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First Look: Dunning Golf Layering System

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
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Yesterday was the final tournament of the year, the annual Hell Day Halloween event.  I did play quite well, though I did not take home the cool skull trophy.  Part of the reason I played well was because I was testing out the Dunning Golf layering system for the first time.

Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

This time of year it can be quite cold here in northern Utah, and having the right apparel is crucial to staying warm and loose, and playing well.

The two layering items I put in play yesterday were the Dunning merino wool long sleeve base layer and the merino wool boxer shorts pictured below.

Dunning Golf Layering System

Dunning Golf Layering System

So far I’m very impressed with the comfort and how well I was able to stay warm yesterday. I’ll put the layering system through a few more HOG test batteries and post my full review soon.

Stay tuned.

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Nike Golf Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 25th, 2013
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Nike Storm Fit Jacket

Nike Storm Fit Jacket

The temperatures here are dropping fast here. We’ve had a lot of rain this fall, and now even frost delays in the mornings. Two Fridays ago a tournament I was competing in experienced a snow delay.

This time of year can be the best though, as casual weekend hackers are hanging up their sticks for the season. As long as die-hards like myself can brave the conditions, the courses are far less crowded and we can play golf in a reasonable amount of time.

In these conditions golf apparel and golf outerwear become more and more important. Its nice to know that I’ve got the same apparel to choose from as Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods. One such item is my new full-zip Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket. Lets take a look.

Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket Overview

Nike engineers have produced a jacket with some amazing properties in the Hyperadapt Storm-FIT. The jacket is waterproof and wind resistant, yet stretches more like a sweater.

There are strategically placed fabric “vents” which make the garment breath very well. This is especially useful in the bipolar weather in the spring and fall where one minute it is raining and the next it is sunny. No need to take the jacket off and put it back on all the time.

The shoulders of the Storm-FIT have specially designed four-way stretch system which reduces binding and tightness and increases the range of motion in the golf swing. The system even reduces noise.

The body fabric is 100% polyester while the mesh components are 81% nylon and 19% spandex.

The sleeves have adjustable cuffs which are great. Being able to set the cuff tightness can help keep rain and wind out, yet allow the golfer to retain flexibility.

Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Full-Zip Jacket - click to zoom

Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Full-Zip Jacket – click to zoom

On The Course

First things first. I must mention the style of this jacket. This is a very sharp looking piece. The wife really loves the look when I put it on. My dad tried it on and for quite a while refused to give it back. I just figured out what his Christmas gift will be…

Many of my outerwear items are one size bigger. This is because here in the cold of Utah, we often have to wear a few layers to stay warm. The bigger size is needed because of the restriction imposed by the outer layer. One problem with that extra size is that the garment can get in the way of the swing, especially for my putting stroke. I bend over quite far with a 34” putter and when I do that, often times my outerwear snags on the butt of the putter grip. Not good. When I have a huge putt to win a $2.00 nassau, the last thing I want is worrying about my putter going off line due to snagging on my apparel. No worries with the storm fit. The fit is precise without being too small. The jacket performs, but stays out of my way so I can perform.

I’ve managed to make it rain twice during my testing of the Storm-FIT. Rain drops bead up on the outer layer and no water or moisture gets inside. None.

On windy days the Storm-FIT is fantastic.


I always try to find a flaw or place for improvement when I do my golf reviews. In the case of the Storm-FIT I have none. Zero.


The Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large.

Colors: Black; Cool Grey; Game Royal; Armory Slate

Full-Zip / Half-Zip

There are two versions of this jacket available, a full-zip (pictured) as well as a half zip.  The half zip retails for $240 and the full zip retails for $280.


Thanks to the Hyperadapt Storm-Fit jacket I’m ready to take on wind and rain with the confidence that my outerwear will not interfere with my golf swing. Bring on the Old Course! Scotland here I come!

FORE!! Axel & Hudson Golf Apparel for Boys & Girls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 21st, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearGolf LifeGolf LifestyleReviews
FORE!! Axel & Hudson

FORE!! Axel & Hudson – The “ensemble”

Fore!! Axel & Hudson is the child, no pun intended, of apparel designer Paul Nguyen. Before forming the company, he designed for Lucky Brand, Babystyle and Baby Nay. The garments are primarily made from very soft and eco-friendly bamboo/spandex.

I was thrilled to learn that Fore!! Axel & Hudson wanted to submit some products for me to review. On October 28, 2012 my little boy babe Seve was born. Seve’s name was inspired by golf legend Seve Ballesteros and outfitting him in some killer golf related, classy and comfortable baby threads sounded great.

One problem, the sizes I received were on the large size. So I had to wait from June when the product arrived, to October when the little guy had gotten big enough to fit in them. He’s still a bit small for them, but I couldn’t wait much longer to get this piece done and send some love to Fore!! Axel & Hudson.

