INSIDE!

I got quite a few funny looks and comments because of my “attire” or lack thereof.  I had literally come straight from the beach in my flip flops and bathing suit.  In fact, I had sand on my feet and my bathing suit was still wet.  When I got back to the beach, it was at that time that I realized I was wearing a t-shirt which said “get leid” on it.  No wonder I got so many funny looks!

Unfinished Cleveland wedges.  I want one...  Click for more.

Unfinished Cleveland wedges. I want one... Click for larger image.

I’ll post a few pics and comments in the main blog here when I get back from my vacation here in SoCal, but for now you can check out the Cleveland / Srixon HQ image gallery.


Great first impressions of the Bridgestone e5 golf ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
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Bridgestone Golf e5 Ball

Great first round with the e5!

Yesterday I played my Tuesday league with my buddy Dan.  I’ve been playing some very mediocre golf lately and didn’t come into the round expecting much.

I decided to put a couple of new products into play, one being the new Bridgestone e5 golf balls with the “dimple in dimple” pattern.  Somehow I shot a 70, my low round of the year!  I gave an e5 to my buddy Dan to try.  Check out his comments in this video below:

Inside the PING tour van

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 29th, 2011
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At a recent PGA Tour stop I had the pleasure of spending some time inside the PING tour truck. The tour trucks from golf manufacturers travel with the PGA Tour to support their players with gear, tweaks, repairs, maintenance, fresh hats and sometimes just a cool place to relax.

PING Golf Tour Van

Inside the PING Tour Van. I want to live here. Click for more images.

Inside the PING truck were some very interesting machines and technology used in building and adjusting clubs. The tech, my new friend Daniel Udd (pictured below), could literally custom build any PING golf club in a matter of minutes. customized weighting, lofts, lie, grips take even less time.

PING Golf Tour Van

Master technician Daniel Udd tweaks a PING wedge. Click for more images.

Perhaps the most fun was looking inside the drawers which contained player specific items like special grips for Bubba Watson or Hunter Mahan. The hat drawer had hats for all of their staffers and I wanted snag one of Miguel Angel Jimenez’s brown hats (below left). I resisted.

PING Golf Tour Van

Brown hat is for Miguel Angel Jimenez. I want one... Click for more.

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