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Golf Apparel Review: Antigua Men’s Santa Fe Golf Shorts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
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Antigua Santa Fe Men's Golf Shorts

Antigua Santa Fe Men’s Golf Shorts

In my last golf blog post I reviewed the Antigua Men’s “Quiet” polo, a very stylish and comfortable shirt. A perfect match for the shirt are the shorts I’m wearing even as I write, the Antigua Men’s Santa Fe Shorts.

Santa Fe Overview

Santa Fe is an artsy city located in New Mexico, approximately an hour north of Albuquerque. Santa Fe is the capitol of New Mexico with a population of 68,642. Oh wait, I’m reviewing Santa Fe shorts, not the city…

Santa Fe Shorts

Antigua’s $50 (retail) Santa Fe Shorts are a combination of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. No cotton, which is a very good thing. No wrinkles, no shrinking, no ironing, low maintenance.

The shorts employ the same Desert Dry technology as the Quiet Polo, a technology which pulls moisture from the player’s skin and helps it evaporate, keeping the player dry and comfortable.

A styish “contrast piping detail” runs down the side of the leg.


The Santa Fe Short is available in five colors: Black/Steel (pictured), Navy/Apple, Smoke/Melon, Steel/Margarita, White/Steel.

On The Course

These are some of the most comfortable golf shorts I’ve ever worn. They’re very light on the skin and lightweight. I can definitely attest to the Desert Dry technology, as I feel nice and cool with no excessive moisture, even in some very hot 100+ F rounds.

Even with sweaty hands getting in and out of the pockets is easy.

During the golf swing I feel no tight spots or binding anywhere. The swing is free of restrictions.


One pair of Santa Fe Shorts is most definitely not enough. I could replace all the billions of shorts in my wardrobe with these. I just might.  I have yet to find a better combination of style comfort and performance in a pair of golf shorts.

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Antigua Men’s Quiet Polo review

Golf Apparel Review: Antigua Men’s Quiet Golf Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 29th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews
Antigua Quiet Golf Polo

Quietly sitting in my Antigua Quiet polo… click to zoom

While in St. Andrews and then Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this month I was happy to be sporting some new threads.  On the top was the very cool Antigua Men’s Quiet Polo and on the bottom the mega-comfy Santa Fe Golf Shorts.

Men’s Quiet Overview

The Men’s “Quiet” (not sure how they came up with that name) is a 100% polyester polo.  I really dig polys.  They’re easy to wash, resist wrinkles and don’t need ironing if cared for properly.  I’d rather spend my time on the golf course rather than ironing.

The Quiet polo employs “Desert Dry” moisture management.  This technology “wicks” moisture away from the skin and helps it evaporate away from the body.  In other words, the shirt helps keep you dry.


The Quiet is available in five colors: White/Black/Silver (pictured), White/Margarita/Silver, White/Melon/Silver and White/Phlox/Silver.  Sizes range from medium to 2X-Large.

Golfing with a completely white background! Must be a snowstorm… At least he’s comfortable.

On The Course

In St. Andrews it was a bit chilly at times, requiring a light jacket or sweater. When the sun would come out, it warmed up enough be able to play in just the polo.  In either situation the polo was very comfortable and didn’t bind or pull during the golf swing.  In the much warmer Cabo conditions in Mexico last week, I enjoyed the moisture wicking, which helped keep me dry.  I just wish the shirt covered my hands, which were very sweaty.

Santa Fe Shorts

The Quiet polo is a fantastic match with Antigua’s Santa Fe shorts.


The $65 (retail) Antigua Men’s Quiet is not quiet in terms of style and comfort.

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Golf Apparel Review: Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes – The Lightest Shoe In Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews

Back on my 2011 trip to St. Andrews I brought with me a pair of standard “dress” style golf shoes.  That was a mistake.  While the shoe performed fine, the impact on my body over time was hard.  On that trip I played 36/day for about a week.  After a couple of days I could barely walk in the mornings.  My joints and feet were so sore from the combination of the very hard ground and the dressy golf shoes not providing any cushion.  For the 2nd half of the week I switched to wearing my running shoes to save on some of the impact.

