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FootJoy D.N.A. Golf Shoe Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 7th, 2014
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FootJoy Mystery Box 1

FootJoy Mystery Box 1

Back on December 11, 2013 I received an interesting box from FootJoy. Inside was a strange, flexible, soft object with a odd shape, somewhat like a bat. This mystery item was a small part of a new shoe which would not be released to the public until mid January.

On December 20th another box arrived with a somewhat oval shaped item, mystery #2. It had a cool texture and a soft yet strong rubber frame.

On December 26th a more obvious item arrived, the sole of a new golf shoe. I can’t imagine how many CAD and research & development hours were spent on the sole alone. It was obvious at this point that these new FJ shoes would have some serious traction. The featured material in the sole, “NitroThin TUP thermoplastic urethane.” That was going to be my first guess.

FootJoy DNA FitBed

FootJoy DNA FitBed

On January 7th (this is getting fun) a new mystery box contained the “Xtra-Thick FTF FitBed.” In plain english, the bed of this new golf shoe. FTF is short for Fine Tuned Foam. On this day I learned that FootJoy has led the shoe count on the PGA Tour since they started counting shoes in 1945. I also learned that the PGA Tour started counting shoes in… 1945.

The last and final box was no mystery. Inside was a pair of stunning FootJoy D.N.A. golf shoes. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, here are 1000 words below.

FootJoy D.N.A. Golf Shoes – click for more

There’s one problem with receiving a stunning pair of golf shoes on January 15th in northern Utah. That problem is snow. Courses can be closed here anytime ranging from late October to earlyk April depending on how heavy a winter it has been. As much as I wanted to get on my FootJoy D.N.A. review right away. It would take a trip south to get the first rounds in.

Fast forward nearly two months later and the snow has melted. I’ve had the chance to put in a sufficient number of rounds to formulate my conclusions about the FootJoy D.N.A. golf shoes. Lets do it.


From the ground up…

The NitroThin TPU outsole provides a great amount of traction. The platform is not too stiff, which is a big deal. The model I tested has real spikes, real traction thanks to the outsole design.

FootJoy D.N.A. traction! click for more

Next is the “Nitro Last” full rounded toe. Not all golf shoe makers can pull this toe design off. FootJoy does it magnificently.

Some cheap and poorly designed golf shoes do not provide enough arch support, or improper support which could even be worse. The Xtra-Thick FTF FitBed supports the foot perfectly.
The real “ChromoSkin” leather upper of the shoe is beautiful as you should see in the photos I’ve shot. The leather is soft but durable. It comes with a two year waterproof protection.

FootJoy D.N.A. sole and upper – click for more

The “SnugFit” tongue with “MicroVent” technology molds to the foot and helps the foot breathe. I sweat most from the knees down, so breathability down there is a big deal.

The 3D FoamCollar (ahem), also mystery item #1, molds to the ankle for comfort and fit. This particular piece, along with the tongue, have a very soft and silky surface.


If by now the photos haven’t translated the fantastic looks and style of this shoe, go back and look at them again and pay attention this time!

Seriously, these are very sharp and classy golf shoes.

On The Course

The most important part of a golf shoe is the performance in my opinion. All the sharp looks and technology don’t mean a thing if the player is not supported with a solid base which includes great traction from the sole and no movement from the foot inside. The traction and performance of the D.N.A.’s is as good as any shoe I’ve tested.

I have put the D.N.A. shoes into play in countless situations, from dry desert sand to muddy courses still partly covered in snow. In all temperatures, ground conditions, and environments, the shoes perform fantastically.


The FootJoy M:Project golf shoes I reviewed last year were possibly the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn right out of the box. No break-in period.

I can’t say the same about my D.N.A. shoes. The first couple of rounds caused some irritation in my right foot on top of the right three toes. There was a bit of soreness there.

That bit of friction disappeared as the shoes broke in, so no worries at this point.


The FootJoy D.N.A. model is available in sizes ranging from 7-15, depending on shoe width. There are seven colors available, the primary color scheme being the sole of the shoe though a couple of the uppers come in different colors than white.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes


The process of seeing all the elements which go into a golf shoe before it is assembled was quite educational and very fun to participate in. There is much more R&D in golf shoes than most people realize I’m sure. That R&D and FootJoy’s dedication to quality, performance, and traditional style, comes together to produce a fantastic golf shoe.

Ecco Street EVO One Golf Shoe Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 10th, 2014
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews
Ecco Street EVO One Golf Shoes

Ecco Street EVO One Golf Shoes

Ecco is widely known for its very comfortable street and dress shoes. That style and comfort has translated well to the new Street EVO One.

The Street EVO One is a hybrid golf shoe, meaning it is designed for use on the course and off the course. Rather than having removable golf spikes, the tread of the shoe provides high traction on the golf course yet is low profile enough to wear anywhere.

Part of Ecco’s advantage is the fact that they own their own factories and can completely control the entire shoe-making process.


Ecco Golf designs their shoes with a “foot first” approach. This is the opposite of some golf shoe makers, who focus on traction and stability first, often sacrificing comfort. Ecco builds the shoe around the foot, yet manages to maintain stability and traction.