Featured in this article are a few items which are in black headers below.

Crinkle Plaid Driver Cap

Straight out of Scotland, or at least it looks like it, is the Crinkle Plaid Driver Cap (first picture). This is a fantastic piece and when Seve doesn’t mind having it on, he looks very dapper. The cap is made from 100% cotton and has adjustable leather side tabs. Lots of room to grow into on this one.

Sizes range from 48cm to 56cm. No, my head isn’t that small unfortunately.

Nice golf polo and striped shorts... click to zoom

Nice golf polo and striped shorts… click to zoom

Poncho Stripe Shorts

Once again, master Seve has cooler threads than me. In this case, his Poncho Stripe Shorts (first two photos). These are 100% cotton so they are soft and comfortable. The front fly zips and the waistband is an adjustable elastic, which is great for kids as they grow.

Sizes for this $44 retail ($31 on sale) item are the same range as the Linen & Stripe Vest, which these shorts go well with: 12 months to 12 years.

Gray Linen & Stripe Vest

Available in sizes from 18 months to boys 10/12, this vest (first photo) is more stylish than anything I have in my own wardrobe. This slim cut vest features leather insets and welt pocket details.

Retail on this vest is $54.00 but the Fore!! website has them on sale at $38.


Master Seve has a couple of great Fore!! Axel & Hudson golf shirts. Pictured in the “ensemble” (I don’t even have an ensemble) with the vest and Poncho Stripe shorts is a great, 3-button v-neck polo with plaid collar insert which matches the pocket accent.

Killer orange golf polo - click to zoom

Killer orange golf polo – click to zoom

Seve also has a fantastic orange polo with fabric so soft it feels like silk (last picture). The buttons and pocket configuration are very stylish. Wish I had a shirt like that…


Not only are the pieces very stylish, they’re super durable yet soft. I need to see if I can get Paul Nguyen to make the same pieces in an adult XL!

It has been a blast taking the photos of baby Seve for this review and I can tell Seve digs the threads.

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Golf Apparel Review: Dunning Golf Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 18th, 2013
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Dunning Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip Pullover

Dunning Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip Pullover – click to zoom

When the Hooked On Golf Blog World Tour was in Bogota, Colombia earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to play a round of golf with Kevin Foley.  Kevin had just won the Panama Championship the week before on the Tour.  That win would help propel Kevin to attaining a 2014 PGA Tour card.

During that round I couldn’t help notice the fantastic apparel setup Kevin was sporting.  I saw the Dunning label on the trousers and wasn’t familiar with the brand at that time.  A few months later, now that I’m becoming familiar with the line, Dunning is in the running (so to speak) to be my favorite apparel company. Read on for another reason why.

Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip

I’m reviewing Dunning’s Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip product.  This is a beautiful garment.  The photos can’t do it justice.  This pullover is meant for insulation but still provides breathability.  The 1/4-Zip is perfect for fall golf in north america.  Right now a bit of insulation and protection from the cold and wind is needed.


The 1/4-Zip is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex.  Thank goodness.  No cotton.  Not a fan of cotton with the wrinkles, shrinking and such.  With a spandex/poly combo, we’re talking very little care required and ironing only if needed.  I haven’t needed to yet.

The pullover has a drawstring waist which helps to seal out the cold as well as keep it out of the way of the golf swing.  In my case, sometimes outerwear gets in the way of my putting stroke because I bend over quite a bit.  The 1/4-Zip allows me to bury my opponents with my deadly putting without worrying about the putter snagging or the garment resisting.

The sleeves are a trimmer fit too, to aid in playability.

Dunning Golf

“I’ll get the stick, and I’ll enjoy holding it since I’m so warm and comfortable in my Dunning pullover!”


The Dunning Stretch Thermal 1/4-Zip comes in six colors: Reef (pictured), Black, Charcoal, Halo, White, Zephyr.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double Extra Large.

On The Course – On The Town

Playing golf with the 1/4-Zip is a breeze, and it keeps the breeze from cooling me off too much. The full game from tee to green is a pleasure.  No binding, pulling…zero restriction.

I love wearing the Stretch Thermal around town too.  Anything from driving to chilling out at a local establishment enjoying frosty beverages.


I’m a big Dunning Golf fan in the early stages of addiction…

The Stretch Thermal performs perfectly on the course, yet is nice enough to wear in the clubhouse, and I’m talking about the fancy restaurant, not just the cafe.

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First Look: Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Golf Polo – Skull Included

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearSite News

Being a rock & roll musician and metal head, I love it when golf can be classy, but still have a rock & roll attitude.  Nobody does that better than my good friends at Tattoo Golf, as is evident by their new Clubhouse Collection golf polo.

Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Golf Polo

Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Golf Polo

Enjoy this first look at the Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection polo and stay tuned for my review soon, after I’ve put it into play at the country club…

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