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes - click for more images

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes – click for more images

This time around (last week in fact) on my 2nd trip to St. Andrews, I brought with me different shoes, none of which were the dress style.  I brought softer and lighter shoes without the platform to house golf spikes.  Right out of the gate I sported the Puma Faas Lite Mesh golf shoes.  What a huge difference on my enjoyment of walking around the Home of Golf.  The impact on my body was minimal and the shoes, the lightest in the golf industry right now, helped me truly enjoy golf’s greatest walk.

Faas Lite Golf Shoe Sole

Faas Lite Sole – click to zoom

Faas Lite Features

Puma’s Faas Lite’s are a single layer mesh shoe which is very breathable.  Because of the breathability and mesh, they’re not waterproof.  Not a problem for me.  I have plenty of waterproof shoes.

When I’m sporting the Faas Lites it is because I need to keep cool in the hot summer.  Puma’s “coolCELL” technology takes care of that.

The flexibility of the shoe is possibly the highest of any golf shoe I’ve ever worn.  Once they’re on your feet, they bend with your feet.

The sole of the shoe is a hybrid design with no screw-in spikes.  Even though there aren’t spikes, Puma’s “SmartQull” pattern and corrugated flex grooves ensure traction and stability in the golf swing.

Speaking of the sole, these shoes may have the thinnest sole of any shoe I’ve ever worn, golf or not.  The “heel to toe drop” of the shoe is zero.  For the golfer, that means comfort, better posture and a more natural walking stride.

At 6.5 ounces this shoe is light.  Lightweight foam and rubber advancements help make this shoe the lightest in golf.

Despite the light foams and thin sole, the shoe is very durable due to Puma’s “EverTrack” carbon rubber in the forefoot and heel.


The Faas Lite Mesh shoe is available in two colors: Vibrant, Rickie Fowler Orange, and white-black.  I don’t dress in all orange like Mr. Fowler, so I chose the white-black model since it will match just about any outfit I own.

Toe View - Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe - click to zoom

Toe View – Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe – click to zoom

On The Course

I’ve walked some very hilly courses at home in 100+ degree temperatures.  The shoes don’t weigh me down.  They breath very well and help me keep as cool as possible.

I’ve found the traction and stability to be fantastic with the Faas Lites.  No problems with slippage.

One thing I had to get used to was the thin sole.  Most golf shoes have quite a thick platform to accommodate spike receptacles.  With the super-thin soles and no spikes, I’m closer to the ground.  Simply being aware of that in the swing is important to prevent chunking shots (hitting the ground with the club too much).

Editor’s Note

The Faas Lite Mesh is a slightly different and lighter shoe than Puma’s Faas Lite.


At only $90 retail, the Puma Faas Lite Mesh golf shoe is light on the wallet as well as light on the foot.  The Faas Lite Mesh golf shoe is NOT light on style, comfort or performance.

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Golf Apparel Review: FootJoy M:Project Spikeless Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

This is a suplemental review to my original FootJoy M:Project review which I posted a few months ago.  The previous review was the spiked version while this one is the spikeless version.  Let’s take a look at the FootJoy M:Project Spikless!

FootJoy M:Project Spikeless

FootJoy M:Project Spikeless

M:Project Spikeless Overview

M:Project is a departure for FootJoy.  FJ’s shoes have been for the most part conservative and classic in design.  M:Project breaks that mold in style, materials and creativity.  They don’t break the mold in the already fantastic performance level one expects from FootJoy.   The M:Projects I’m sporting in this review are the spikeless charcoal/black mesh.

The upper portion of this model M:Project is a high performance mesh which is lightweight and waterproof, but provides breathability. There three mesh models of this golf shoe and two models which have a leather upper made out of “M:SPEC” leather. The M:SPEC version is also waterproof.

Speaking of waterproof… All M:Project shoes come with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

Protected Toe – click to zoom

The toe of the shoe is protected by FJ’s “ProTekt Toe Guard.” The toe guard helps prevent scratching and damage to the highest wear portion of the upper, the toe. The best way I can describe it, is like one of those clear bra finishes you see on nice cars.

The fit of this shoe is improved by the “MP:627 Last” (where do they come up with this stuff?). In english, the toe area is designed to allow the toes to spread while walking. That’s what happens naturally when we humans walk. Test it out. Walk around in bare feet and see!

The sole of the shoe is a very thin but durable rubber called “L.T.D.” L.T.D. is flexible, adding to the comfort of the shoe in action, but also provides stability and traction in the swing. Without stability, the golf swing is toast.