Ecco shoes

Traction Bars & Traction Angles

Traction is achieved through the shoe’s roughly 100 molded “traction bars,” which each have four angled spokes. Those spokes provide some 800 “traction angles.” Simply, there is more surface area on each spike, giving the shoe a vastly larger gripping surface.  On my shoes I counted 78.  Yes, I counted them.  I suppose larger shoes have more surface area and thus would have more traction bars.

The Street EVO One is available in high-grade cow leather and genuine camel leather versions. Both versions feature Ecco’s “Hydromax” weather resistance treatment.


The Street EVO One is as stylish as it is comfortable, and that is saying a lot. There are no crazy designs, no outlandish colors, no bizarre and unnecessary appointments. The two-color upper is modern looking but hints of a classic style.

On The Course / On The Street

Honestly I’ve worn the Street EVO One’s off the course at about a 10/1 ratio to on the course. They’re very comfortable, especially when worn with a high end wool or compression sock. Through the work day and even at times when walking long distances around town, the Street EVO One keeps my feet comfortable, dry, and feeling fresh.

Ecco Street EVO One - Style

Ecco Street EVO One – Style

On the golf course the Street EVO One performs flawlessly. Power and control starts at the base of the player’s body, where the feet connect to the ground. The stability and traction I have, even in my somewhat spazztic swing, is fantastic. With such a great foundation and great traction, I’m able to generate full power and control, yet keep a fine balance.

Shoveling Snow

Unfortunately it is winter here and the only golf I’ve managed to play for the last four months has been when I leave town and go south.  There has been quite a bit of snow lately, and I’ve had to shovel the driveway numerous times in the last month.  One day after returning from work I grabbed the snow shovel and got after it.  After a few minutes I realized that I was shoveling snow, in shorts, wearing Ecco Golf shoes.

ecco golf shoes

Ecco snow shoes!

I can now confidently say that the Street EVO One is a great shoe for snow shoveling.  Great traction.  As a bonus, it leaves really cool tracks in the snow thanks to the traction bars.


My beef with Ecco golf shoes remains the same as it has always been, European sizing.  My shoe size is a straight up USA 9.  Ecco’s euro-sizing comes in USA half size increments.  For instance, a 42 in their sizing equals a USA size 8-8.5.  A 43 equals a USA size 9-9.5.  Since I’m a 9, the 43 is too big.   Sort of like wearing clown shoes.  I end up having to order a 42 and “hope” the shoe fits a little on the big side.  Fortunately for me the 42’s have fit great, though converting them to USA size says they should be half a size too small.


Most of my golf shoes sit in the garage and are only used on the golf course. My Street EVO One’s sit in the shoe rack of my closet. I wear them regularly. In fact, I’m wearing them right now, along with my pajamas. 🙂

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First Look: Puma Monolite Hybrid Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

Puma Golf Monolite Shoes

It is full-on winter here.  Two more inches of snow on the ground this morning.  I have a lot of golf gear to review, but I’m afraid any real rounds of golf here are going to be a month or two away.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and a heat wave will come.  Come on global warming…

In for review are some sweet Puma Monoite hybrid golf shoes.  Hybrid means they’re wearable on the course or off the course.  The only testing I’ve managed with these so far is wearing them to the office and around town.  So far great results.  No golf swings yet.  Stay tuned for my full  Puma Golf Monolite golf shoe review when the weather breaks.

Nice treads…

Until then you check the HOG image gallery for a few more Puma Golf Monolite golf shoe photos.


First Photos: FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf EquipmentGolf Gear

For the last several weeks I’ve been a part of a select group of people who have been receiving weekly “mystery” boxes from FootJoy. Inside those boxes have been clues to a new product and new technologies within that product, the new FootJoy DNA golf shoe.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

I did my best with these photos to try and capture just how sharp and classy looking these golf shoes are. When I took them out of the box the wife and I both let out a little oooooohhhhh.

As soon as the snow melts, or when I go nuts due to the snow and decide to go south to play some golf, I’ll be slapping these babies on my feet and beginning the rigorous testing I put golf shoes through for my reviews.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

Stay tuned. Until then enjoy the photos in the HOG FootJoy DNA photo album.

Ecco Street Evo One Snow Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 9th, 2014
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

I’ve begun the evaluation period for my review of the new Ecco Street EVO One hybrid golf shoes.  Today I wore them to the office and luxuriated comfortably all day in them.  Upon arrival at HOG World Headquarters (my house) the driveway needed shoveling, about four inches of snow.

Shoveling snow in shorts and golf shoes… This is normal.

With fresh treads and waterproof shoes, I shoveled the driveway.  The Street Evo’s performed very well in the snow.  Never slipped.  Feet dry.  Toes warm.

These are hybrids, but not just a hybrid street/golf shoe.  We’re talking street/golf/snow hybrid.

Phase one of the review complete.  Looking forward to phase 2, playing golf in them when the snow melts or when I leave town for green grass.

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