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CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 18th, 2015
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It can take me a while to do a golf glove review.  The reason is I don’t wear golf gloves normally.  I may go months without wearing one, but when conditions are wet and my grips slipping, I’ll put one on.  Now is the hot and sweaty part of summer and with my super soft grips they can get slick if my hands are slightly sweaty.  So it is glove time.  Perfect opportunity to test out the new CaddyDaddy golf glove.

Golf Glove photo

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


  • Tack-Fusion Palm – super sticky and lots of gripping power
  • Full Motion Mesh
  • Micro-Suede
  • Machine Washable
  • Included Ball Marker
  • 100% Synthetic Materials
  • USGA Conforming

Fit and Comfort

The reason I don’t like golf gloves is that they thicken up my grip and spacing between my fingers etc. It makes the feel of the club seem different enough to change my swing. The Talon is thin enough that I don’t have the feeling that my grip is wrong.  It is comfortable, thin, and doesn’t interfere with my swing or feel.


The glove is very sharp looking with white base and gray/red trim.   Nothing too crazy or outlandish design-wise, so it would work well with just about any apparel script.

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


Most importantly this grip is mega-tacky.  That’s why I’m wearing a glove in the first place, because my hand is slipping and I’m losing power.  Even in moist conditions the glove provides 100% grip.


The grip is so remarkable and solid that I’m surprised this glove is legal for play.

Imperial Headwear Coolcore Hat Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 10th, 2015
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Coolest hats in the world? Absolutely - Coolcore by Imperial Headwear

Coolest hats in the world? Absolutely – Coolcore by Imperial Headwear

About an hour before I left for the airport and my big european vacation the UPS guy delivered a box. Perfect timing.  Inside was a batch of new Hooked on Golf Blog hats made by Imperial Headwear.  The europe trip would be a fantastic way of putting one of these hats to a stern test.


On the first day of my trip in Greece I visited the famous Acropolis in the center of Athens.  Anyone who has visited that spot in the summertime knows there are few hotter places on earth.  The place is super dry, exposed, and you are hiking up and down steps.  It’s a sweat factory.

While sweating hard huffing around the Acropolis and in Athens I could not help but be impressed and stunned by how cool my head felt, especially given the conditions.  My sweat had not soaked into the seam on the front where the bill attached.  There was no nasty sweat line on the bottom-front or on the first inch or so of the bill.   Somehow the fabric and the Coolcore technology helped to get that cranial moisture to evaporate rather than soaking into the hat.

The next day I spent farther north of Athens in a place which has incredible monasteries.  Getting to the monasteries required hiking on extremely steep trails and thousands of super-vertical rock and marble steps.  It was like doing miles of stair-master exercises in the heat of summertime in Greece.  Once again, the hat kept my head cool and more dry than any other hat I’ve worn.

Village and Islands

My trip then found itself on four different Greek islands and the lovely small fishing village of my grandfather.  Hiking around there, and boating from island to island I once again found my Coolcore hat to perform fantastically.  No sun in the eyes, dry, cool, comfortable.

All that performance is fantastic but to put the hat over the top it looked fantastic, especially with the Hooked on Golf Blog artwork embroidered on the front.  #style


After Greece a few days in London gave me the chance to try the hat in some cooler temperatures and some pretty substantial winds.  I’m sure I had the coolest hat in all of England, all due respect to all those hats with British flags on them.


After schlepping my hat thousands of miles and walking miles and miles, my Coolcore looks just like new still.  There isn’t even a wrinkle in it.

Custom Logo

As you can see by the brilliant artwork on my sample hats, Imperial does custom logo on the Coolcore hats.  I must say the gray and black model HOG hats look stunning with such sharp and accurate embroidery.


If you’re just shopping for single hat which will offer the best in cooling this summer, pick up a Coolcore.  If you need a bunch of custom logo hats for your golf club, your business, or your blog, I highly recommend Going the Imperial Coolcore direction.

These New Imperial Headwear Coolcore Hats Are the Coolest Hats in the World

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 19th, 2015
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These Imperial Headwear Coolcore hats are undoubtedly the coolest hats in the world:

Coolest hats in the world? Absolutely - Coolcore by Imperial Headwear

Coolest hats in the world? Absolutely – Coolcore by Imperial Headwear

Love at first sight. Still awaiting delivery on these and will post a full review of the Imperial Coolcore soon.

For now you can check out the press release and description of these golf hats below:


Cooling Technology Lowers Fabric Temperature Up to 30 Percent Below Skin Temperature
BOURBON, MO – Imperial Headwear has announced that its Imperial Powered by Coolcore® hatshave begun hitting pro shop shelves. Introduced in January at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the products have been well received by the many golf professionals who have experienced them.

“The most anticipated golf headwear of the season is now available at better golf shops across

the country,” says David Shaffer, Director of Marketing at ImperialHeadwear. “Cooling fabrics are definitely the next trend in performance fabrics and Imperial is excited to be the first company to bring this industry-leading Coolcore technology to the golf market,” says Shaffer.

Coolcore® provides a cooling solution that extends beyond traditional moisture-management fabrics or evaporative cooling technologies that typically rely on chemicals. It’s 100% free of chemicals, polymers, gels, crystals or phase changing materials, ensuring all Coolcore® benefits never wash out or degrade. And, Coolcore® fabrics deliver three distinct functions, including moisture wicking, moisture transportation to accelerate drying, and regulated evaporation for a cooling effect. The result is up to 30% lower surface temperatures, drier garments that don’t cling or saturate, healthier chemical-free usage, and zero degradation of the cooling effect over time or washing. Coolcore® is the only company globally to receive the “Cooling Power” award from Hohesntein.