Spikeless Sole – click to zoom


White/Navy (Navy trim)
Charcoal/Black Mesh (pictured in this review)
White/Silver Mesh
Blue/Grey Mesh

On The Course

I’m preparing for a big, weeklong trip to the Home of Golf, St. Andrews. That’s coming up in less than two weeks. I’ll be playing up to 36 holes per day for seven days there. Last time I was there, wearing classic golf shoes, the hard ground took its toll on my feet and knees. I ended up switching to sneakers about half way through the trip. That’s why you see me wearing tennies in my photos as I walk over the famous Swilken Bridge on the 18th hole of the Old Course. I’ve been walking all my rounds here lately in preparation and testing out the M:Project Spikeless.

Looks like I have a go-to pair of golf shoes for the Home of Golf.

M:Project In Action!

From the first walking round with them, the M:Project Spikeless have been extremely comfortable. They might even be more comfortable than my spiked M:Projects, which is hard to believe. I’ve walked some very hilly and hard/dry ground here and the impact on my lower body and back is minimal. That’s a big deal for a guy with arthritis in the lower back.

The stability and traction of the M:Project Spikeless has been brilliant. I’ve only slipped twice due to very early morning wet grass combined with a spazztic, out-of-balance golf swing.


I reserve a section for critiquing a product in all of my reviews. I’ve been racking my brain trying to find something which isn’t up to par with the M:Projects and I can’t. No complaints. Carry on!


The new $145 retail M:Project Spikeless golf shoes from FootJoy combine comfort, style and performance into a super-light shoe which can be worn on or off the course.

Golf Shoe Review: Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 3rd, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews
Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes - click to see more

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to see more

Ecco Golf is constantly impressing me with their great shoes and their new designs. Even more impressive is the comfort. Combining a traditional classic golf shoe design with a hybrid style platform is the uber-cool Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip golf shoe. Let’s take a look.

Tour Hybrid Wingtip Overview

The Tour Hybrid is the tale of two halves, the upper and the sole.

The upper is a classicly styled wingtip look with a rich, waterproof leather. Ecco’s treatment for waterproofing is called “Hydromax.” Despite being leather, the shoe is very breathable and soft. Inside the upper is a full leather lining.

The sole of the shoe is spikeless, making walking around feel like walking with a comfortable street shoe. The soft-spikes on the bottom of the shoe have 800 “traction angles” which give them a ton of surface area. More surface area on on the spikes means more traction. Simple physics.

Freedom Fit

Classicly designed golf shoes often have pointed toes. There’s nothing worse than squished toes while walking the five or more miles one might walk during a golf round. Ecco employs “Freedom Fit” to eliminate the squished toes. Freedom Fit allows the toes to spread naturally while walking, producing a much more comfortable walking experience and most importantly no toe friction!

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to enlarge


The Tour Hybrid is available in two colors: Lion/Burnt Ochre (pictured in this review) and White/Brick.

On The Course – At The Office

Just like my experience with the fantastic Ecco BIOM golf shoes, the Tour Hybrids are extremely comfortable. Combined with a great golf sock, the comfort and feel of these golf shoes is unmatched.

With the 800 traction angles my spastic golf swing stays firmly planted. A solid base/stance is very important for the golf swing and for generating power. No slippage to date. Full power, Scotty!

My Hybrid Wingtips are possibly the nicest shoes I have, including my dress shoes which also happen to be Ecco. I’ve worn these babies on the course of course, at the office and around town, enjoying the comfort and very hip modern-retro styling.


I have an issue with Ecco and their sizing. Ecco uses European sizes which don’t necessarily translate well to USA sizing. I’m a USA size nine on the noze. Ecco’s European sizing comes in either 42 or 43 for my range. 42 translates to 8-8.5 while 43 translates to 9-9.5. So the 43 may run too big while the 42 runs too small.

Ecco: I suggest changing sizes or coming out with half sizes such as 42.5. I’d be a 42.5!

Father’s Day

If you really LOVE dad, the $190 retail Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtips would be a fantastic Father’s Day golf gift, Christmas gift, birthday, Monday… any day.


Whether wearing the Ecco Tour Hybrids in your club championship or your clubhouse, the looks, comfort and performance are what one expects from Ecco: the BEST.

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