“Imperial’s new cooling technology has the potential to change the headwear business,” said Laura Robinson, Director of Retail at Pinehurst Resort. “The Pinehurst team saw their demonstration and we were all amazed at how this can be incorporated into headwear designs. Imperial impresses me with their innovation in the accessory category.”

The Imperial Powered by Coolcore® collection consists of nine headwear styles, over 50 SKU’s, and ranges from caps and visors to small fit and sun protection hats.For more information on Imperialpowered by Coolcore® products, please click on video below. To place an order, please call (800) 950-1916.

Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Golf Polo Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
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Though I’m not currently on the course (I do have to write these posts from somewhere other than the 2nd green) I’m still enjoying today’s shirt script, the Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Golf Polo.  This is a great shirt for the current weather conditions here, 90+ degrees.  Let’s take a close look at this golf polo.

Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Golf Polo

Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Golf Polo


I’m a polyester and spandex fan typically.  I’m not talking about 1980’s hair band spandex, just to clarify.  So I’m not as hip on cotton apparel lately.  The Antigua Desert Dry Performance Cotton Golf Polo (yes it is a mouthful) has changed my tune though, from an 80’s hair band song to something much better. The fabric in this polo combines Antigua’s “Desert Dry moisture management technology” along with natural fibers of cotton.

Sounds good but what does that mean? The fabric sucks moisture (sweat) away from the body. It goes through the fabric to the outside where it can evaporate. In even more simple terms, it helps keep the player dry. More on this:

“Cotton as a fiber alone absorbs moisture quickly, but doesn’t allow the moisture to travel across the cotton knitted fibers for quicker release — like synthetic micro-filament fibers. By engineering fabrics utilizing synthetic micro-filament yarns and blending them with fine natural cotton fibers, D2PC offers the look and casual comfort of cotton while maximizing the wicking properties of a performance fabric.” ~Antigua


This polo is extremely simple in style, yet super good looking. It’s not flashy but it’s classy.

The fit is super comfortable and does not interfere with my mouse clicking in the office or my full golf swing on the course. Those are my two most crucial skills and I need performance out of them!

On The Course

Speaking of the course, I’ve enjoyed many rounds in my DDPC polo. Despite high temperatures and humidity lately, I’ve been quite comfortable. The shirt is very light, soft, and does not pull or bind in my golf swing.


It’s late in the game but still a few days before Father’s Day. Your local golf course shop or major sports/golf retailer may have the Desert Dry Performance Cotton polos in stock. They’re inexpensive, comfortable, stylish, and perform well on and off the course.

Finally U.S. Open Week is Here, Most Importantly APPAREL SCRIPTS!!! GOODIE GOODIE GUMDROPS!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 15th, 2015
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That has to be the best title I’ve ever written.  Journalistic genius that only the top male golf blogger in the world could produce (more on that ranking later…).

Yes, it is U.S. Open week.  Finally!  Will Jordan Spieth win?  Rory McIlory?  Will Tiger Woods make the cut?

WHO CARES about that trivial stuff?  The BEST part of U.S. Open week is the apparel scripts! It’s the time when golf PR sends out useless promotional drivel and lazy brown-nosing “journalists” repost it hoping to get some free swag, rather than working to create their own original content!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night in anticipation of all the great apparel scripts!

For a new HOG feature this year, I’m going to analyze and grade some scripts!  Let’s start with Rory McIlory:

Rory McIlory

No underwear?  #fail

ONE shirt?  One pant?  No underwear? #fail

Rory McIlory will have a tough time winning the U.S. Open with the above apparel script. By the fourth day that one shirt and one pair of pants are going to be pretty icky. Maybe he will have them cleaned between each round? And how is he supposed to compete with no underwear or socks? Chafe city.

Finally, how could he hit any good golf shots at all in a shirt which only has one arm? And oddly, if outerwear is needed that too only has one arm but the opposite one the shirt has! WTF?


Tiger Woods


Tiger’s pant scripter predicts a missed cut!

Tiger Woods’s apparel script above is a little more complete than Rory’s.  At least he has two pairs of pants to wear this week.  Does the pant scripter think Tiger is going to miss the cut?

Once again it is chafe city with no underwear or socks.  Wait… no shoes either?  As violent as Tiger’s swing can be sometimes I doubt he will have good footing or power with no shoes.

Tiger’s right shoulder is going to be much more tan than his left, as none of these shirts have right arms.


Rickie Fowler


I like how Rickie Fowler’s apparel scripts have been moving away from the “traffic cone” look to something a little more subdued.

In this script the very popular one-arm look is in action.  No socks.  No underwear.  Free-balling it.

I’m confused by the three pairs of pants.  Did they forget one?  Is Rickie going to wear one of the three a second time, if he makes the cut?  I suggest the red ones with the blue and orange shirt.


Keegan Bradley

I tried to look at Keegan Bradley’s apparel script by Travis Mathew.  The formatting of the website made me so dizzy I had to leave.


Jason Day (and Sergio Garcia, and Dustin Johnson)


“Jason, try to look interested…”

I have to hand it to adidas.  They are the only apparel script I’ve seen that gives their players both arms of the shirt.  Can’t tell if Jason Day is wearing any underwear or socks.

No need to post Sergio Garcia’s or Dustin Johnson’s.  They pretty much look the same.


Tony Korologos


My apparel script above has everything I’ll need for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay:  shirts with two arms, soiled underwear, dirty socks, shoes (under the pile)… it’s all there.

I realize Puma and adidas and Nike will probably steal some of these script ideas for the upcoming PGA Championship and Open Championship apparel scripting.   That’s fine.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



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